Grinch | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

The Grinch

December 24, 2008 Grinch, Newport, The Dirty 70


What would a Christmas be without Mr. Grinch… or should I say DJ Grinch.

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The Grinch

December 15, 2008 Grinch, Newport 28


THE DIRTY ARMY: The Grinch is looking better than ever.

I feel like some basic cosmetic surgery could change the Grinch’s life.- nik

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The Grinch Kissing 909 Go Go Trash

December 12, 2008 Grinch, Newport 12

The Grinch kissing 909 go go trash

The Grinch kissing 909 go go trash

THE DIRTY ARMY: So here is the Grinch kissing and hang out with 909 trash GO GO dancer Rene Renfro. Nik, what is happening to the OC now a days the 909 is now taking one of the greatest dirty celebs and making her into 909 trash.

The 909 has always struggled to fight for Newport’s attention.  It is kind of like the Newport father who always ignores their kid so they run to drugs.- nik

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Go Go Grinch

December 9, 2008 Grinch, Newport 14

Go Go Grinch

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik- I live in Murrieta, California, which is, oh a good hour and fifteen minutes from Newport Beach. This said, there isn’t much going on in this area where I live so I was shocked to see The Grinch out last night at Iron Wok. It is a restaurant that turns into a club on Thursdays. Not only was she there, but she was Go-go dancing there. What?!?! The Grinch is dancing at Iron Wok these days. I’m confused. I don’t know how the girl wondered so far away from Newport. Anyways, I talked to her briefly she was nice. She saw me taking pics of her on my phone and secretly hammed it up for the camera. I am sure she new exactly where I would be sending these pics. Sorry for the poor quality, I could only do so much with my Blackberry. Oh and I love the random girl throwing up the SMG, what perfect timing for my flash to go off, ha ha. I must say this was my second sighting of The Grinch, which I enjoyed more than my first. That one was in a dirty bathroom at Knottsbury Farms, yuck.

The economy sucks she is just trying to make ends meet.- nik

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The Grinch Is Possessed

November 29, 2008 Grinch, Newport, The Dirty 135

The Grinch Is Possessed!

THE DIRTY ARMY: We just happen to run into The Grinch the other night at Tentation, She doesn’t seem too excited to take a photo by the look on her face!!

Tell your boy to button up… nobody likes to see man boobs.- nik

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The Grinch

November 25, 2008 Grinch, Newport, The Dirty 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik here is Grinch showing her true colors- GREEN!

Green is definitely her color… she really does look like Mr. Grinch in this picture.- nik

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Grinch And Canary Might Be Lesbos

November 24, 2008 Canary, Grinch, Newport, The Dirty 89

I am not a professional or anything, but I think if they opened their eyes they might have a better chance of hitting the lips.

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Canary and The Grinch

November 13, 2008 Canary, Grinch, Newport, The Dirty 152

I don’t think Canary understands that she is the only one that can fly.  The Grinch has no wings!

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