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July 27, 2010 Mr. 615, Nashville 1

  THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik check out Mr. 615′s videos.  I didn’t think this guy would sound as gay as he does (no straight man says wings the way he does), nor did I think he was actually that short. Seriously Nik why don’t you think this guy got a reality show, I thought his videos were pretty spectacular.

He didn’t get a show because the producers think he says the word “hopefully” too much.- nik

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**Update: Nashville’s Mr. 615

July 27, 2010 Mr. 615, Nashville, The Dirty 789

MR. 615

MR. 615

MR. 615

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, this is Chase M*tchell age 26 from Nashville, Tn a.k.a. MR. 615. If posting his repo “reality show” on facebook wasn’t bad enough (since networks turned it down), this tool signs all his posts as MR. 615 (a title he got from a hot body contest, nothing to get too excited about). MR. 615 spends his days riding around in his jacked up Hummer, modeling gay photos and posting photos of him and his 16 year old girlfriend. Obviously this D*Bag is in need of a beat down.

Talk about a winner in life… Nashville must be very proud to have a Douche Bag that they can call their own.- nik

**Check out the email this loser sent me:

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