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December 17, 2010 Justin Bobby, Vancouver 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy named Patrick Robertson, he is the most greasy, ignorant, self righteous little boy you will ever meet. Calls himself party pat but shrimp dick is quite anti-party. Know this individual for an extended period and you will learn that he is the most downright hurting boy in the world. Once upon a time a man named Jessie payed him $50 cash to light a airbomb out of his ass because he was so desperate for smokes to get his fag fix. It’s on youtube check it out! AKA Smeagle Beastiality is his forte, dogs over chicks he always says As you can see he likes it in the ass, buy a strap on and you’re good to go. Chilliwack B.C. beware, attempting carpentry is what he does. Give your opinion please and don’t be stingy.Lets get a picture of his face to go along with this embarrassing video.- nik

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JBOB In Copenhagen

September 14, 2010 Justin Bobby, Scottsdale 1

JBOB is in Copenhagen

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was in Copenhagen a few weeks ago and I saw JBOB with some family members at a store, I had to take a picture and send it in.

Looks like JBOB is into purple crayons now.- nik

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Replace J-Bob

August 20, 2010 Justin Bobby, The Dirty 94

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I present to you your new mascot, lets call him Woody.  I think this is what one of Jbobs babies would look like with all the Dur dee dur genes he has.  I already called these guys up and I have the next pick of the litter, better step your game up Nik these guys are the way of the future.

What the hell is that thing?  It looks like a Bat-Pig.- nik

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Justin Bobby At Dirty Pretty

August 3, 2010 Justin Bobby, Scottsdale, The Dirty 13

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I heard Justin Bobby’s is performing at Dirty Pretty tonight in Scottsdale. I thought the guy was a stuffed animal… didn’t know he was a real person? Are you or anybody from your staff going to go?

Yeah, our whole staff is going because Gayden, JV and Scooby are opening for Justin Bobby’s band.- nik

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Are The Sheep Rumors True

April 28, 2010 Justin Bobby, Scottsdale, The Dirty 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know you and the DA are a fan of the Sheep (J-Bob’s brother). Well after talking with the new GM at the new Hotel Theodore and others, the Mondrian Sheep is NO MORE. I’m pissed they took this away. It was a staple of the hotel and of “The Dirty”. I offered to purchase one of the three that the Mondrian had but was told they were thrown away. I call BS on that. Regardless, I never went to the Mondrian unless they called me up for equipment (which they never seemed to pay their bills). I will miss the Sheep when I make deliveries to the new hotel and just thought you should know that he is dead and was sent to the trash. I still think the previous GM took one of the 3 JB’s for memories but I could be wrong.

According to Justin Bobby- the Sheep’s alcoholic brother, the Sheep is still alive. He is not in a trash can that is just an Urban Legend. Supposedly he got kidnapped and is being held hostage by former Mondrian employees. If you know of the Sheep’s whereabouts please contact [email protected]- nik

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Found This In My Bed At Work

February 4, 2010 Hollywood, Justin Bobby 6



Where the f*ck do you work? A brothel?- nik

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Where’s Justin Bobby Been

February 1, 2010 Justin Bobby, Scottsdale 1

Where's Justin Bobby been?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what’s JBob been up to? Did he go EMO?

That actually looks like Justin Bobby’s girlfriend.- nik

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What is JBOB thinking!

October 22, 2009 Dirty Athletes, Justin Bobby, USC 2

What is JBOB thinking!

What is JBOB thinking!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Is J-BOB a Leinart fan??

Nobody is a Leinart fan anymore.  You should be embarrassed to have that on your wall.- nik

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