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Oh Nickel…

November 10, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, Las Vegas, Nickel, The Dirty 16

Oh Nickel...

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ugh, Nickel just uploaded this pic. Someone’s feeling attention deprived! Sheesh! Those poor ol’ things look like they could succumb to gangrene at anytime! There is no way blood can circulate through those puppies while they’re sausaged in that contraption. Btw I’ve seen her multiple times in person. Those things are real. Really saggy. Oh, and she wears wigs now because the years of bleaching her hair, and then dying it an awful shade of brown/black, and then doing the whole thing over again has left her with some seriously fried, very short hair. Like Gollum type sh*t.

Nickel, its time for a chin implant and +2′s. Age is not your friend.- nik

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Nickel Gets Robbed By Her Meth’d Out Escort Roommate Sarah Scheller

October 17, 2011 Las Vegas, Nickel, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so looks like Nickel was roommates with Sarah Scheller who is part of Scooby Snack’s crew and check out what meth’d out Sarah did.  She straight up robbed Nickel, lol can’t really say I was surprised… NICKEL you moved in with an escort who loves drugs, what the F*CK did you expect?  Nik, you better watch your wallet next time you party with them in Vegas or you could be the next victim… and Nik, please explain why Nickel only wears wigs now?

Yeah, I don’t get the wig thing? My only guess is Cancer.- nik

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Surprised She Has Missed Your Radar

July 18, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, Las Vegas, Nickel, Seattle, The Dirty 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Nikki! She is by far the most eccentric girl your going to find on here, minus the +2′s. She has so far surrounded herself with so much dirty potential I am shocked she hasn’t been offered a dirty celeb name yet. She is from a smaller town in Seattle area but just recently moved to Las Vegas with one of your other dirty celebs. She is so naturally pretty that I wouldn’t mind seeing her in the seattle/vegas section, and I know there is so much dirt on this girl. For starters, who dates Corey Couture and leaves the photos as proof up? Please Nik give this girl a name in the world!

What the hell happened to Nickel?? She looks terrible… the brown hair makes her look like a troll.- nik

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Dirty Celeb March Madness Round Of 32

March 24, 2011 AR Mystery, Burnt Bacon, Elvira, March Madness 2011, Nickel, Rackstar, Scooby Snack, Silver Dollar, Tang, The Dirty 19

*****Voting Ends Tomorrow at 5PM (PST)******

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Dirty Celeb March Madness- Round 1

March 19, 2011 AR Mystery, Bronzilla, Loptimus Prime, March Madness 2011, Nickel, Pucker, Rackstar, Silver Dollar, Spartica, The Dirty 11

Round 1 Winner: AR Mystery

Round 1 Winner: RackStar

Round 1 Winner: Nickel

Round 1 Winner: Silver Dollar

March Madness starts back up Monday. My legal team ROCKS!!

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Nickel Is Best Dirty Celeb Ever

December 7, 2010 Dirty Army Strong, Nickel, Seattle, The Dirty 29

Nickel the best dirty celeb ever

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I want to say that out of the last month seeing all of these girls trying to be Dirty Celebs like Shimderella I am going to always be team Nickel.  She is by far the prettiest girl you have ever chosen and has the best personality. I know if she checked this site if she had enough time she wouldn’t even care her best friend was a dirty celeb. She is so wacky and fun to read about I always wonder what she will do next she keeps me waiting and I can’t help but wonder when we will see new photos of her living the best life out of everyone. I found this photo of her with out any make up and it proves how pretty she is regardless of being fake like all of the other girls. Not to mention she isn’t even photo shopped she is such a doll.

Nickel, if you are going to submit yourself at least pretend you graduated from junior high or provide a better picture to distract us from the run on sentences (and I thought my grammar sucked).- nik

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Dirty Celeb Of The Day

November 26, 2010 Nickel, The Dirty 15

Click on the picture to see Nickel progress through the years, and watch her become better looking with time.

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Nickel Lost All Her Friends Because Of Shimderella

November 24, 2010 Nickel, Shimderella, The Dirty 7

Told you so

Told you so

Told you so

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I told Nickel over a year ago that this fake ugly butterface was just using her to get on and oh look what happened she’s now becoming a dirty celeb. All I have to say is Nickel you should of listened to your real friends and not this fake photoshopped butterface!

Nickel has no friends, just clients.- nik

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