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Will Mr. 615 Be Successful In His Latest Business

November 6, 2012 Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 159

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Mr. 615 has been under the radar since he was DUMPED by Cassie Rourke. Chase’s daddy has ONCE AGAIN started a business for his son. Chase failed at Malibu Tan, failed as a tow truck driver, failed as a model, failed as a reality star (rubberneckers lol), failed as a drug dealer, failed as a bodybuilder…actually what hasn’t Mr 615 failed at? I guess dad would rather blow money making his son feel successful. Nik what do you think of Mr 615 as a car dealer?


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The Ultimate Smallest Greg Contest

November 4, 2011 Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 36

The Ultimate Smallest Greg Contest

The Ultimate Smallest Greg Contest

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, whats up Nik and Dirty Army, I’m sure everyone is so excited to see Mr 615 back on the site. Now its time for 1st ever Smallest Greg Contest. It was so nice of our two finalists to have stripped for us all to give the voters something to go on. Our first contestant is muscle bound angry dude and manly man Mr 615, known for his crazy outbursts and love of Nik Richie. Our second contestant is the little girly boy sissy Mark West, who looks way more like a girl than a guy with a pubic area resembling a vag and not a greg. So let the voting begin Dirty Army to determine which one of our contestants wins the honor, or should I say shame and disgrace, of being crowned the guy with the Smallest Greg.

I think its a tie.- nik

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Happy Halloween Nik, From Mr. 615 And Mrs. 615

October 31, 2011 Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 33

Happy HAlloween BIT#$ES from Mr. & Mrs. 615

THE DIRTY ARMY: What’s up Nik and all you worthless low life peasants! I am still making money, exposing fools and banging my fine a$$ MILF Cassie. I’m sure all you losers are sitting around this weekend, wondering what Mr. 615 and Mark West are doing, meanwhile we are out living life to the fullest! Dad and I recently opened a killer car lot, Ive been going to my daughters softball games, hanging with family and REAL friends (not the ones who steal pics and put me on TheDirty!) I’ve learned alot lately about who is my real tru friends and who is just a fake hater! You know who I am talking to! Also Nik, I have real love, not a marriage based on getting attention like you and your chic have! In a few years you all will be irrelevant and Ill still be winning! Im not even 30 yet!!! Check out our home made Maverick and Goose Halloween like Nik?

What’s the point of submitting this Mr. 615? Obviously you miss the attention.- nik

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Has Anyone Seen Mr. 615 In Nashville

October 15, 2011 Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 32

Has anyone seen Mr. 615???

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, for a while Mr. 615 was a very hot commodity on The Dirty but as of late I haven’t heard or seen anything about the guy. I don’t know the guy personally but there have been some great and entertaining post on him in the past. Just recently a picture surfaced on facebook of him and Nashville beauty Miss Jules Lynn. This is what she had to say in the caption under the picture “Jules Lynn hahahahaha the dbag that slit the wires to my transmission. at least I look dope as sh*t in this photo.” I feel sorry that Jules ever met this little weak man…smh.

Good to see that he is still Orange and has no sense of what a D-Bag shirt looks like.- nik

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Nik, You Can’t Expect Me To Believe Mr. 615 And Mark East Are Domesticated And Normal Now

June 1, 2011 Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 28

These Nashville posts suck anymore, What happened to our favorite dirty losers Mr 615 and Mark West?

These Nashville posts suck anymore, What happened to our favorite dirty losers Mr 615 and Mark West?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, whats been up with how lame the Nashville posts have been? There used to be a day when frequently we were amused by the pathetic antics of such local losers as 615 and Mark West? Where did they go? I also really miss hearing about the travels of Buck50 and her crew. She may be really hot but she is always good for a laugh. Reading the Facebooks of 615 and Douchebag West recently is like reading a romantic novel and its so lame considering they are as dirty as dirty gets. What happened Nik? Did 615 stop challenging you? Did Mark West stop feeding Pepsi to young girls? You cant expect me to believe they all became domesticated and normal? Whats the deal?

The deal is I saved their lives. One day the world will understand. They both woke up to the fact that they were going down dark paths of loserness and decided to change their ways.- nik

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Mr. 615 Tried Taking Credit For Shutting Down TheDirty

April 4, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, Mr. 615, Nashville, Tennessee, The Dirty 89

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my girls and I ran into Chase this weekend at Green Hill’s mall with his “gently used” girl Cassie. Cassie was in the dressing room and Chase tried to be cute and flirt with us, like he does all girls. He told us how him and Cassie were together and he bought her a new car, and how life was beautiful. Chase then laughed and told us that was finally shut down and his attorney’s had it done! I checked the site from my phone later and I must admit, I believed the site was seized by the feds, and was 50/50 on Chase having a role in it. The next morning I saw that it was an April fool’s joke lol, but it looks like the joke was on 615 and all the other dirty celebrities who took credit!

Why aren’t his legs greased?- nik

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Mr. 615 And Cassie Update ‘In Love’

March 29, 2011 Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 112

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik I have heard all over the streets that Cassie and Mr.615 are IN LOVE. He bought her love most likely. Mr.615 posted this silver car last week. Well just recently I witnessed Cassie hop out of the driver seat at Mr.615′s house. He bought her this car. She apparently stated she wanted it to be silver like her dodge charger which I have also photographed at Mr.615′s house. You can see a towing truck in the background of the first picture. Cassie can be bought I guess. These two are a match made in heaven…LOL.

Mr. 615, I understand that you demand fame and want all of Nashville to know that you are cool, but taking a picture of your house and making a self submitted post is a little over the top.- nik

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Mr. 615 Is Cheating On Cassie

March 21, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty, Vanderbilt 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, as previously reported, Mr. 615 has been dating his friend’s (who is in prison) wife, Cassie. 615 is telling Cassie that he is in love, however he is already back to his old tricks. He has been secretly slaying “Certified Sloot” Megan Ha**omb, formerly of The Dirty. 615 met Megan at the strip club she works at and has been seen in and out of her Hermitage Apartment on the regular. Chase is also back being a human pin cushion and cheating hard to try and fill out his 5’6 frame by the Summer. Nik, why does Chase always have to cheat on women, and cheat in gaining muscle? Why can’t he work hard and be faithful? Maybe it’s his parents fault?

What happened to the baby?- nik

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