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Halloween Recap: Junior Varsity Is Done Drinking Patron

November 2, 2011 Junior Varsity, Las Vegas, The Dirty 20

JUNIOR VARSITY:  Nik, I’m never drinking Patron again in my life.  That is my only and final statement.

Don’t deny True Love JV. She is the one.- nik

**Scooby, great Sniper shots of a lonely and desperate Junior Varsity at LAX.

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Emily Gimmel Hates Junior Varsity

October 23, 2011 Junior Varsity, Seattle, The Dirty 35

JUNIOR VARSITY: Nik, so this beat ass chick keeps writing me on facebook about something Hunter Moore put up of her… Like I work for IsAnyoneUp and have any power to remove posts on other peoples blogs. Check out what she just sent me, I’m baked and can’t stop laughing at her and that clown make up. My favorite part is that she says she “NEVER would I have given u the time of day if this didnt happen”… like I would ever be caught with a 40 something year old cougar.. LMFAO.

Am I supposed to know this chick?- nik

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The Best Day Of Scooby’s Year

October 18, 2011 Cincinnati, Junior Varsity, Oakland, Scooby, The Dirty 14

JUNIOR VARSITY: Nik, so I get woken up at 6am this morning and my phone is going off.  I see it’s Scooby calling me, so I pick it up and he is nearly crying on the phone and can’t get a word out… I thought he got a DUI and was in jail or something, after a few minutes of hyperventilating he finally pieced the sentence together and let me know Carson Palmer is now a Raider.  Scooby said that is the missing link to winning the superbowl this year, what do you think boss?

He did the same thing to me this morning. I wanted to kill him. I’m trying to get as much sleep as possible before B-Day (Baby D-Day). Anyway, to all Raider fans- Al Davis is turning over in his Grave right now. Carson Palmer is washed up and has no idea how to play Raider football. Don’t be the idiot in your fantasy football league who wastes their waiver priority on this OC special.- nik

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Here Are The Pictures Boss

October 16, 2011 Junior Varsity, The Dirty, Winnipeg 0

JUNIOR VARSITY: Nik, here are the damn pictures with my face in them… I can’t wait to see the progress that develops in the next few weeks on Cellean.  Please keep the comments off and not going to lie, I’m a little embarrassed taking pictures in of myself in front of the mirror… when is Scooby starting this?

The Scooby 30 Day Challenge starts Nov.1st. Scooby don’t back out. I don’t want to have 300 pound friends… there is a buff Brody Jenner underneath all that. You said if JV gets results you would be game!- nik

**Nice starfish JV.

If you want to lose weight the lazy way like me or turn into a hot chick= CLICK HERE

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Your Employee JV Needs To Watch What He Posts On Facebook

September 5, 2011 Junior Varsity, Las Vegas, Newport, The Dirty 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, huge fan of the site and your whole staff besides JV.  I follow you guys on Twitter and Facebook and this weekend JV’s facebook cracked me up because I know there is no way this kid is getting laid.  I don’t care if its Newport or Las Vegas I don’t think just because he works for TheDirty he can get laid and especially since he is always saying he has 6 bucks to his name on your radio show. You were there Nik, can you please verify?

Yes, JV got laid in Vegas. She had +2′s and on my scale was a 4.998291. As long as my staff is honest with themselves and don’t pretend to be something they are not, I am ok with this.- nik

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Best Show Yet Nik

August 11, 2011 Dallas, Hollywood, Junior Varsity, Scooby, The Dirty 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, huge DA fan and I have been watching your radio show non stop… and let me tell you… you are murdering it.  Hobie was probably the best guess you have had and well deserved second half hour with him… the dude was down to talk about anything, def entertaining… and then you bring in the closer aka Keisha Kimball, not only was she super smoking sexy but that voice just made my pants really happy… I do hope drunk Scooby asked her out after the show, because it definitely did look like she was eying him.

Scooby froze up afterwords and refused to give Keisha his number. BUST! I can’t wait to do a follow-up report in 6 months with her to see how her modeling career in LA is going. I have her first class ticket to Miami waiting.- nik

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You Are Getting Better By The Show

July 31, 2011 Junior Varsity, Newport, Scooby, The Dirty 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, huge DA Strong and I’ve been watching your radio show weekly… Let me say at the beginning  I thought you guys would suck balls at this but its actually ENTERTAINING.  Each show you have stepped it up, and the talent you have brought on is amazing.  Nik, keep up the work..

Thanks… still have no idea what I am doing.- nik

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Junior Varsity Is Looking For A Place In Newport Beach

June 1, 2011 Junior Varsity, Newport, The Dirty 19

JUNIOR VARSITY: Nik, so I’ve been trying to move out to Newport but can’t find the right roommates.  Some of the people I have talked to that I know out there just keep BSin.  Is it wrong that I want to wake up next to the ocean?  Anyway can I move in with you and Shayne?

No, you cannot move into my summer rental. I am out here to stay away from you guys. Can someone who needs a roommate in Newport email [email protected] (preferably women of hotter caliber). FYI- my face is silver from the 4-year anniversary cake that was thrown in my face in Vegas, it is not my MAC forcefield.- nik

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