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Leper Is Looking Better Than Ever

December 7, 2012 Dallas, Leper, The Dirty 160

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, for anyway saying Leper is getting old and not looking sexy like she use to… ARE CRAZY.  Check out these pictures she just posted.  She looks fine as ever, body is amazing shape and seems like she has man in her life that makes her happy.  Its nice to see her back online and being active. I hope she really is off the drugs and got her sh*t together.

I think the middle finger is addressed to the DIRTY ARMY.- nik

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Maybe It Is Time To Retire A Dirty Celeb

December 4, 2012 Dallas, Leper, The Dirty 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I use to be in LOVE with Leper.  She was without a doubt at one point the most famous Dirty Celeb.  She was sleeping with celebrities, doing porn and looked so young, sexy and amazing.  But now, she is weathering away, her looks have gone downhill and it looks like so have her +2′s.  It amazes me what partying really does for a female’s body and how much it does affect them.  Check out these two pictures of Leper, just doesn’t look right to me.  Have you ever considered retiring a DC?

I cannot retire Leper. She is in my book (click here).- nik

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I Am Impressed By This Leper Character

October 2, 2012 Dallas, Leper, The Dirty 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m fairly new to your site and I love it.  You speak nothing but the truth and expose the people that beg for their 15 minutes of fame.  So last week you posted a girl named Leper and from what I read in the comments I was impressed.  So I searched her on your site and found 77 PAGES of posts regarding her.  Man, has she had a crazy 5 years… From porn, to boyfriends beating her up, to drug dealing boyfriends dying to her being a drug addict.  The girl has gone through it all.  I’m surprised she is alive and hasn’t aged like 40 years in the past few years.  She must have really good genes .

Click here to see all of Leper’s Posts. My favorite part of her life is when she had no front teeth.- nik

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Oh Yeah, Leper Is Definitely A Changed Woman

September 26, 2012 Dallas, Leper 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I though that Leper went to rehab and changed? These were all taken just 3 weeks ago. It doesn’t seem as though much has changed! What is WRONG with this girl? Her life is so sad and what’s worse is that she brings all of this on herself. I’ve done drugs and I got lost in them as well, but, that would never have led me to swallowing random dongs and doing random dudes. It’s so gross. She used to be so pretty. Now she just grosses me out. Someone help this girl! Don’t SAY that you’re going to help her. ACTUALLY help her.

Looks like a rough night Leps.- nik

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Who Begs For A Phone Online

September 20, 2012 Dallas, Leper, The Dirty 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, someone posted that Leper looked good with her new look and that it seemed she is off the drugs.  That poster should maybe retract his statement because  begging online for a phone is a little weird.  Definitely no class or shame in this girls game.  Can anyone in the DA help her out?

Nobody give her a phone… that is enabling.- nik

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I’m Assuming Leper Is Off The Drugs

September 18, 2012 Dallas, Leper, Nebraska, The Dirty 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m friends with Leper on Facebook and I swear I think she has finally changed for good. She doesn’t post anything crazy and hasn’t been posting pictures with random drug addicted losers like she has in the past. Also she has gained a ton of weight which is a great sign that she is eating good and not staying up all night getting cracked out. This is awesome for Leper and I hope she doesn’t fall off the train this time.

Now all she needs is to find true love.- nik

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What’s Up With Leper

August 17, 2012 Dallas, Leper, The Dirty 23


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik….really now what is wrong with Kelli D these days?? Why does she look like this?? Is she finally off the drugs?? If she is good for her but I wish she could go back lookin like her old hot self. This pic makes her look like Elvira! Please Kells if u read this get back in shape go back to blonde and get a good job YOU CAN DO IT…well hope you can and I hope you find Rascals…love a somewhat concerned ”friend”.

It’s her lips that make Leper look overweight.- nik

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Leper Is Out Of Rehab, But Is Still Slumming It With The Same People

June 25, 2012 Dallas, Leper, The Dirty 27

Leper is still slimming it with the same people

Leper is still slimming it with the same people

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, looks like Leper is out of rehab but is still slumming it up with thieves and druggies. Apparently some guy named “Paul Koupas” stole a bunch of stuff from her on again, off again boyfriend Jason and stole her puppy Rascal. When is she going to learn?? P.S. the first picture is of her right after she got out of rehab and the second is of her and Rascal.

I keep saying the reason she cannot find herself is because of Dallas… Leper move already!- nik

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