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Dirty Celeb Of The Day

November 1, 2010 Freddy Fags, Las Vegas, The Dirty 17

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The Real Las Vegas Prom King And Queen

September 30, 2010 Freddy Fags, Las Vegas, The Dirty 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik- I just wanted to tell you who should really win the titles at Vegas Prom this year… Mr Freddy Figueroa & The Empress Miss Tarah Lee. Obviously they embody what the Vegas scene is really all about, here see for your self: In all honesty, I don’t think either of them actually made it to their real prom so why not let them live out their fantasies now? Besides, don’t you think it would be rather entertaining to see them all duke it out for the title??? I hear that Empress has a bit of a temper and she might just be packin heat too! LOL Best, A Faithful Reader.

My agent ruined the Las Vegas Prom for everyone by nominating himself. There are guys in the contest like Freddy Fags who take competitions like this very seriously. I do hope Blonde Snookie is still winning for queen because it means a lot to me that a big girl wins the contest to show looks aren’t everything.- nik

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Last Time I Checked Barbie Wasn’t Fat

September 14, 2010 Freddy Fags, Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay Nik, seeing how Scooby Snack has been getting a lot of attention lately, I think it’s only fair we turn our attention to her friend Sarah.. I’ve seen these girls out and I honestly don’t know how people find them attractive.. some of her pictures are CLEARLY edited to try and make her look skinnier, they go around calling themselves barbies? Last time I checked barbie wasn’t fat. They walk around Las Vegas with MAC force fields I could only IMAGINE what they look like without makeup and extensions.. what a scary thought. oh and PS holding your arms out in pictures doesn’t hide chunkyness in them. Do you have any suggestions for these girls Nik?

They are starting to look how much they cost= Cheap ($500 a session).- nik

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Worst Night I’ve Had In Scottsdale

September 4, 2010 Durkee, Freddy Fags, Scottsdale 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I don’t know if you still report on these wieners or give any sh*t about them but tonight I was at Cream, which sucks big wang, and I saw some guy who looked like Durkee. He started asking my name and was hitting on my friend. I told her to ask him if he’s ever heard of “” since I recognized his Chucky-like face. His beady eyes gave me the death stare, and he walked away with his ginger faux hawk. Whatev…then a dark skinned guy walked up with spiky hair and I realized.. it was Freddy Fags? I don’t usually give a shit or notice this stuff but it was odd that they were hanging out. I didn’t know they were besties and liked to swordfight but to each her own. Are you still keeping tabs on these chodes? They’re as chodey as ever. Mostly Durkee. I never thought these guys really existed, and that they still bare their faces anywhere in Arizona, but low and behold they do, in all their acid wash jean and false alligator loafer galore. God bless Scottsdale.

Durkee is still king douche of the east valley and Freddy Fags was probably letting Durkee sit on his spiked up hair.- nik

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Freddy Fags With Tiger Wood’s Left Overs

August 24, 2010 Freddy Fags, Hollywood, Las Vegas, The Dirty 31

Tiger's Ho w/Freddy Fags

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, one of Tiger’s hoes recently stated that Elin will be humiliated for life due to Tiger’s actions. This skeezer has some nerve to preach about ANYONE’s humiliation! Funny enough, I stumbled upon a picture with her and Freddy Fags. What do you think of their friendship, Nik?

Is he really wearing a Michael Jackson glove?  FF you are not on that level, also you need new hoes to pimp out… these chicks are tired.- nik

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More Like Freddy Fags

August 8, 2010 Freddy Fags, Las Vegas, The Dirty 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my name is Derek, I’m a makeup artist who assists a couple different photographers in Las Vegas. Well this guy I helped do the makeup for twice. I’m telling you as a gay man, this Freddy guy is fruity! Both photoshoots done by two different photographers HE BROUGHT IN HIS OWN BOA. And refused to take it off! Also was complaining about the makeup colors on him! He also asked me if I wanted to get sushi somewhere off the strip and talk about shooting and networking? Hmmm.

FOR THE GAYS and drug addicts!- nik

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Freddy Fags Adds Tang To The List Of Dirty Celebs He Has Slayed

August 2, 2010 Cleveland, Freddy Fags, Las Vegas, Tang, The Dirty 25

Are Freddy Fags & Tang A Couple?

Are Freddy Fags & Tang A Couple?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I thought that Freddy Fags was dating Scooby Snack but the last few weekends I have been seeing Tang and Freddy Fags together.  Please don’t tell me that these two are a couple now, also Freddy Fags has been with Pucker, Leper, Scooby Snack, and Tang, any other Dirty Celebs he has tapped?

Can someone explain to me why these girls love his Greg so much?  Is it because I made him famous like my agent.- nik

**Tang, your legs are still fat.

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Somethings Are Just Meant To Be

July 19, 2010 Freddy Fags, Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 11

you think she would have leaned from leper

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I saw this picture on Scooby Snack’s facebook.  Definitely looks like Scooby Snack should definitely be named Freddy Fags Snack because they are serious as a heart attack.  I know a few mutual friends and they were telling me how Kina and Freddy argue all the time because they dont wanna be serious but cant help it.  Nik, do you think they will get married.

Only if Scooby can be the best man.  I can’t believe Scooby and Freddy Fags are Greg brothers.- nik

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