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Broken Down Brooks

October 29, 2013 Chicago, Gwins 187

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Michelle Brooks (Gwin) seems to be getting a lot of attention with all the fake/edited photos she’s been swirling around the internet lately (IG). So I thought I might shed some light on this phony sloot, being she actually looks a lot more like THIS, in person. Pretty horrid, huh?! Hey Nik, wouldn’t you agree that if Instagram did ever decide to shut down, a lot of these imaginary modeling careers would be ruined.

I think a lot of lives would be saved if that happened.  Side note: this gwins tats seem to be causing her to let herself go.- nik

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Meet the ReaL Michelle, Nik

September 17, 2013 Chicago, Gwins 265

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a lot of the Dirty Army were asking for Older pics of Chicago’s very own Gwin, Michelle Brooks. Thought I would do the honors since I found these. These pics are from before she got all “fake”. Before she went all photoshop crazy,and turned herself into something she is Not even close to. Infact, she looks like a Man in person. A drag queen, at Yet still she’s got a following on her Insta and she eats every bit of the attention up! Sad case you are, Miss Brooks. And no need to ask, we already know Nik wouldn’t! Michelle would D*(E before she would EVER post these pics again,shows how ugly she is without all that fake photoshop.Haha BUSTED, bitch!

Your missing a ‘T’ in his name…its Mitchel.- nik

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Michelle Brooks, Gwin

July 25, 2013 Chicago, Gwins 624

THE DIRTY ARMY: Satan worshipping whores like Michelle Brooks from Chicago, are a disgrace to Women everywhere. Nik we know you hate tattooed women, but this one brings the term “trashy evil whore” to a whole new level. I wonder how much time she spends in her photoshop….probably a lot more than most people. I have seen her in person, and she wishes she looked half as good as those airbrushed pics she posts!lol

She’s trying to cover up her mistakes with more mistakes.  That chainsaw chick is now gone.- nik

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Nose Job Finally

April 29, 2013 Chicago, Gwins 217

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think Chicago Gwin hoodrat Michelle Brooks took your advice, and got a nosejob. Her nose was Huge. And now it either looks smaller, or possibly really well done photoshop job?!LoL You tell us, Nik. Your the expert at stuff like this. Attached some before and after photos for your review. It’s about time this rat hoe got some work done on her face. The old nose was gigantic. She definitely looks a little improved. But she is still an attention loving whore.LoL

Nope, just photoshop.- nik

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More On The Gwins

June 24, 2010 Chicago, Gwins, The Dirty 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This hoodrat, Megan B was just Begging me to put her on The Dirty. So I thought, why not. I’m sure you remember these Gwins in a recent Post. But this particular Gwin has brought some bad karma upon herself. And although Everyone acts like they like her to her face, because she is crazy and will cut your tires if you look at her wrong. LoL And even though she’s done time in a Mental Institution, and has two bastard kids from two diff dads. And even though she is a Dirty Pig she still insists she is a “good girl”. Lmao!! Nik, I think it’s about time to put this girl on Blast. Stay out of Chicago, you Whore. Nobody wants you here. You look like a Man. Nice sh*tty tattoos.

Did this chick steal your girlfriend or something?  It looks like she is getting Radiation treatment on her eyebrows… so I would leave her alone during these tough times.- nik

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Sorry, Photoshop Can’t Erase Fat

May 18, 2010 Chicago, Gwins 130

Sorry, Photoshop can't erase FAT.

Sorry, Photoshop can't erase FAT.

Sorry, Photoshop can't erase FAT.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, BOTH of these Creatures are known as the “C*M DUMPSTER TWINS” of Chicago. Meet Michelle & Megan Br**s. Every last dirtbag & their brother had a peice of these whores. Known for being so LOOSE, these gwin pigs actually Prefer it in the ASS. They both cheat on their poor suckers they call (bf & husband). The claim to be into Witchcraft, & that they have “power”. lol They add everyone up on Facebook, YET only the FAT CHICKS worship their pictures. Not even one dude comments their photos. Prob because they’re both Closet Dykes. Michelle is extremely attention starved. Infact, so much, that she got the word WHORE tattooed on her arm. lol & She is the one who is Married. I pity her husband Luke, because he has NO idea she still sleeps with one of her old scumbag booty calls, behind his back. Worst part is, this scumbag just tested positive for HIV. Poor Luke. Let’s Put these Hoebags on BLAST. (p.s. the rabbit ears picture is to show you what she looks like without all the photoshop.).

I see these two living in an abandoned cabin in the woods, practicing their witchcraft on whichever poor soul they lure home…am I right?- nik

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Gwins Halloween 08

November 20, 2008 Gwins, Seattle, The Dirty 21

gwin halloween 08

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jason and Jesse at tia lou’s seattle 10/31/08.

Look it is the Gwins (Gay Twins).  Haven’t seen them acting happy in awhile.  Looks like they went as themselves for Halloween.- nik

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June 18, 2008 Gwins, Seattle 7

EMAIL: I think you found James Woods long lost gay son. For your examination.

I think you are right!- nik

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