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Dirty Army Hacker Takes Down

November 7, 2009 Gretchen Rossi, Newport, The Dirty 60

pantsdown-copy pantsdown2-copy

Yesterday someone was able to hack and forward the domain to a post on of Gretchen Rossi taking a dump. I just wanted to go on record and state that I had nothing to do with it. Currently her site is down.

pantsdown-copy69 pantsdown2-copy69

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Random Email I Received: I know this site is supposed to be funny but in the last few days you have really gone overboard. Your site is supposed to be funny but what you are doing to Gretchan is just plain mean. Do you know she won a role model award in Orange County last year? What did you ever win besides World’s Biggest D*ckhead. I am 21 yearsa old with an 8 year old daughter(I know I was 13 when I had her, so what I love her) and I PRAY she grows up to be as good a person and role model as Gretchan. Leave her alone!

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The Real Bullet of Orange County

November 5, 2009 Gretchen Rossi, Newport, The Dirty 120


The Real Housewives of Orange County premieres tonight on Bravo. Make sure you tune in because Gretchen Rossi is going to explain her vibrating actions. I wish Slade Slimey would explain why he owes $80K in child support to his ill side scratch.

**Tamra is DIRTY ARMY Strong.  I decided.  I moved this to the top because I know everyone is typing in “Gretchen Rossi Vibrator Cord” in Google.

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Real House Wives Wife Swap

September 22, 2009 Atlanta, Gretchen Rossi, Newport, The Dirty 37


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, WTF is going on with the House Wives are they losing ratings or are they just big freaks? Could it be the husbands put them up to this? What do you think nik.

You know Gretchen… she is into some weird Jungle sh*t.  The purple vibrators just don’t do it for her anymore.- nik

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‘Real Housewife’ Gets Millions From Dead Fiance

August 26, 2009 Gretchen Rossi, Hollywood, Newport, The Dirty 37


TMZ.COM: “Real Housewife of Orange County” Gretchen Rossi says her late fiance didn’t leave her “millions and millions of dollars” — and she’s right, he only left her 2.5.

We got a look at Jeff Beitzel‘s trust — amended a month before his death — and even though Rossi tried to make it look like he didn’t leave her much in a “Real Housewives” reunion special, she actually pulled in a pretty penny.

Gretchen was awarded $2,500,000 — some of which she collected from Beitzel’s life insurance policy. Rossi’s not the only one who sounds disappointed about the dough — we hear some of Beitzel’s five ex-wives aren’t too happy with her haul either.

Told you… Ladies can milk any old Trout.  Poor guy thought he was in love… I give her two years before she is broke only because Slade owes so much money to people.- nik

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Gretchen Rossi Lies Her Way To The Top

August 24, 2009 Gretchen Rossi, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Newport, The Dirty 21


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, You need to scrounge up a print edition of today’s (8/23) LA Times Frontpage. There is a half-page ad (page A 24) for the “Women’s Empowerment Conference & Expo”, hosted by Gretchen Christina Rossi. Half the add is a picture of her. I don’t understand how anyone thought this was a good idea. I guess they figure chicks who read the LA Times Front-page must not watch a lot of “OC Housewives”, and don’t know the truth.

They obviously didn’t see the picture above or there must be a Bullet exhibit at this Expo.- nik

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The Stupid Buzz Around OC

August 10, 2009 Gretchen Rossi, Hollywood, Newport, The Dirty 42


The word on the street is that Gretchen and Slade are expecting. Is it really Slade’s kid… who knows?
All I have to say is that the child will be born Douche and that these guys are so desperate for attention, I think they are having the baby for media.

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Real Housewife Of Traffic School

July 16, 2009 Gretchen Rossi, Los Angeles, The Dirty 20


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Gretchen must be showing us the way to “talk” yourself out of a 147 MPH ticket in Nevada…Looks like it worked she was written up for a lesser charge after “self proclaiming” showing her girls to the officer..The judge has ordered Gretchen to attend Traffic Safety School.

Gretchen stop sending me bullsh*t to get more press… if you aren’t naked or doing blow (yes, I have it) I don’t care.- nik

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Douche Angel Loves Porn

July 14, 2009 Gretchen Rossi, Las Vegas, The Dirty 26


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, check out your favorite couple hanging out in Vegas.

They are actually perfect for each other… their babies would be pathological liars for sure.- nik

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