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Scooby Snack And Nickel Are Becoming Very Close “Friends”

July 26, 2010 Las Vegas, Nickel, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 43

Scooby Snack and Nickel

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, for anyone that knows Nickel also knows that her life is heading down hill ever since she tried to be like Pucker and decided to move to Las Vegas.  Some have even said she is actually being a legit escort and doing lots of pepsi.  She has been making out with Scooby Snack all the time lately and I have to ask Nik, are freddy fags, Scooby Snack and Nickel all hooking up at the same time.

What is that weird rash on Scooby Snack’s body?- nik

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Retire Nickel Please

July 13, 2010 Las Vegas, Nickel, Seattle, The Dirty 27

Retire Nickel

Retire Nickel

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I don’t even know why I’m sending this in other than this site is so dumb is there any truth to anything you guys say? I don’t understand why Kalli is even a dirty celebrity there is absolutely no dirt on her other then things you make up. All you people seem to do is talk about the way she looks, NOBODY CARES! Leave my friend alone and move on. She is not fat, She is not a prositute, and she is not dating her uncle!

You are right… she is a perfect little Angel.- nik

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Nickel Is Getting Fat

July 9, 2010 Dirty Army Strong, Las Vegas, Nickel, The Dirty 53

Nickel is really just fat

Nickel is really just fat

Nickel is really just fat

THE DIRTY ARMY: I saw Nickel had submitted herself saying her boobs looked big and I wanted to submit why they look bigger, because she has put on a good twenty five pounds and like all woman it goes to your breasts as well. By the way, why is she with two men while she has a boyfriend and they are touching her hiney?

Wow, she did blow up.  I see Green Bay on the side of her ass and her calves has disappeared like Criss Angel.- nik

**FYI- those aren’t her friends if you know what I mean.

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Did Nickel Get A Boyfriend

July 7, 2010 Las Vegas, Nickel, The Dirty 48

Did Nickel get a boyfriend

Did Nickel get a boyfriend

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I finally got to meet Nickel out here in Las Vegas, I got her number and we were suppose to go out and all the sudden she starts posting pictures of this dude, is this for real or a publicity stunt? I didn’t know Nickel was dating her uncle.  Nik, what’s the story here?

According to one of my high roller buddies she has an open relationship with this dude because if you give her $2k in casino chips she is yours for the night.- nik


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Did Nickel Get A Boob Job

July 5, 2010 Las Vegas, Nickel, Seattle, The Dirty 20

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, since you are the expert, did dirty celeb Nickel get a boob job?  Also, she is looking so hot these days.  I am obsessed.

No, those are real.  Nickel is an expert on taking pictures from certain angles to look hotter and she has a push-up bra on obviously.  Nickel, man-up like your ugly friends and get +2′s.

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What Has Nickel Been Up To Since She Moved To Vegas

May 12, 2010 Las Vegas, Nickel, Seattle, The Dirty 37

Orange Marshmallow Midget Nickel

Orange Marshmallow Midget Nickel

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, chubby midget Nickel is getting trashed everyday now that she moved to Vegas. What does she do all day besides gamble and drink? Its doing no good for her. Her skin is horrible! Well I guess she noticed this pudgeyness herself and decided to do something about it.. Nickel, making yourself throw up is not healthy. Try pepsi, its better for you.

She is miserable… the Vegas lifestyle has consumed her.  She just lurks from casino to casino sitting next to old dudes at the tables begging for money like a seagull begs for alka-seltzer crackers.- nik

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Nickel Is Like A Fine Wine

April 6, 2010 Las Vegas, Nickel, Seattle, The Dirty 30

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, out of all your dirty celebrities I am going to have to say Nickel is by far the hottest.  She is growing up to be smoking.  I know your employee Merlin gave her a run and she played with his emotions, but I think you should give her a shot.  She was all over you when you were in hosting in Seattle right in front of Merlin.  I think it is time nik.

Sorry, but I don’t think she is dime material yet.  She is getting better with age though.- nik

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Happy Birthday Nickel

March 31, 2010 Nickel, Seattle, The Dirty 28

Happy Happy Birthday Nickel!

THE DIRTY ARMY: It’s Nickel’s 22nd birthday! Happy Birthday Darling! Your amazing!

What is amazing about her?- nik

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