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The Grinch and Canary

October 28, 2008 Canary, Grinch, Newport, The Dirty 124

The Grinch: well i know u will probably recieve this pic anyways sooo we figured we would send it in…here u go me n canary at knotts scary farm… enjoy.

Why are Canary’s +2′s staring at me?- nik

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The Grinch Birthday Continues…

October 21, 2008 Canary, Grinch, Krusty, Newport, The Dirty 146

Look what other beautiful DIRTY CELEBS decided to grace the Grinch with their presence.  Why, it is Canary and Krusty… I am actually really digging Canary’s dress.  It is magical.

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The Grinch

October 20, 2008 Grinch, Newport, The Dirty 48

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to the Grinch.  Not sure why she is partying in Irvine though?  (I am just guessing because of the crowd in the background.)  Not trying to start a race war.  Relax.

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September 22, 2008 Grinch, Newport, The Dirty 33

The Grinch’s body isn’t looking too bad.

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Canary And Grinch At Lucky Strike Bowling Alley

September 19, 2008 Canary, Grinch, Newport, The Dirty 82

Canary’s legs look hot in this picture.  I decided.

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The Grinch

September 10, 2008 Dirty Craigslist, Grinch, Newport, The Dirty 46

Looks like someone has leaked out The Grinch’s secret modeling photos.

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Mr. Grinch

May 7, 2008 Grinch, Newport, The Dirty 36


(created by the DIRTY ARMY)

I agree she is Mr. Grinch… Can I please get more pictures of Shim from Newport.- “Operation Mr. Grinch”

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Krusty And Her New Shims

May 3, 2008 Grinch, Krusty, Newport, The Dirty 81



THE DIRTY ARMY: Her friends keep getting uglier!

Maybe Krusty is getting hotter? She looks a lot better in that pic… I think she might be trying to make an effort to please the DIRTY ARMY. Her friends, not so much. Straight gremlin/e-wok hybrids.- nik

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