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Lips Like A Fish.

January 22, 2009 Chicago, Guppy 23

C*ke lips still hasn't gotten a clue

THE DIRTY ARMY: Seriously you’ve been mocked for your C*KE lips for how long now?? I guess she really is THAT DUMB. GET A CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG IM ASTONISHED SHE HASNT BOUGHT A MIRROR YET! OR MAYBE LOOK THE THE PICTUERS SHE TAKES OF HERSELF?!?! OMG OMG I TELL U THE END OF THE WORLD IS NEAR. It will all be taken over by MAC Nazi’s… Say hello to Hitler for me b*tch!

Her lips stick out more than the fish in my aquarium. I’ll call her The Guppy.- nik

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Would You?

January 22, 2009 Chicago, Guppy, Would You? 34

would you?!

THE DIRTY ARMY: so this is dani mac fani she enjoys mostly men of color… but hey nik you have a lil moca to you. So0o0o would you?

Answer: No, It looks like she got beat in the face with a pan.

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More Dani-Fat-Fani

January 15, 2009 Chicago, Guppy, Yale 137

More Dani-Fat-Fani

THE DIRTY ARMY: lmao so i took it upon myself to provide you with more pictures of the fat clown so you may see she is indeed FAT and UGLY. I know on her previous post (with liike 150 comments) she was saying everyone is a hater and to look at her myspace and see how hot she is.. bc she is “famous on myspace” (wow we need to submit her to True Life- I live a secret life on the internet) well umm .. HELP?

True life I am a beat horse.- nik

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I’m Scared

January 7, 2009 Chicago, Guppy 140

i'm scared

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is dani-fani…. this is what she looks like, i’m guna go hide now.

Please have your loved ones call me…we need to have a serious talk.- nik

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