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Malpractice’s Dallas Fail

June 13, 2013 Dallas, Malpractice 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, huge fan. I always see people post this girl Tiffany on here. People always talk about how fat she used to be and how she’s desperate now. I wanted to come on here and clarify some things. Yeah, she’s skinny now, but her nasty ass stomach (which she knows because she “alters” all her bikinis to cover the stretch marks), her nasty cheap looking hair, her hideous boob job, the old ass looking face (she has to be at least late thirties) and her teeth take away from the fact that she looks decent from the neck down with clothes on. The girl is always talking about needing stuff and wanting stuff, she never actually gets men to buy her anything but food anyways. She is a wanna be escort, but nobody wants it! The “fans” she talks about are not forking over any cash, clearly due to her begging for hotel rooms, cash, flights. She came out to Dallas (which is interesting because she’s not supposed to drink after being arrested for a DUI) and was whoring it up around here. Escorts have people flying them places in private jets, this girl can’t even get on a standby flight. I’m glad she’s outta Dallas and in Denver, let them deal with her. She will leech onto anything with money or power, and has admitted she likes the rich guys she dates because she likes to be spoiled. Have we ever even seen her with an actual celebrity? She had the Urlacher deal, but she went to Chicago and never even met up with him. You know if she did she would have had photos like crazy up of him. The guys she partied with the whole time were all so desperate looking, and even though she posted about needing a hotel, which nobody bought her, one of her followers told her to just pay for the room and she admitted she was too broke. She then stayed at some house with all of these people because she couldn’t afford a hotel room. Who goes on vacation like that?

Why did I read this?- nik

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Malpractice Wont Give Up

May 31, 2013 Dallas, Denver, Malpractice, The Dirty 60

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Malpractice is at it again! For a while she was entertaining to watch go from sober to drunk, single to taken. She posted about how upset she is Urlacher retired and how old Jenny McCarthy is looking these days. Hello, have you looked in a mirror lately? Losing weight and sucking it in in the fifty pictures you post a day doesn’t make your face any less f*cked up. She just posted how she’s headed to Dallas with a list of stuff she’s begging for, she can’t even get someone to buy her dinner let alone all this crap. I wish she would get out of my town and stay out, me and all my boys are so tired of her trying to sell herself off anywhere she can. Plus, if she returns and becomes a die hard bronco “fan” trying to chase down one of our players, the fans will not welcome and react with open arms to this trash. Watch out Dallas!

Can’t wait to see the sucker who gives in to her list of demands. Please submit the Dallas guy who will be bankrolling this sexcapade.- nik

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How Can Malpractice Be So Delusional

March 6, 2013 Denver, Malpractice, The Dirty 69



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I added Tiffany on Facebook because she just started bar tending at a place I frequent. Ill tell you now though, no way in hell ill be in there now trying to enjoy a beer while having to pay to look at her.  It’s funny how she begs for people to buy her suff because she honestly believes she is a great gift to men… Notice how all her “fans” have stepped up to the plate while she’s begging to get someone to buy her a puppy. The most impressive thing I’ve seen yet from this girl is actually getting someone to deliver a pizza in a previous post. This post also about her only dating rich and famous guys had us all dying laughing right in front of her. Tiffany, go back to wherever you’re from and leave Denver alone. Real women who get paid for their looks get taken on trips and given VIP, you’re begging on Facebook for backstage. If you were gods gift to all these men, especially the rich and famous, wouldn’t one of them have kept you by now? Team Jenny!

What happen to her Urlacher deal?- nik

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What Is Going On With Malpractice’s Stomach

March 4, 2013 Denver, Malpractice, The Dirty 223

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what the hell is going on with Malpractice in this picture?  I cannot tell if it is photoshop or did the girl really lose that much weight?  And if she did, don’t you think the stomach area is looking really weird.

I feel sick.- nik

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Malpractice Needs A New Doctor

February 11, 2013 Denver, Malpractice 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,  Malpractice is just about played out… but just when you think it is over, she posts this picture. Are you serious? It is either botched plastic surgery, botched Photoshop, or well, who cares.  She has so much potential but has completely went the wrong direction.

Self post.- nik

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Malpractice Vs The Truth

January 30, 2013 Denver, Dirty Army Strong, Malpractice, The Dirty 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just wanted to say KUDOS to Keirsten Taylor! Thats the catfish who fooled Malpractice into believing that she was going to receive 2 pairs of Loubies for NYE! LOL!!  Now, onto business..To Nik and the dirty army: can someone please explain how this pig went from HUGE to skinny w an ITG in less than 2 months??! Minus the fact she wears at least 2 bras under her shirt in every photo to hide her deep refund gap, it has to be an iphone photoshop app. I do not believe that this cow who constantly talks about sitting around, drinking wine, and eating “fat kid dinners” like pasta and cupcakes can magically lose over 30 pds that fast w/o smoking massive amounts of speed/meth. Hmmm maybe thats why her teeth are so disgusting and she cant hold down a job?? P.S. please expose the photoshop fails in her photos bc she swears theyre “real”. I mean, look at the size of her MASSIVE THIGHS in the first photo!! Its disgusting.

Why does she wear two bras if her rack is fake? I’m a firm believer that all +2′s should be free of communist bras.- nik

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Malpractice Comes Out Of The Woodwork

December 27, 2012 Denver, Malpractice, The Dirty 31


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it seems as though Malpractice has had a flyer created just for her about hosting a party for NYE.  She’s a “VIP Host” for the NYE party at the Crowne Plaza here in Denver.  I went on their website and it had nothing mentioned about her.   Guess since she hasn’t been out and about lately, she feels the need to create her own publicity. Please find a new city to call home you piece of trash.

Malpractice, I think it’s time for Las Vegas.- nik

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Malpractice’s Epic FAIL

September 5, 2012 Denver, Malpractice 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Malpractice’s Epic FAIL. Thrown out of backstage (2x), the pit and ultimately the venue.  Last week in Denver, Malpractice and a friend were at the Incubus/Linkin Park show in Denver.  Not sure whose greg she sucked to get them but they had all access laminates. Regardless of who gave them to her, her and her friend were tossed out of backstage during Incubus’ set not once but TWICE. She was bawling her eyes out and had to go to a horrid seat because she wasn’t allowed anywhere else. (There is video (albeit it not the best quality) of her bawling and pleading with security to let her go backstage again. She was DENIED.). She was texting someone like crazy, but no one seemed to come “rescue” her as she thinks she is entitled to be where she isn’t wanted. Between sets, she and her friend decided to use their passes to get down front into the pit. There were many unhappy concertgoers. They had been there for a few hours and weren’t about to give up their spots to whores.  She was telling people she was a “relative” of someone in Incubus and had an all access pass and could go where she wanted.  Security already had their eyes on her. She was quickly confronted and told she could not be in there. She again pulled the “I can do what I want I have a laminate  card.” Security didn’t care. She kept denying that she was thrown out of backstage. (It was pretty funny to hear her say so when I knew the truth as the person who kicked her out happens to be a friend of mine!) They already had issues with her that night and were over her “I’m better than all of you because I have this pass attitude”. She was instructed to get out of the pit.  Her friend kept telling her they needed to do what they were told before they got thrown out.  4 security guys later, some threats from individuals in the pit, she was escorted out of the pit and APPLAUSE broke out as she was walking away.  Apparently she kept up her antics and was not only booted from backstage and the pit, but was also kicked out of the venue.  Her options were:  1. Find a ride home. 2. Go to Detox.  Not sure which option she chose.  I would assume she had to call her mommy to rescue her as it was obvious that NO ONE on that tour was going to come “save the damsel in distress!”. Tiffany…you are about to be 86’d from ALL Denver venues. What will you do then? Move to yet another city? Please…do us all that favor!  PS – No matter how much DNA you swallow, you will NEVER be a family member of someone in Incubus.

I want the video.- nik

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