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G-Girl Is A Space Cadet

January 13, 2012 G-Girl, Scottsdale, The Dirty 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so G-Girl was at skin last night walking around like a nut case. She was in there for about an hour and a half changed clothes three times and was walking up to random tables staring at people. She wandered around aimlessly until her and her friend left with some guys. She walked out of the emergency exit trying to find the restroom what a hot mess. I thought all the rumors were false or exaggerated nope not at all. Girl is a space cadet.

She’s an Instagram. I decided.- nik

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What What What

December 24, 2011 G-Girl, Hollywood, Scottsdale, The Dirty 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik is this G-girl?? buddy of mine showed me and I couldn’t believe it, shes fuckin hot!!  I thought she looked like a gorilla…can you bring her out of hiding, I want to see more of her.  Preferably boob shots, bikini pics u know the good stuff.  Make it happen.  Also, I think she would be great for your radio show since she is such a mystery.

Yes, that is G-Girl 2.0 and yes I want her on my radio show. JV make it happen.- nik

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What The Hell Happened To G-Girl

November 24, 2011 G-Girl, Hollywood, The Dirty 11

WTF Happened to G-Girl??

WTF Happened to G-Girl??

WTF Happened to G-Girl??

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw Alexa for the first time in a while out in W Hollywood the other night and she looked like death. Her eyes were all glassy and she kept nodding out like she was going to topple to the floor and collapse. Her mess of a boyfriend thought it was cute apparently, and he was all nudging her and giggling like a b*tch. I almost ran into her on my way out of the men’s room because she was so wasted she didn’t even realize it wasn’t the ladies’ toilets. I should’ve stopped her but I didn’t. I just stepped aside and let her walk in on the two fat dudes who were taking a piss. Then about 2 seconds later I heard her freaking out and saw her run out the door. For the love of God, what the f*ck is she on? She looks shriveled up and mangled, like she has maybe eaten one piece of shrimp over the course of the past three months. Personally, I’m concerned. Back in the day she used to be a stunner. Now she looks like a starving disaster. She photoshops the sh*t out of her pics, and even then she STILL looks like the end result of a 6-week crack binge. She’s skin and bones – basically just a walking set of t*ts. She needs to get to rehab STAT, eat a f*cking cheeseburger and ditch the Turkish douchebag she calls her boyfriend. I think it’s time for a G-Girl Intervention!

Hollywood ruins lives. I decided.- nik

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I Thought She Was Dead

November 5, 2011 G-Girl, Hollywood, Los Angeles, The Dirty 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik me and my buddies were mobbing around LA dranking and danking and who do we see walk up…none other then G-girl.  At first we thought she looked pretty bangin but as she got closer and closer we could see the true tranny she wass.  Her face looked lika canvas or a clown, you decide.  I tried to snap a picture after we figured out who it was but when she saw us pointing at her she ran away.  I wish I was braver and ran after her for a picture, but after some research I found her on facebook, wasn’t long before she accepted me so no biggie.  Nik whats the deal with this photoshop princess? she’s got a rockin bod, but I guess anyone can with some boobs and drugs.  I need to know more about this creature, can she be saved? should I try? and most importantly is she in any porn?  all need to know questions.

She moved to Hollywood to “make it” with all the other crazies. Can anyone send in real G-Girl pictures, not clown-shopped ones.- nik

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You Wish Buddy, G-Girl

March 23, 2011 G-Girl, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, The Dirty 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik that last poster didn’t know what he is talking about.  G-Girl is hot, she is looking better then ever.  Her and Murat have a great relationship and are doing wonders for eachother.  Its nice to see both of them finally happy.  Girls would kill to look like Alexa and people would kill to be in Murats position.  They are great and they are awesome…love you girlie!

Remember G-Girl in her prime CLICK HERE.- nik

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Not Quite There G-Girl

March 23, 2011 G-Girl, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, The Dirty 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I saw that post saying that G-girl is hot again, believe me when I say she’s not.  You can never factor her crazy out of the equation.  The pictures I sent in have been photoshopped cropped and stretched beyond belief, she must of put at least 10 of the same photos up, each slightly more modified then the next.  She still can’t form a proper sentence and has a hard time feeding herself, just cause of the retardation.  I’ve also included a pic of her Turkish boyfriend, Murat, a drunken fool who  pretends to be rich and important.  You can see why they get along in the bottom pic, both are trainwrecks.  Nik Alexa will always be a dirty girl, you can’t shake the crazy, just scan through her pics and see all the blurry shots and slightly photoshopped pics and you can tell sometthing is wrong in her head.  Anyway just wanted people to know that G-Girl is still being G-Girl, nothing has changed, expect her to balloon out of control soon (weight-wise).

I will still never forget my first Dirty Celeb event in Las Vegas (Hardrock) when G-Girl snuck into the bathroom as I was taking a dump and took off her top in front of me then Leper came storming in and grabbed her by the hair in a jealous rage and they got into a huge fight. Dwayne my security at the time had to break them up as they both fell into the shower ripping off their clothes in the battle. It was +2′s mania and yes, I still got to wipe my ass. It was then I knew I think I might be on to something.- nik

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Dirty Celebrity March Madness 2011- Round 1

March 7, 2011 8 Belles, AIM, b2, Blonde Snookie, Boston Globes, G-Girl, Hyena, March Madness 2011, The Dirty, Tranny Manny 8

Round 1 Winners from this pool: 8 Belles, Boston Globes, Hyena and G-Girl

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She Is Not G-Girl

March 6, 2011 G-Girl, The Dirty 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m in the group picture. I saw your last post on G-Girl and I wanted to tell you something funny. I’m not good friends with this girl, but the conversation came up about The Dirty and this girl claimed she was a dirty celebrity named G-Girl. I knew it wasn’t her because she was a lot fatter than the real G-Girl. Anyway I just wanted to inform you that the only reason our crew hangs out with her is because we thought she was kind of famous. Thanks for clearing that up Nik.

Well that is a first. I have never heard of an impostor Dirty Celeb… sounds kind of desperate if you ask me.- nik

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