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What Are The Chances We Can Get Frog And Mr. 615 In The Octagon

August 4, 2010 Frog, Manchester, Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ok Mr. 615 is an absolute joke, and has kept me laughing with his emails. But running a close race is FROG aka No. 1. Since they both have a super man crush on you and are always ranting about how they want to put their hands all over you, you need to set up some kind of duel between them and the winner have some type of temporary DA immunity (not really but tell them this). Now that would be some funny sh*t to hear the excuses that they come up with of why they wont do it or are too busy. They both claim to be some f*cking tough, juice monkey muscle heads, so they need to back that sh*t up or go kick rocks. Either fight each other or get in the octagon with some dude the same size and lets all sit back and watch them get destroyed. It can be a live feed on TheDirty and Ari can negotiate with UFC some opponents. Mr. 615 and his handling of 10 pitbulls, is that dude for real, really? Just a thought, trying to always look out for the DA when I can.

Already in the works… we are trying to set up a Royal Rumble with all these idiots.  My money is on The Burrito.- nik

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You Are Not Hot, But Kinda Of Fat

August 4, 2010 Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 264

hottest bitch in tha vill

hottest bitch in tha vill

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brittni G*dwin and she thinks she is the hottest thing in Nashville and can get any guy she desires.  I had to put her on blast because someone needs to let her know she is not hot or attractive.  She loves the Pepsi and is addicted to 2 things, 1. Botox and 2. Yup you guest it, Mr. 615, he has ran through that plenty of times.

I don’t understand why Mr. 615 likes to have sex with heavy chicks? Brittni, it is ok to open your eyes… it will help you see who you are sleeping with.- nik

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Mr. 615 Likes Them Young

August 3, 2010 Dirty Predator, Mr. 615, Nashville, Tennessee, The Dirty 64

is that herpes??

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, there is a bunch of people saying that Mr. 615 is sleeping with some really young woman and in true Dirty Army ways, here is a picture of some girls he brought on his boat.  They are so young and probably have no idea Mr. 615 is going to take advantage of them.

Nope, Mr. 615 likes to hold and hug hefty Nashy’s.  This young cattle is too skinny for his taste buds.- nik

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Mr. 615 Rolls With Good Company

August 2, 2010 Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 108


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Mr.615 always rolls with good company. Just look in this picture we found right here. On the left we have Brandy, the girlfriend of a TNA Wrestling Founder Jeff Jarrett, but she is with Mr.615, then 12 pack from I love New York, I think 615 and 12 pack are probably gay anyway. Then the famous BUCK 50 Amanda Whyatt, she had an affair with Keith Urban 3 years ago and told life and style magazine all about it for 100,000 dollars…. Then in the next picture 615 is partying with Jeff Jarret in Orlando, Mr.615 takes his girl out then goes and parties with him.. and Jeff is cool with that…what a group of winners here Nik.

Mr. 615 is a p*ssy… that is all I have to say about that.- nik

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Nashville’s Dolly Parton Use To Date Mr. 615

August 2, 2010 Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 58

Nashville has the Trashiest Bartenders!!  Trashville!!

Nashville has the Trashiest Bartenders!!  Trashville!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, looks like Nashville is DA Strong! This chick’s name is Melissa, she is one of the few people that hate because of the “Nashville’s Newest Dolly Parton” post you had up. She has an addicition to her huge +2′s, this gal has had them done like 3 times bc she doesnt think they are big enough, plus she wears around 3 bras when she is working to make them look even larger. This chick’s rep downtown is horrible, she has slept with everyone in the bar scene, all the club rats like Phillip B, VIP Mike, Chase Mitchell (Mr 615), a bunch of DJ’s Incredible Hulk from 102.9 The Buzz, Shawn B from 102.5, she has been around these streets. This chick loves attention & loves taking pics of herself throwing up her gang rockstar sign & this crazy mouth thing she does is horrible, also look for her fake blue contacts she wears. This gal is in the category Kindly is, straight trash. Gotta love Trashville, come on down ya’ll & check our trashiest bartenders out!

I almost want to bet a million dollars that says Dolly Hack job has a tramp stamp.  Trash like her is why tramp stamps were invented.- nik

[IMAGE:  GoneCity]

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**Update: Get Inside Mr. 615′s World

July 28, 2010 Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 499

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, in order to understand the complete douche bagness of Mr. 615 you have to understand how he thinks and how dumb he really is.  Check out this 2 minute clip, Nik, if you ever come to Nashville don’t worry about anything, we are Dirty Army Strong and will have your back, this douchebag aint sh*t.

That show sucks Mr. 615… if you want it to work you need to add 3 black bouncers and 15 Pit bulls.  Real Talk.- nik

**Another email this morning from 61Douche:

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Mr. 615 Has A Little History With The Court System

July 28, 2010 Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so douche bag Mr. 615 is a repo man right?  Check out these court records about him driving on a suspended license Click Here and Clike Here to see court records.  He also has a DUI Click Here to see court records, and also some sort of drug possession with intent to sell Click Here to see court records.   What kinda of bullsh*t is this guy pulling?  After seeing those records you think this guy might really come after you Nik?  DA Strong!

Mr. 615, you really want to play with me and the DIRTY ARMY.  FYI, you should be driving a H3 with the type of clothes you wear.  I decided.- nik

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**Update: Nashville’s Mr. 615

How Can You Take Mr.615 Serious When He Wears Male Thongs

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How Can You Take Mr. 615 Serious When He Wears Male Thongs

July 27, 2010 Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 150

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Chase aka Mr. 615 is going nuts right now about being on and is considering taken a flight to your next party so he can really try and beat you up.  I mean look how tuff this guy is, he wears “Male Thongs” because it makes his package look bigger… lol… this guy is the biggest joke in Nashville and he deserves to be a dirty celeb with the death threat and all the pitbull fighting… I still cant stop laughing Nik, thanks for making another sh*tty day at the office be fulfilled with laughter.

Hear that Mr. 615, people are laughing at you and gay guys are rubbing it out to you.- nik

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