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Jordan Swagerty And Guinea Pig Are The Perfect Match

August 15, 2014 Guinea Pig, Scottsdale, The Dirty 64



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, every time Guin Davis is posted on here, someone makes a comment about how douchey her boyfriend is. EX: “word on the street is that her boyfriend is a controlling douche who ‘plays’ baseball” or “whoever posted this doesn’t know Jordan he is a complete POS. Why isn’t he on TheDirty??  He’s such a scum bag I have known him forever and all he does is try to get with girls and thinks he’s so cool and cocky. For what? #crookednose”. So here he is on TheDirty. What’s his deal? I know he plays minor league baseball and his dad became super rich of a pyramid scheme. But why is he dating Guin?  Has he seen her without makeup? I personally know Guin and she is about as difficult as it gets. She literally sleeps in her extentions and fake eyelashes. She is probably the most self-centered materialistic person I’ve ever met. So who’s the real bad guy? Maybe they are a perfect match!

Anyone can play Minor League baseball. There is like 200 rounds in the draft.- nik

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Guinea Pig Isn’t Fooling Anyone

July 13, 2014 Guinea Pig, Scottsdale, The Dirty 96



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please, in all your unparallelled wisdom, tell the world once and for all how Guin Davis makes a ‘living’. And no, Guin we know its not from selling those tacky tech cases on your IG. Everytime she comes to town she solicits her services for more LV bags and Louboutin shoes, before running back to Texas and her ignorant boyfriend.

If he only knew…- nik

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Guin Davis Is The Biggest Gold Digger In Scottsdale

May 8, 2014 Guinea Pig, Scottsdale, The Dirty 97


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I wondered how long it would be before Jordan Swagerty found out his girlfriend was a selfish, fake gold digger. I thought it was hilarious when I saw Guin with a Cowboy athlete considering how materialistic and high matience she is, Guin do you get to keep the cars and house or are you back at mommy and step-daddys 3 bedroom? By the way, your lip job looks awful!!!

It’s really the eyebrows that don’t flow for Guin… get 450cc +2′s so people wont look at the brows.- nik

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Whoever Said Scottsdale Has Fallen Off Was Just Jealous

October 2, 2012 Guinea Pig, Scottsdale, The Dirty 182

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out the hottest girl in Scottsdale, Guinea Pig and her crew balling it up in Scottsdale.  Not only is Guinea Pig looking better and tanner than ever, but she is also with guys that can afford to pop bottles and not on their credit cards but CASH.  Just tired of people hating on Scottsdale saying it has fallen off and blah blah blah. It hasn’t.  Nik, when was the last time you were even here?  You forgot about our city so you can’t speak on it any longer. OKAY.

Nobody in Scottsdale pays cash, they pay with overdraft protection.- nik

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Watch Your Back When You Are In Scottsdale Next Time

June 21, 2012 Guinea Pig, Scottsdale, The Dirty 89

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I can’t believe you are being so mean to the hottest girl in Scottsdale.  Guin is the hottest thing around and every guy would die to be with her.  And she does know some guys that want to kick your ass for putting her on blast like you have.  Here are some recent pictures of her and maybe you can open your eyes and see how hot she really is.  Not a threat, but be careful next time you are in Scottsdale because your night might end with a trip to the hospital.

Thanks for the threat Guinea Pig.- nik

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Guin “Prada” Davis Has Tried All Her Life To Get This Much Attention

June 18, 2012 Guinea Pig, Scottsdale, The Dirty 32

Guin Prada Davis

Guin Prada Davis

Guin Prada Davis

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you requested more intel on this chick after someone suggested she is the new “G-girl”. This girl was one of those pathetic myspace scene queen who is never photographed without make up plastered all over her worn out face. She has since transitioned into more of a “playboy” wannabe look with tiny +2′s, however t*ts don’t hide her little gerbil teeth/lips/mouth. Her username has always been “Guin Prada Davis” (LOL). She is so so so superficial, it’s depressing. She is your classic duck face, raccoon-eyed, anorexic mess. I’ve submitted both old and new pictures, at least she has made SOME progress? Please give this girl a reality check, and quick. You can’t hide your past from the Dirty Army. Cheers!

So are we calling her Guinea Pig or what?- nik

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I Think You Definitely Have A DC On Your Hands

June 15, 2012 Guinea Pig, Scottsdale, The Dirty 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you posted Guin Davis from Scottsdale and I have been waiting for that forever.  She use to be such a sweetheart and now trolls around with a bunch of Scottsdale idiots that think Scottsdale is the center of the universe.  She is not a major sl*t or anything but is slowly starting to rack them up.  I think with 14 procedures she would be a dime… worst part is, no surgery can fix those toes of hers.

I want to name her Guinea Pig. Thoughts?- nik

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Scottsdale’s Newest G-Girl

June 12, 2012 Guinea Pig, Scottsdale, The Dirty 39

Scottsdale Newest G-Girl

Scottsdale Newest G-Girl

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what is up with this girls refund gap? Plus she thinks shes a model.  She goes out every night possible in Scottsdale and thinks she is living the best life ever.  We get it, you are have 20 friends that work in Scottsdale and that automatically makes you socialite?  Scottsdale has lost it and so has she.

Who is this Tramp? I want to know more… I smell DC.- nik

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