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Nick Malibu Calls Out Dirty Scooby

February 21, 2010 Atlanta, Chicago, Nick Malibu, The Dirty 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am not sure if you know, but your boy Scooby is at war with Nick Malibu on twitter.  I think Nick Malibu is winning.  He made this twitvid and I think it needs you attention because ATL wants you to come back soon.  Do another Primal event please and bring Malibu!!!

HOLLA!  I am starting to get concerned for Nick Malibu’s safety.  I have never developed a celebrity this fast and I am worried he might not be able to take the pressure from fans and media.  NM, your are next level, but don’t burn yourself out… stay blue!- nik

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Nick Malibu Has A DreamKiller

February 20, 2010 Chicago, Nick Malibu, The Dirty 44

Nick Malibu's ex girlfriend

Nick Malibu's ex girlfriend

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so your new star Nick Malibu is a complete heart throb!! I am a girl and I can not believe he won’t talk to me, he has such luscious lips and golden hair, I swear its love. I think I figured out the reason why he is being so stuck up, I follow him on twitter and I read a post of him distraught over a girl, ” why don’t you ever talk to me anymore ” SO I stalked her, I had to prove she was gorgeous, and she was. Nick is as straight as any metro sexual male who loves Britney Spears, but he was in love with the girl in these photos too.

Nick you need to forget about this DreamKiller… her nose make no sense for your celebrity lifestyle.  Pretty soon you will be pulling more ass than a toilet seat.  Cut this one loose Malibu.- nik

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I Caught Nick Malibu Out And About

February 16, 2010 Chicago, Hollywood, Nick Malibu, The Dirty 24

caught Nick Malibu Out & about

caught Nick Malibu Out & about

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I seen your super Star Nick Malibu at the mall I thought I would get a picture of him but he did not want any pictures hes real nice i felt like TMZ lol!

Slowly, but surely Nick Malibu’s whole life is about to be exposed.  It sucks to be a celebrity, now we know Nick Malibu actually lives in Chicago and not LA.- nik

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Happy Birthday Nik!

February 13, 2010 Hollywood, Nick Malibu, The Dirty 38

Have a Malibuishious day!  My staff needs to relax on Nick Malibu… he got his degrees when he was 5.  Sorry Scooby but he is next level.

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Pimpin Ain’t Easy For Nick Malibu

February 11, 2010 Hollywood, Nick Malibu, The Dirty 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, maybe you’re right about Nick Malibu walking into the club and getting all the chicks. Maybe he’s not for the gays.  And even if he is, he’s still pulling in alot of chicks. P.I.M.P. He even reeled in a purple crayon chick. I wish I was a famous gay guy so I could have girl fans all over me.  Nick Malibu is so on top of his game that Nik Richie didn’t even need to give him a Dirty Celeb Name, ONLY PERSON IN DIRTY HISTORY TO ACCOMPLISH THAT.  GANGSTA!

Just want to inform everyone not to fear the forehead spider sides because Nick Malibu’s single drops summer 2011 and I believe he will be the Britney Spears of this new decade hands down.- nik

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