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Let Us Pursue Our Dreams

December 8, 2014 Junior Varsity, Newport, Scooby, The Dirty 35

JUNIOR VARSITY: Nik, on 60 Minutes Sports they did a segment on the EFLI which is India’s professional football league.  They have 32 teams and franchises are worth around 3.5 million dollars, so this thing is serious.  Scooby and I are really considering going out there for next season and becoming some superstars.   I know I will the Tom Brady/Deion Sanders of the league, and Scooby would easily be the Troy Polamalu minus the luxurious hair.  Would this be a problem if we decided to go?  We have 6 weeks to figure it out. This could be us next season on The Hyderabad Skykings.

Dude I want to try-out as a kicker.- nik


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Best Of Luck To Junior Varsity

July 16, 2012 Hollywood, Junior Varsity, Newport, Scottsdale, The Dirty 54

Like I said on my Instagram in comments: “Thank you for 3 years of blood, sweat and tears. Hopefully I taught you well and you will become the man the world will fear out of excellence.”

RIP Junior Varsity… back to real life as Anthony.- nik

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Top 5 Instagrams Of The Week Presented By Junior Varsity Of TheDirty.com

June 12, 2012 Hollywood, Junior Varsity, The Dirty 22

JUNIOR VARSITY:  Nik, everyone keeps asking what the 5 top girls to follow on Instagram are from last weeks Nik Richie Radio show, so here it goes for everyone.  Working on this weeks top 5 as we speak.  Thinking about doing a Top 5 under 1000 followers edition.  What do you think?

Keep it organic JV. Everyone should follow my favorite brunette @GabriellaKatia. She is way better than any of this JV trash.- nik

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**If you have nominations for our radio show please recommend them in comments for JV.**

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Why Are Canadians So Dumb Eh?

March 30, 2012 Hollywood, Junior Varsity, The Dirty 231

JUNIOR VARSITY: Nik, I was outraged when TMZ reported that Lindsay Lohan got approved to work in Canada.  The dumbest country in the world CANADA still will not allow you to come into their country for your DUI, but this Pepsi fiening alcoholic with numerous arrest and jail stints was allowed right in.  I’m still in shock from my visit to the Canadian Consulate in LA and what they told me was the best way to get you back into Canada word for word was “Its very easy eh, all you have to do is get a celebrity like “Brad Pitt” and “Angeline Jolie”  eh to write us a letter saying you are a good person and we would allow you back into our country in eh.”  When they told me that would get you back into Canada faster than a lawyer can, I was f*cking shocked and thought everyone at the consulate was f*cking with me.  Something is wrong with that country and the people… this is bullsh*t and not fair. Gayden, I’m not talking to all Canadians besides you.   Click her to read the article on TMZ.

Lindsay email me your immigration lawyers contact.- nik

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JV Has Officially Made It

January 31, 2012 Junior Varsity, Newport, The Dirty 3

JUNIOR VARSITY: Nik, my phone has been going off all morning about how TMZ used me as a reference to describe Mitt Romney’s butchering of “America the Beautiful”.

It looks like plagiarism to me.- nik

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Scooby Takes Over Miami

January 6, 2012 Junior Varsity, Miami, Scooby, The Dirty 5

Thank you to LIV Nightclub in Miami for showing Scooby the highest level in life. This was a Junior Varsity (JV) Bay Joint… to be continued like a Gentleman. #ShowFace

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Junior Varsity’s Cellean Results

January 4, 2012 Cellan, Junior Varsity, Newport, The Dirty 0

JUNIOR VARSITY: Nik, once again you have proved me wrong.  I didn’t believe in Cellean so I took that bottle you gave me and here is the results after 27 days, I haven’t even worked out… getting back in the gym this week, the Cellean got me motivated, so lets see how exercising and Cellean work together.  Here are the pics since the comments are off.

JV, I told you.  But I don’t understand why you cropped your head out of the pictures, it makes me feel like you are sexting naked pictures to random girls.- nik

If you want to lose weight the lazy way like me or turn into a hot chick= CLICK HERE

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How To Make It In Hollywood By Junior Varsity

November 14, 2011 Hollywood, Junior Varsity, The Dirty 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I live in Hollywood and this morning I on FB and almost spit my coffee on my screen when I read this update by JV that had me cracking up.  I mean he has a great point, I’ve met so many hot girls here and just seen them do the same cycle over and over and its f*cking hilarious.  Do you agree with these steps to success in Hollywood.

Hopefully the sex will be worth the war stories when they get back home. You can only catch it once, might as well catch it in Hollywood.- nik

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