Gremlin | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Cherry Popper

March 3, 2011 Gremlin, Houston 27

Cherry popper.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Laura Cherry, she thinks shes hot sh*t. Talks to just about every guy in a ten foot radius and thinks its cute to act like one too. She gets jealous of evry girl that is taking attention from her ugly a**, someone needs to fix that nose of hers. this girl is streight phsyco my ex was her boyfriend a few months back and he called me weekly saying how much he was scared of her! Girl needs help.

Her nose is not the only thing that needs fixing.- nik

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Dirty Psycho Girl

March 3, 2011 Gremlin, Vancouver 151

Dirty Psycho Bitch

Dirty Psycho Bitch

Dirty Psycho Bitch

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this crazy Psycho B*tch Anne Chantal is as dirty as they come. Besides sleeping around with people to get information, she bullsh*ts and blackmails to try and get stalker information on celebrities. Avoid this crazy b*tch at all costs. She claims to have a fiance but who the f*ck would sleep with this ugly a** b*tch? She’s too much of a p*ssy to get her fat a** off her computer and out into public. Everything she does is online because she doesn’t want anyone to see her ugly a** face. I repeat, be careful around this b*tch. She is a fat, ugly, lying, c*nt. Well here you go Vancouver, take a good long look at her and avoid her smelly c*nt.

Stalker pictures much.- nik

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Wanna Be Hood Bustdown

March 3, 2011 Chicago, Gremlin, Illinois 18

Wanna be hood bustdown (z0o0ted)

Wanna be hood bustdown (z0o0ted)

Wanna be hood bustdown (z0o0ted)

Wanna be hood bustdown (z0o0ted)

Wanna be hood bustdown (z0o0ted)

THE DIRTY ARMY: So, this girl used to think she was h the punkest thing alive, when really, she was just a little scene queen. Fast forward a few years and a few pair of apple bottom jeans later, she now think shes niki manage. Whats to blame for this? Well, I’d say a boy named Ryan Parlich. See, Samantha had this obsession with him a few years ago, and to this day, still claims him as hers. She used to lie, saying that Ryan said he loved her, and wanted her, and asked her out. I found out, all of that was a lie. See Ryan Parlich was a a bit of a punk back then, and still is now, but he did start listening to some rap, Samantha caught wind of that, and thought if she listened to it, he may like her. WRONG. Now im not sure why she still thinks shes ghetto but, oh well. Now this girl has openly hooked up with probably more then 20 guys. Everytime shes at a party she goes into a different room, or bathroom and f*cks. One time when she was hooking up with a guy he said “I heard your a prude, or a bust down, which is it?” And she said “prude? haha I dont know about that but I am a bustdown” HAHAHAHA SHE OPENLY ADMITED SHES A DAMN BUSTDOWN. We all knew this was coming as soon as she got a damn tan.

It really makes you wonder just how desperate some people are.- nik

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Jaguars Needs To Take Off Their Beer Goggles

March 1, 2011 Gremlin, Scottsdale 12

jaguars needs to take off their beer goggles

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Josie. Stripper for jaguars, prostitute on the side. I honest don’t know what shes thinking with her outrageous blush on her cheeks, or the ever so flattering braces…. but seriously jaguars? Granted you do only take the young girls with self esteem issues, but don’t you think that if you want to make more money you should stop with the gremlins? Not to mention the girls who are legally insane such as josie. She’s a man beater and for extra money her boyfriend pimps her out. she thnks no one knows, but the videos are every where.

It seems like she has a lot of side jobs.- nik

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February 25, 2011 Gremlin, San Diego 8



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Krista Chandler all she does is get high and screw anyone that has a penis. She is one of the nastiest girls in the world.  So take your pick nik which thing about her is the worst?

I cannot even choose the lesser of two evils, they are both awful.- nik

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Zombs and Coons

February 24, 2011 Chicago, Gremlin 4

Zombs and Coons

Zombs and Coons

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo nik. These two low life skeezers are what the Chicago suburbs have to offer. The Girl on the left(GINA) is a bl*w head mother at age 21. Her nick name is coons because as you can tell she looks like a Racoon. The girl on the far right nickname is ZOMBIE! This orange snookie wannabe sl*t thinks she is god’s gift to earth. She is a slob who talks black and watches way to much jersey shore. Both of these tramps have been ran threw buy all the dirtbag guys in the town of burr ridge IL. I swear some people do not kno how to use the tanning bed is she glowing or is it just me?

She looks like a completely different man without make up.- nik

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Just Plain Nasty

February 24, 2011 Gremlin, Houston 4

Just Plain Nasty!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I SO dont mean to be cruel but this chick is the ugliest person I’ve ever seen! Do you agree? Her name is Erica Graves. I’ve heard so many bad things about this girl. She sleeps with every guy she comes into eye contact with and Idk if these guys are just drunk or plain BLIND!!  Cause look at her.  They cant be f*cking her cause she looks good cause she DOESNT! She thinks she ‘fly’… is she serious?  I dont think she owns a mirror though, to tell u the truth cause who can look this disgusting and actually think they are the hottest person on earth?   Like seriously.  I’ve heard her sh*ts loose too so yeah that’s another reason she’s just plain gross!  Oh & she’s pregnant!  She says she knows who the daddy is but who knows? I wouldnt doubt that she doesnt.

She’s definitely up there on the list of beasts I’ve seen over the years.- nik

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She Has A Joker Face

February 23, 2011 Gremlin, Kansas City 18

She has her Joker face on!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Jamie Howell. From the last name alone says it all! This chick is coyote ugly! She’s from Indepenedence and loves to hang in bars and F**K any guy that is drunk enough while her husband sits home and watches their dirty army of kids. That I’m pretty sure aren’t even his! Watch out for this one cause she is large and likes to think she’s in charge. I used to be good friends with her husband and now I just feel bad for the guy. WTH is he thinking?

Change your hair up Cruella.- nik

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