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Emily M Coulter

December 2, 2013 Gremlin, Kansas City 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Don’t touch this girl. Emily M Coulter sleeps around with anyone and everyone. She’s ratchet. She tweaks 24/7 and parties every night and mooches off of all of her friends to get her fixes. She’s completely psychotic, delusional, a compulsive liar and a thieve. She’ll even go so far as to sleep with her friend’s boy friends. She calls everyone else fake even though she talks shit on all her friends. She’s ratchet.

Where’s a cabbage patch when you need one.- nik

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Talk About A Hollywood Douche

December 2, 2013 Gremlin, Hollywood, The Dirty 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, I cant begin to explain what a douche bag this man is. An infamous Hollywood Promoter who creeps on young woman promising them he has all the connects to make them big. All he does is lie gives you free drinks and then gives you 3 minutes of the worst sex you can imagine. After 20min of finally getting hard you realize your not working with much. For some reason this idiot does not get the clue and keeps contacting you as if he is the “it” guy then threatens to never let you and your friends into a club as if my life is “the club”.

I thought it was just me but after many of these types of stories being brought to my attention I realized a man like this needs to be put on blast. You can find him and his fat Mexican promoter friend who I believe is named Frankie at all the hollywood spots at a table filled with 19yo girls searching for a dream but only end up with an STD.

Nik- Please explain to me why guys who have probably never sniffed vagina in high school can all of a sudden come to Hollywood become promoters and have the audacity to think now they run the town and are gods gift to earth?

Only failed actors become Hollywood club promoters. It’s easy sex and as fake as acting.- nik

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Mormon Homewrecker

December 1, 2013 ASU, Gremlin, Westside-AZ 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is about a “Mormon” name London Christoffersen and how she did to my friend and her family. First off London is a drug user and convinced my good friends fiancé to buy her METH! Note: London and my friends Fiancé, Jesse, worked together at Five Guys and she was his manager! Jesse gets it for her with my friends car insurance money because he thought he would get fired. Also they just had a baby and she was only two months old. London goes to their apartment and starts doing lines of meth. This happens twice in a week period and while my friend was at work the last time London came over, London and Jesse had sex in front of the baby and right where my friends father died on her bed. Jesse told a very close friend what happened and how London is “bad and willing to do anything” to get him heroine because he used to be a drug addict. He ends up leaving his fiancé and London starts filing for an injunction of harassment against my friend the day he left her. London had been filing false police reports and trying to get her daughter taken from her. She won\’t even let Jesse see his daughter or else she will get cps involved. DONT LET ME FORGET THIS IS THE SECOND TIME SHE HAS DONE THIS TO AN EMPLOYEE!! The first one was her manager!!! She told him to leave his wife and she even spent the night at his house while still married and acted like his daughters friend because the age is very close and they had sex in the bedroom next to his wife when she was asleep!!! My friend lost her apartment because she couldn’t pay bills alone. London wouldn’t let Jesse near his apartment or his “ex fiancé” and daughter. She also wouldn’t let him send money to help with bills. Now she lives with his mom because she lost her place and because of all the rumors she spread about my friend, his mom was the only one that would let her and the baby a place to live. LONDON IS TRASH AND ALL CONPANIES, BUSNIESS, AND MEN IN RELATIONSHIPS NEED TO BE AWARE OF THE LOWLIFE FAKE MORMON HOMEWRECKING B*TCH THAT THINKS SHE IS INNOCENT AND CAN GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING. The picture of Jesse is currently what he looks like since using drugs again and the last one of London is as well.

This is her link to her blog that she had about her and Jesse openly talking about what she has done to his family:

Nice blog London.- nik

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Stank Breath Krista

September 6, 2013 Gremlin, San Antonio 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Krista Licea. Dis dirty ghetto bitch has 2 kidzzz dat are 1 yr apart and 2 diff bby daddys. The dude she wit now she met him as a 1 nite stand n she will tell u wit no shame. She tried messin wit my bby dad but he don’t want shit wit this used up Hoe. Dats sad. Like when she gonna realize no one wants her. I wuz told she dirty n stanky n gets it from her dirty ass mom. Nik please go tell her to stop worryin bout dudes n go douche.

Only one reason I know of why so many girls huddle in the washroom together.- nik

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Smelly Kelley

August 30, 2013 Gremlin, Vancouver 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Taylor Kellins. She goes by her step dads last name “kelley” because hes a very special person in her life. this pig pretended to be pregnant for months while her poor boyfriend who was 8 years older than her at the time worked his ass off and cooked her food. she would eat everything he could afford because she was “eating for two” this ogre smoked cr*ck because it tasted sweet and reminded her of “candy” . fat bitch.. she steals anything from anywhere so watch out ! this includes dirty panties, any food she can get her hands on , etc. she weighs 258 pounds . she enjoys giving her dad handys on the side . watch out for this greasey pigg

Why are all her pics next to a toilet?- nik

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Janelle’s Back At It

June 13, 2013 Gremlin, San Antonio 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Janelle Alvarado is back at being San Antonio’s biggest SKANK!! This girl has no class. She uses whatever man she can find for money. She sleeps with anyone that will give her the time of day!! Loves anal, sucking and f*cking!! She is DIRTY. Fake boobs, and thinks her friends are her friends…well, they aren\’t!! She is married with a daughter that doesn’t speak to her because of the trash she is. While her husband is away, she sleeps with anyone with a bike and will do anything for attention. Please put this girl on blast!!!

Married women should not be taking crotch shots.- nik

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Karishma, Vandirty Sloot

May 31, 2013 Gremlin, Vancouver 130

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone meet Karishma Reddy, Vancity’s biggest slooot. This slut is known for dating her own cousin, Marvin Reddy! Karishma Reddy is not only a slut, but also a backstabbing “friend”. Nik, this girl will sleep with any guy that gives her a compliment. She slept with my friend Shane Suranna, and quite a few of his friends. Her and I used to be pretty close until she started talking shit behind my back. Now all her dirty little secrets come out. Nik, put this slut on blast.

Looks like she handles things in her eyes well..- nik

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Candy a GoGo

March 13, 2013 Gremlin, Seattle 177

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this post is just in time for such a lucky week! Ok, so as much as we can’t stand the “GoGo” drama in Seattle (and I use the term gogo very fricken loosely)one special little scum bag needs a reality check in a big way. Her name on facebook is Candy “miss riot” gogo she is from Minneapolis and came to seattle in a funky ass trash bag I’m sure. This girl has an attitude like no other, she constantly is starting fights with numerous professional gogo crews on facebook, posts the most retarded things about how everyone should be so jealous of her as she is the “Honey badger of the gogo world.” Recently she and this nobody Aisha Laykham (needs severe lip injections and breast implants) started “creative directing” for a no name production company named Star Dust Events, they only do trance shows (yuck) and mainly cater to the Euro trash crowd.But that’s just the beginning of this whores little Seattle story. She’s had an ungodly ammount of abortions, given ch** to Ryan (poi guy) and also ** his fetus after get nasty in 2011. Hey does anybody remember that fat girl working the pole on stage? Well that was candy and yes she was pregnant. She always acts like shes not an advocate for drugs and is always posting about how fucking self righteous she is about not doing drugs, yet she was pretty much always high on coke throughout 2012. Please Candy, we all hate you, your pale little knobby body does not look cute, the way you dance is terrible and your boyfriend Yani used to be alright, until he got with you and cut his hair…now he just looks like a fat girl with a tiny whore to eat for lunch.

They’re not cheering for you as much as you’d like to think so.- nik

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