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Nick Malibu Is Done With

March 7, 2011 Chicago, Nick Malibu, The Dirty 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ATTENTION NICK MALIBU FANS:  In this new video posted by the one and only youtuber, wannabe famous, gay Nick Malibu, he explains why he is so done and over “” making fun of him and he tells us that his name is not really Nick Malibu… He is going to make his real identity known to the public and will not be some fake gay anymore. These are not his actual words but definitely what he means! So watch the video here.

**Can you believe we posted Nick Malibu for the first time over a year ago, and he still has not changed the battery for the fire alarm.- JV

This is a VERY sad video. It hurts my heart. Nick Malibu was part of our everyday lives, we invited him into our homes and offices. We cried with him, we laughed with him and more importantly we loved him. You will be missed Nick Mopoitroplois and as a parting gift I will send you a battery for your fire alarm. I hope you find peace my friend.- nik

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Nick Malibu A Party Boy

February 2, 2011 Chicago, Dirty Army Strong, Nick Malibu, The Dirty 52

Nick Malibu a Party Boy ?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok, Nik what up so I seen your dirty Celeb Nick Malibu clubing alot with all his friends I never went up to him but I can say he knows how to party whats up with him is he pulling a britney spears going clubing soon he will be doing line’s of pepsi and entering rehab well we will have to see what the Future hold’s for NM so what do you think NIK?

Why do all these pictures look like family photos.- nik

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Gone Overboard

January 19, 2011 Chicago, Nick Malibu, The Dirty 19

woMAN gone overboard

woMAN gone overboard

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, no one likes him! He’s always crying out for some attention because even his friends get sick of him. He only has 2 friends who he considers his true friends and even they get sick of him and call him a gay and sh*t. The truth hurts doesn’t it! First he claims he’s straight and then the next he claims he’s gay. MAKE UP YOUR MIND B*TCH! He has sex with Ken where he use to work until Ken decided to fire his ass. Nik, who is this jabroni?

That is the one and only Nick Malibu. He was famous for a second.- nik

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Wise Words Of Wisdom From NM

December 29, 2010 Chicago, Nick Malibu 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik I’m subscribed to Nick Malibu’s youtube channel and here is his newest video. I can’t help but agree with the guy on this one.  I think he made up his story but das good.  Also you don’t need condoms cause you don’t have sex not cause you’re not a sexual person.  Also, wtf is his talking about menipause for…

I can’t hear him… the volume sucks.- nik

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Nick Malibu Got His Heart Broken

June 28, 2010 Chicago, Nick Malibu, The Dirty 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, havent heard from your boy Nick Malibu since he got his ass kicked by a guy Pucker had web cam sex with.  Looks like some girl might have broke his heart because Nick Malibu sounds more and more like your super agent Ari Golden.  And Nik can you believe his smoke detector is still broken?  WTF fix that Nick Malibu.

Never fix the smoke detector NM, it is your signature celebrity “it factor” that sets you apart from your competition.  It reminds me of the huge mole above Cindy Crawford’s lip.- nik

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Pucker Puts Out A Hit On Nick Malibu

June 15, 2010 Chicago, Las Vegas, Nick Malibu, Pucker, The Dirty 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so yesterday Nick Malibu was assaulted on the mean streets of Chicago, and right away he jumped on twitter and said Pucker had put a hit out on him.  Now to the average person that seems like a made up story, but right away Pucker had contacted her lawyer and wrote on twitter that she could not be held responsible and there is no way she would get in trouble.  Let me tell you why this story is true, Pucker does web cam porn for a living, what kind of people watch web cam porn the kind that have never got laid, are perverted, sick and f*cked up in the head and they are all stalkers because soon as they find one web cam girl they think they web cam girl loves them because she does things for them for money.  How hard would it be for Pucker to tell some weirdo in Chicago she loves him and needs him to do her a favor and beat some kid up in Chicago for a ten minute free webcast or something like that.  Nik what you think? is this true?

I think Nick Malibu tried to cut in line at White Castle and people in Chicago don’t stand for that kind of Diva attitude so he got jumped for his little hamburgers.- nik

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Dirty Celeb War On Twitter

June 9, 2010 Chicago, Las Vegas, Nick Malibu, Pucker, The Dirty 15

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, as a true Dirty Army Soldier I follow all TheDirty celebs on twitter and not sure if you caught the twitter war between Pucker and Nick Malibu last night but some sh*t went down.  I think Pucker is mad at Nick Malibu about him banging some chick that is a mutual friend of theirs, but im confused because I thought Nick Malibu was a Gay.  Personally I think Pucker is jealous of Nick Malibu because he might have a small part in Transformers 3 which is great for Nick Malibu the kid is trying to make it in life, not like Pucker who is all about attention and making porn.  Nik do you know why this twitter war occurred.

I don’t care how it occurred… I was watching TV when it happened, but I am #TeamMalibu till I die!- nik

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Nick Malibu And Pucker’s Forgy Friend

May 13, 2010 Chicago, Las Vegas, Nick Malibu, Pucker, The Dirty 19

Nick Malibu is a Queer and Marvoules knows it

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! So are little or should I say BIG dirty celeb Nick Malibu is FORGY. He tried to get close to the unknown Pucker just so he could get closer her friend Marvin. He found Marvin on facebook and confessed his love to him and how he wanted to move to Seattle to be with him. Marvin took his phone sex virginity!  So Nick Malibu can you expain this one in your next vid?

I hope this isn’t true because I was pretty sure Nick Malibu was for the Straights.- nik

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