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Mr. 615 And 12 Pack On NYE

January 6, 2011 Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 233

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, yo Mr. 615, his soon to be baby mama Kindly Myers, Buck 50 and “12 pack” Dave Amerman were all out doing it big at a local bar for New Years. You would think a MAN of 615′s caliber would be in Miami, New York or Vegas New Year’s. This guy continues to dig himself deeper and deeper. He pretends to everyone as if hes on to the next one but behind closed doors the little guy is hurting deep inside.There are many text messages to prove it and i think its time we shut the city down on this guy.

Is it just me or is his forehead growing?- nik

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December 28, 2010 Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 78

JUNIOR VARSITY: Nik, so earlier Hack and the our Nerd Squad let us know that most of our database was being deleted and that someone had hacked into TheDirty and therefore causing the site to shut down.  Hack just called me and told me they found out the problem stemmed from the east coast and when located it was right outside of Nashville.  Now knowing the Mr. 615 has been trying to keep you out of Nashville by threatening all the club owners but now he is going after you were it hurts.  I can only assume it was Mr. 615, who else would have that much power?

JV, Mr. 615 is not a ninja. He doesn’t even know what a mouse pad is or have any Asian friends. I doubt it was him.- nik

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Mr. 615 Is A Bigger Idiot Than I Thought

December 21, 2010 Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 270

EMAIL from Mr. 615: hahaha punk what are you going to do now? No club in Nashville will touch you because I have them all on my tip. I win b*tch. my money is stronger than yours. Everyone knows I run nash that is why i am 615. If you even try to step in my town i will will bring the dogs out roof rofoof mother f*cker. your move nicky.

Mr. 615, you have completely proved to me how much of a loser you are: A) You are paying clubs for me not to appear (which club owners are thanking me for BTW). B) I don’t pay to drink, you do (my money must be stronger if I don’t have to use it). C) How am I ever going to meet your dogs if you keep paying people to keep me out of your hood (I am not dying to come to Nashville, I am just more popular than you in that city and I have never been there. Your friends like me more.) D) I didn’t know we were playing Chess?

Mr. 615, what are you going to do when daddy cuts you off? The difference between you and me is that you spend everyday thinking about me and I honestly don’t even know you exist unless someone submits you. Chase you are nobody in my world and I am your world.- nik

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Mr. 615 Has A Little One On The Way

November 5, 2010 Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 250

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, kindly Steph Myers is 3 months preggo with Mr. 615′s baby and still thinks she sexy and needs to show her nasty big belly when she goes out to party and do pepsi. I hope the baby doesn’t get down-syndrome, this is her lesbian friend Lindsay Jones who just had a Lee. Nik, what do you think about Mr. 615 having a child with her, most people think she got knocked up on purpose for his families Money, what do you think?

I think Mr. 615 got set up in a trap… this explains why he has been so quiet all the sudden. Poor guy.- nik

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Nik, You Dodged A Bullet This Weekend

September 7, 2010 Dirty Army Strong, Mr. 615, Nashville, Tennessee, The Dirty 103

Mr. 615 brought some headbusters to Vegas looking for Nik!

Mr. 615 brought some headbusters to Vegas looking for Nik!

Mr. 615 brought some headbusters to Vegas looking for Nik!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Mr. 615 was recently in VEGAS and brought along some meat, in hopes of running into Nik Richie. “Conveniently”, 615 had a bachelor party to attend, however he was following Nik on Twitter in hopes of meeting him. He claims that “Hitting Nik would make him more famous”. 615 brought some big guys, as he knew Nik would have security! FYI Nik, you dodged a bullet!

I don’t hide. Mr. 615 and his boys live the low life. All these Nashville guys need to understand that they worship me, I don’t worship them.- nik

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Mr. 615 Does Not Mess Around

August 17, 2010 Mr. 615, Nashville, Tennessee, The Dirty 102

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I recently received a text from Chase aka BadBoy aka Mr. 615 asking me “So have you seen me on the” Considering that I haven’t talked to him in 2 years since we broke up, I found this strange. I responded by sating “No.” Chase then started texting how He is a reality star now and he has a show “Rubberneckers” and a “rival tow truck company has hired Nik to damage his name.” I find this hilarious because he has damaged his own name, being arrested so many times and being a spoiled little douche bag. Please check out the link that he sent me via text…he said his “newest episode.

I can’t believe you let that guy stick it in you.- nik

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Does Mr. 615 Have A Heart

August 6, 2010 Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, Do you think this MR. 615 guy has a heart? I personally dont think so. In the first couple pics is him and his cougar mom passing out lunches after the Nashville flood of 2010. Everybody was without power for weeks. This must have benefited him somehow. Now I know this dude isn’t doing anything unless hes getting paid for it. Then it shows him in the Nashville Christmas parade throwing out candy for all the kids. HAHA What did he get out of this? I know this guy doesn’t have a heart or care about any kids. Then there are a couple pics of the cars he towed in after the flood. I bet he charged an arm and a leg to help those people. So Nik, does MR.615 have a heart or is it all for show? What do you think?

I think he just does all this stuff to try to get laid.- nik

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615 Threat Email In My Spam

August 5, 2010 Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 335

Chase, the whole world knows where I am going to be Labor Day weekend. Bro, these emails do not scare me… you act like you are the first guy on steroids with no brain cells that wants to kick my ass. Just shut your mouth, seriously shut your mouth before I shut it up for you.

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