Krusty | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Desiree Norman Money

May 21, 2013 Krusty, Vancouver 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Desiree norman money has a new babyuses men for money with me and has been selling her ass online on every date site around in kelowna and is mean to men useing men for money for crck and pillsseis a good huslter well passing around ***’s DESIREE NORMAN MONEY

I don’t think there’s a baby in there.  Just saying.- nik

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Homewrecker In Denver

May 3, 2013 Denver, Krusty 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Alyssa mehrens is a crackhead home wrecker. This broke down hair dresser is on the “loose” in Denver…. Pun intended!!! Just a warning!!! She sleeps w anyone and anything literally! Yuck!

Standards are very low in Denver.- nik

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Dirty Sloots

April 2, 2013 Chico State, Krusty, Sacramento 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Ashley Enos and Dusty Mosier two ugly tramps desperate for attention, here’s your 15 mins of fame c*nts! Ashley is a stripper that f*cks any old disease ridden guy for a couple bucks, She suposibly owns a strip club in chico where a bunch of crusty sloots work. Dusty is so desperate for attention is ridiculous.. So she strips down to hardly anything to show off her big saggy pimple covered tits and takes pictures to see if anyone will f*ck her. Your both desperate lil prostitutes looking for attention.

I love these modeling pictures.- nik

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Ridden Harder Than Secretariat

December 28, 2012 Chicago, Krusty, The Dirty 162

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Leah Bruckner. She works at Jamesons pub in Frankfort. I don’t know a guy who she hasn’t “dated her”. This girl used to be a stripper and slept with every guy on the side, all you need to do is get a few beers in her and she will do whatever you want to her, takes little effort to get in this chicks pants. She was supposedly “dating” some  loser that worked with her there on top of seeing like 5 other guys. She is a liar and a manipulator she is straight trash do not believe a word that comes out of this girls mouth.  If you see her stay away, she is nothing but problems.

I think the dark hair makes her nose look softer… good call.- nik

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Douchebag PotHead

December 14, 2012 Dublin, Krusty 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,  josh bingaman is a loser pothead that is a physco that has a small Gregs and f*cks for 2 minutes if he is lucky! he has mincy faggot balls. he loves his xbox and jerks off to it. if he could f*ck the xbox red eye he would bc his little baby gerg would def fit. he has a ostrach neck and weighs 140 lbs. if he is lucky.

Xbox is dangerous.- nik

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Chelsea Tesch Is A Cheater

December 12, 2012 Krusty, Vancouver 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Chelsea Tesch. This girl is disgusting. She f*cks everyone and everything and constantly cheats on her boyfriend (he doesn\’t know about it) she pretends to be Christian and religious but far from it. She butchers everyones hair and piercings and is a low-life scumbag.

Hopefully her boyfriend reads this.- nik

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LSD Trainwreck

December 12, 2012 Chicago, Krusty 129

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this kid is one of the biggest f*ck ups chicago has spit out this generation. Laurynas Tankevičius is constantly eating acid and selling people fake drugs so he can afford more real acid. he has stolen from people that he has called his friends to support his lsd habit, hes told people he would like to stick things in his best friends butt, and he goes around the city dressed in a onesie outfit thats complete with a rear zipper for easy access. just look at this kid, he always looks ridiculous and hes always trying to con another acid trip from whoever he can. chicago needs to watch out for this kid, he does nothing but lie, steal, and talk shit about the people that wanted to help him.

LSD is not a good drug.- nik

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Pontoon’s Finest

December 10, 2012 Krusty, St. Louis 2227

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl goes by Tico Burris. She\’s from pontoon beach. She is the dirtiest girl i have met. She dropped outta high school doesnt work and smokes weed all day. She is a low life piece of sh*t. She is all talk when she says she\’ll beat your ass. She acts like a hard ass but never does anything. She is nasty. Probably has DRDs. she takes pictures in the same 5 clothes. and is always trying to show off her body… her flat chested body.. she is gross. everyone just stay away.

Dropping out of high school to get high is not the best decision one can make.- nik

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