It Is So Sad What Has Become Of Leper

July 28, 2014 Dallas, Leper, The Dirty 206



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, looks like Leper’s been arrested again on July 16th in Lewisville for Possession of Dangerous Drug and Manufacture/Deliver Controlled Substance. She looks so sick in this mugshot. This is getting sad. So hard to believe this is even her, but it is.

She really does look like a Diane now.- nik

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Meth Has Completely Ruined Leper

December 26, 2013 Dallas, Leper, The Dirty 285

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Leper needs serious help! She is in jail once again in Collin County on a first degree felony charge for manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance. Let this be a lesson for all what meth will do to you. Poor thing had so much potential… its amazing the toll drugs take on your body over 2 years. She used to be gorgeous and now she thinks the FBI has a tracker implanted in her brain. Read the Dallas County records of her mom begging the judge to arrest her so she does not end up dead.

What advice would you give Leper? Because she obviously doesn’t listen to me.- nik

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Is Case Anyone Is Keeping Count

October 5, 2013 Dallas, Dirty Mugshots, Leper, The Dirty 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, has anyone kept count of how many time Leper has been in jail this year? She seems more and more relaxed in her mug shots. Guess she wants to look good for the D.A. Here is a new one.

Wonder what she got arrested for this time… Leper is starting to look like Casey Anthony.- nik

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R.I.P. Avatar

September 29, 2013 Dallas, Leper, The Dirty 521

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, remember dirty celebrity Avatar, known as Lepers side kick for awhile. Well she is dead, she passed away August 10,n2013. She was on life support with no brain activity. Family kept saying it was an accident. According to the Medical Examiners report it was “mixed drug toxicity”. She had gotten married, had a 5 year old daughter… When will people realize this is where the party life style gets you…. Dead. How selfish can one be to still “party” when you have a child. The daughter is now being raised by Avatar’s older sister. So sad…. But it was inevitable.

Drugs always win. RIP Avatar.- nik

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Leper Is Back At It

August 22, 2013 Dallas, Leper, The Dirty 64


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Leper is back to her old ways. Using men to get what she wants in exchange for ????? Leper your iPhone 5 is in the mail, now email me some nudes. Thx.

Leper should have wrote “need eyebrows 911″. What is with her bullish looks these days?- nik

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Leper Arrested… Again

July 1, 2013 Dallas, Dirty Mugshots, Leper, The Dirty 145

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so here is another new Leper mugshot.  I’ve lost count of how many times she has been locked up but like most of us know addiction is a b*tch to kick.  I do have to say that Leper is looking better and better in these mugshots.

I think she is looking weathered as f*ck. Leper get back to blonde and resurface the face. You look 28.- nik

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Will Leper Ever Move Out Of Dallas

June 19, 2013 Dallas, Leper, The Dirty 59

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so once again rehab did nothing for Leper.  She is right back in the same old rut, hanging out with losers who still think that Leper is relevant in Dallas or life actually.  I do agree with you that the only way to save this life is to have her move out of Dallas, but do you ever see that happening?  Why don’t you hook Scooby and her up and she can move to Newport and Scooby can save her… she looks like his type.

Can’t you tell by the pictures… Leper is full lesbian now.- nik

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Leper’s Latest Mugshot

May 6, 2013 Dallas, Dirty Mugshots, Leper, The Dirty 108

kelli-diane-durfey-2013-04-14-317659.pic1 copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Leper’s newest mugshot.  After watching that video you posted of her when she was young and so beautiful to seeing this, totally made me cry for her.  I feel so bad for her because you could tell what a great life she could have lived with those looks and instead, she became a drug addict who can’t stop.

Very sad.- nik

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