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Dirty Celeb March Madness Round Of 32

March 25, 2011 Brock's Chick, Chesticles, Houston Rockets, March Madness 2011, Night Rider, Nik's Chick, Osama Chin Laden, Prodigy, Star F*cker, The Dirty 34

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Night Rider Update

December 10, 2010 Night Rider, Richmond, The Dirty 6

night rider update

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Night Rider has been laying low enjoying the life she is living with her boyfriend.  They are deeply in love but a close friend of hers believes that Night Rider is going to play heart breaker and dump her bf because she doesnt think he has much of a future.  She is making a hard core run at modeling and I think she has the potential no doubt.

Night Rider sometimes it is ok to be a DreamKiller. Be selfish and pursue your dream… don’t let India hold you back.- nik

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Please Tell Me You Know Who This Girl Is

December 9, 2010 Night Rider, Richmond, The Dirty 26

Who is this girl?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please tell me what you think about this girl. Please tell me who she is!? I’m aware her +2s are lacking but I would say solid 9 even without +2s.

**I’m pretty sure that is Night Rider, can you ask DA to get some info on her and see what the hell she and that Cougar on her shirt have been up to?- JV

I think Night Rider is still dating that Slumdog dude. What is the word Richmond?- nik

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Dirty Celeb Of The Day

December 1, 2010 Night Rider, The Dirty 1

Click on the picture to see Dirty Celeb Night Rider, definitely the most famous Dirty Celeb from Richmond.

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What Has Night Rider Been Up To

March 23, 2010 Night Rider, Richmond, The Dirty 17

Night Rider

Night Rider

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, wanted to let the DA know what Night Rider has been up too.  She is basically over the fame her in Richmond she has a boyfriend now and they are madly deeply in love.  For what reasons I have no idea to be honest.  Maybe you were wrong about her, she liked the attention for a bit but then realized thats not who she is.  If you know her and you ask her why she doesnt like being on the dirty, her reply 9 out of 10 times is she doesnt want to end up like Leper.  LOL

Night Rider, come to ShadowRoom in DC April 23rd… I am hosting and visiting the White House.  I want to meet you and your Indian boyfriend.- nik

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Nik I Have An Important Question

March 11, 2010 Night Rider, Richmond, The Dirty 2

Dirty Celeb Night Rider?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where is the dirty celeb I made famous?

She is hiding in Richmond Virginia somewhere!!  DIRTY ARMY, we need more intel on Night Rider.- nik

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Night Rider The Rockstar

January 18, 2010 Night Rider, Richmond, The Dirty 18

Night Rider is nutty

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so i heard that Night Rider is going to use her dirty celeb power to become a rockstar and get her music out to the public… do you think she can make it?

Smart move on her part, but she is from Richmond.  Nobody makes it from there… they leave, but always end up going back to that sh*thole of a city.- nik

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Night Rider

January 4, 2010 Night Rider, Richmond, The Dirty 15


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so Kara doesn’t seem to like her Dirty Celeb name for some reason.  Personally I think it fits her well, some people just have a harder time than other accepting the celeb status.  I give her till june or july until she becomes a star like Leper.

If Night Rider can lose about 4 pounds in the face she could be a star.- nik

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