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Times Sure Must Be Really Hard For Gretchen Rossi

September 15, 2011 Gretchen Rossi, Milwaukee, Newport, The Dirty 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Gretchen Rossi is hosting @ BuckHead Saloon in Milwaukee. The young college crowd won’t know who this old bag is! Sure happy to see Slade taking the reigns and supporting them so she doesn’t have to embarrass herself like this…….LoL! Dirty Army Por Vida!

Are there really black bears in Milwaukee?- nik

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**UPDATE: Bench Warrant Issued- This Is How Irrelevant Gretchen Rossi Is

September 9, 2011 Gretchen Rossi, Las Vegas, The Dirty 9

**Update: Gretchen Rossi decided an appearance to a Henderson, NV mall yesterday was more important than a court date issued by a judge. So now there is a bench warrant issued for her arrest and major fines. Yesterday was also the first day of filming for the 200th season of RHOOC… looks like they need to spice it up with some jail action this year.

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, well I am a huge fan of your site. Today I was in the Gallaria mall in Henderson, NV and laughed my ass off when I came across this event sign of the horse wearing a wig Gretchen of OC. I thought….well, well, well, if it isn’t the gold diggin millionairess of OC pimping mini make-overs and manicures. I am sure she will be ho’ing out her cheap ass “Gretchen Christine” make-up. Just thought you might be interested in knowing that her rich sugar pepaw didn’t leave her trillions of dollars so now she is slumming it in outskirts of Vegas. My only question is will that used tampon by the name of Slade Smiley be her man-b*tch for this event?

Looks like someone is desperate for money.- nik

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Gretchen Rossi The Con Strikes Again

June 25, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, Gretchen Rossi, Newport, The Dirty 28

Gretchen the con strikes again

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just read this article about Gretchen Rossi. Now I may not be Lynne Curtin’s biggest fan, but she doesn’t seem smart enough to make this up.. When are people gonna learn.. do not associate yourselves with Gretchen! She is a snake.. she might put up a good front but how can she consistently deny all of the info that comes about about her. The so called “bad press” about this woman is endless. She steals old men’s money, (I’ve got no problem with gold diggers and trouts, but to do it to a dying man, and cheat is pretty messed up!), steals your business ideas, and oh, I might as well add steals money from dying kids too because she cashes Slades checks from Bravo so he doesn’t have to pay child support. Tamra might be a little dramatic for the cameras but she’s right to call this b*tch out! Here is the link for the article via reality tea.  Click here to read article.

Here is the masturbation picture Tamra Barney was talking about (CLICK HERE) in the Real Housewives of OC reunion show.- nik

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EXCLUSIVE: I’m Sure Gretchen Rossi Is Very Embarrassed By These Pictures

April 28, 2011 Dirty Horses, Gretchen Rossi, Newport, The Dirty 31

Gretchen Rossi pics before RHOC

Gretchen Rossi pics before RHOC

Gretchen Rossi pics before RHOC

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out these pics of Gretchen Scumbag Rossi before she was on the show. I would suggest that Slade reconsider reproducing with this horse! What do you think Nik? It so awesome to see how beat she really is. Can you imagine how much greg she had to sucked from losers to get surgery so she could be better looking and then be able to gold dig.  Click here to see Gretchen Rossi’s past on

Gretchen Rossi sure does look like a Prince to me.- nik

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I’m Pretty Sure This Is Gretchen Rossi

April 20, 2011 Gretchen Rossi, Newport, The Dirty 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so was having a garage sale cause my wife will not stop driving me crazy.  Anyway, while getting all the stuff out of the garage I came across a box of stuff I had from College… and check this out.  I’m pretty sure this is the one and only Gretchen Rossi, wanted to ask if you knew about this?

In my opinion I would have to say yes that is her based on rack size and body type. Gretchen Rossi has proved her integrity of being a very sexual person.- nik

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Gretchen Rossi And Slade Smiley Need To Stop Stealing Money From People

April 18, 2011 Gretchen Rossi, Newport, The Dirty 34

(Click on Image to Enlarge)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is the actual lawsuit against ultimate gold digger Gretchen Rossi and true dirt bag Slade Smiley.  These two are just running around thinking they can steal money from people?  WTF, how does Gretchen not have any money?  Did she run through all the money her stupid dead husband left her or this is most likely all of Slade’s game plan?  Nik, what the hell is going on?

Gretchen Rossi’s whole “career” can be summed up in numbers 4 thru 6.- nik

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Gretchen Rossi Can’t Come Up With 40K She Owes

April 14, 2011 Gretchen Rossi, Newport, The Dirty 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so how funny is it that Gretchen Rossi cannot come up with the $40K she owes Jay Photoglou’s attorney. I’m friends with Lynne Curtin and she told me that Gretchen blew through the $750k that cancer Jeff guy left for her. I can’t believe she has already ran through all that money. Also, Lynne told me that this Jay guy was Gretchen’s real boyfriend while she was taking care of Jeff. She said her and her husband would go on double dates with Jay and Gretchen all the time when Jeff was around. Poor guy is probably turning in his ashes seeing what a monster he left money for. How long before you think she dumps Slade and finds another dumb old guy.

Never! Slade Smiley has Gretchen Rossi brainwashed. The guy gets $0.00 from being on the Housewives and refuses to make any money because he has to pay child support. Slade Smiley is Gretchen Rossi’s acting manager so any income they make she pays him cash under the table. From what I hear his son is dying and about to have brain surgery and Slade refuses to go to the hospital. Think about it people, Slade is a leech… he would have married Gretchen already, but he can’t because he is waiting for his son to die so Gretchen’s episodic fee doesn’t get garnished. The scripted “should I marry him” BS is a joke.- nik

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Jesus Barbie And Golddigger Barbie Of The Real Housewives

April 7, 2011 Cougars, Gretchen Rossi, Newport, The Dirty 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, take a look at Alexis Bellino in this pic. It looks like she is pulling a Britney and showing us her Christian coochie!! I didn’t know Christian women went commando. I wonder what her grifter husband Jim Slob Bellino thinks about his wife flashing her bald kitty to the world?? And of course, she is with Horse-Face Gretchen, who is now claiming she is 100% natural: no extensions, no botox, no fillers and, get this, NO VENEERS!!! YEA RIGHT!!! Her horse teeth make her mouth all weird looking, like a rat. God, I have had enough of these loosers!!! Why are they still getting paid to be on tv?

Gretchen is a patho liar. This is what she use to look like CLICK THE OLD ME. I really think she believes her own lies.- nik

I am selling these pictures without the cover-ups if anybody wants them:

Gretchen Rossi Naked 1

Gretchen Rossi Naked 2

Gretchen Rossi Naked 3

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