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Will We Hear Donald Trump’s Famous Phrase?

May 11, 2009 Hollywood, Miss Good Finger, The Dirty 43

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) – The Miss California USA controversy is playing out like one of Donald Trump’s highly rated reality shows, with viewers waiting to hear whether he’ll utter his famous phrase, “You’re fired!”

While California pageant officials appointed Carrie Prejean’s runner-up to temporarily take over her public duties, Trump, who owns the Miss Universe pageant, is set to announce Tuesday the final decision on whether Prejean will lose her crown for breaching her pageant contract.

The state organization’s officials — who appear eager to say farewell to Prejean — have sent their recommendation to Trump for his consideration, Miss California USA Co-executive Director Keith Lewis said.

With or without a beauty queen title, Prejean said Monday, the controversy “has given me such a bigger platform” to talk about her beliefs.

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Carrie, the DIRTY ARMY made you famous, you are welcome for the bigger platform even though your lawyer emailed: “My client is being gravely hurt by this grievious attack and is experiencing extreme emotional distress as a result.  I have now been asked only to communicate with Carrie’s mother about what is happening with your client’s website as she is just too upset to deal with the situation anymore.”  I hope this isn’t the same mother that molested your brother?- nik

DIRTY ARMY, should Miss California Carrie Prejean lose her crown?

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Just One Of The Many Hate E-Mails I am Getting Regarding Miss California

May 11, 2009 Miss Good Finger, Scottsdale, The Dirty 326


EMAIL: My name is Pastor ********** and I represent a Church in Waynesville, North Carolina and I felt compelled to let you know how despicable of a person you are and your attack on Miss Prejean is malicious and a bold face fabrication.  Miss Prejean has the courage to stand up for what she believes and it is her God given right to speak out against those men who lay with another man.  That sin in our church is the highest sin one can commit and if a good Christian woman cannot speak out against our most heinous of sins, than what is a good Christian to do?  I am not a regular reader of your website aptly titled THEDIRTY.COM but have taken a few hours the past few days to review the type of content you “report” on.  It is my conclusion that you are the most vile and appalling human I have ever come across and it makes perfect sense why you would support homosexuals.  Homosexuals are the only other example of how shameful and disgraceful a human being can become once the devil has overtaken your soul.  It is my hope that someday you can feel the pain and embarrassment one endures from being penetrated by another man.  I have counseled a few men who have had the unfortunate experience to have fallen victim to a homosexual attack and I believe you attitude about this subject would change drastically if it happens to you.  As I am sure you receive many emails a day both for and against your reporting I have decided to take it one step further.  A group of us from the church have decided to take every contribution this month and spend it on travel and accommodations to attend any appearance you make on the east coast and pray for you outside anyplace you go.  From Maine to Florida, if you or any of your people make an appearance you will find our group out front with signs of sympathy and disgust.  I do implore you to take proper security measure, because a few of my followers have made confidential threats about you to me saying they feel although God doesn’t support violence, that hurting you, or a homosexual or a Middle Eastern terrorist will make the world a better place and that is God’s work.  I have told them that the church cannot support such actions but I am not sure it will stop them.   I look forward to the day I meet you face to face and reach out my hand to shake yours and when you extend your hand to mine I will spit in your face, fall to my knees and pray for forgiveness forth both our actions.  You are a loathsome person, a bottom feeder, a coward and I plan to instill the fear in God in you.  AMEN

Pastor it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know you were raped in the butt as a child in bible study, probably in a confessional for kicks.  If we ever do meet… instead of shaking my hand can you touch my forehead Benny Hinn style so I can pretend to faint.  I have always wanted to do that.- nik

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Exclusive Third Image Of Miss California Carrie Prejean

May 11, 2009 Hollywood, Miss Good Finger, San Diego, The Dirty 337


Scoreboard: TheDirty.com 3  Miss California Carrie “Liar” Prejean 0

1 – Proven that you are over 18 years old in the images.

2 – Proven that there are more images than just 1 (count is now 3).

3 – Proven that you are a liar (the images were not shot for Bliss Magazine).

Good luck with that press conference today… you will need it.  Wednesday I should be dropping the hammer, does sexually explicit mean anything?- nik

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Carrie Prejean And Michael Phelps Did It

May 11, 2009 Dirty Athletes, Miss Good Finger, San Diego, SDSU, The Dirty 78


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these are photos Carrie used to have on her personal myspace from when her and Michael Phelps were dating. The whole thing was set up too. See, Carrie used to work at a modeling agency in San Diego called “JetSet Models” and she even was represented by them just because she knew people and got her foot in the door (she had to make sure they dropped her from their client list before the miss california pageant because in the rules you are not supposed to be signed to any modeling agency….another rule she also broke) Well…herself and some of the girls who also worked at the agency took a trip to vegas because they knew michael phelps was going to be there so they set it all up to try and get him to meet Carrie. Anyways, they met and stayed in vegas for a couple days together and partied and YES THEY DID HAVE SEX THERE ON THE SECOND NIGHT AFTER SHE MET HIM. After all their partying was over and they had to return to the realworld Carrie and Michael were keeping in touch through text messaging and rare phone calls. The funny thing is carrie was sure to upload pics of them together quickly and started bragging to everyone about how they were dating and changed her myspace status to in a relationship. While in the news you see all these things of michael with a new girl and kissing her and taking her home to mother. Carrie knew about the other girls but still was pretending to be his girlfriend just for the attention. I know alot about this girl. I went to highschool with her and everyone knows the REAL HER. Shes a sl*t. She has had sex with over 15 men….She brags about having sex with a black man. She has a new ”boyfriend” every week. She just loves male attention. She is a compulsive liar and everyone is convinced she is bipolar. oh… and her sister is a closet lesbian and her brother is a crazy racist skinhead. I attached a photo of her brother and carrie at the end.

I like the tattoo of a skull on her brothers neck… VERY Christian.- nik

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Follow Miss California Carrie Prejean Lies Today

May 11, 2009 Hollywood, Miss Good Finger, San Diego, The Dirty 27


TMZ.com : UPDATE 9:40 AM ET Carrie Prejean will NOT be stripped of her crown today. There’s a news conference at 2:00 PM ET by the peeps from the Miss California USA pageant, but they won’t be pulling the plug on Carrie. That’s Donald’s decision, and he’ll make it tomorrow.

TMZ.com will have a live stream of today’s news conference at 2 PM ET.

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Miss Cali going after TheDirty- Miss California Carrie Prejean — Take it Down!

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Miss California Carrie Prejean — Take it Down!

May 10, 2009 Miss Good Finger, Scottsdale, The Dirty 212


TMZ.com:  The response from thedirty.com: “Your client’s publicity rights are substantially inferior to the right of the public to consider, discuss, agree and/or disagree with Ms. Prejean’s actions and views. This is not conduct for which your client’s consent is required.” Translation — go pound sand.

Cease and Desist Letter received from Carrie Prejean’s camp:


TheDirty.com’s Response:

responce1  responce2  responce3 

(Click on images to enlarge)

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Monday Is Do Or Die For Miss California Carrie Prejean

May 10, 2009 Hollywood, Miss Good Finger, San Diego, The Dirty 131


DIRTY ARMY, should Miss California Carrie Prejean lose her crown?

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More Lies From Miss California Carrie Prejean And Her Camp

May 7, 2009 Hollywood, Miss Good Finger, San Diego, The Dirty 126


Access Hollywood: TheDirty.com, which posted the first racy photo of the beauty queen on Monday, has posted another shot of a woman posing in just her underwear covering her chest with her arm, which they claim is Prejean.

But a rep for Prejean told Access Hollywood the photo is not her. The rep acknowledged that photo shows Prejean’s head, but that “it appears to have been Photoshopped.” 

The rep went on to say that Prejean maintains that one photo was taken during that session, “as far as she can remember.” Her rep noted that the photo was taken four years ago and “her memory might be faulty.” 

Prejean’s rep also told Access the photo was taken by a friend of Prejean’s, who sent it to an agent, but that she “can’t remember his name.” The rep said they believe the agent might be responsible for releasing the photo to TheDirty.com. 

According to her rep, Prejean has contacted the Web site and asked them to stop using her photo.

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Carrie, your lips are flapping and all you keep doing is lying and making everything worse! You and your “rep”? Isn’t it stated in your agreement with the pageant that you are not allowed to even have your own PR rep.? You have not tried once to get in touch with me or anyone here at TheDirty.com. The image is NOT photoshopped and an agent did not release these images to me. As for your statement, “can’t remember his name” that is the funniest thing I have ever heard. Carrie, TheDirty Army and I will pray for you.

Exodis 20:16

Ephhesians 4:24-25

Carrie, I am sure you skipped over those passages. I decided.- nik

DIRTY ARMY, should Miss California Carrie Prejean lose her crown?

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