Night Rider

January 4, 2010 Night Rider, Richmond, The Dirty 15


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so Kara doesn’t seem to like her Dirty Celeb name for some reason.  Personally I think it fits her well, some people just have a harder time than other accepting the celeb status.  I give her till june or july until she becomes a star like Leper.

If Night Rider can lose about 4 pounds in the face she could be a star.- nik

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Kara aka Night Rider’s New Boyfriend

December 28, 2009 Night Rider, Richmond, The Dirty 45

Kara's New Boyfriend

Kara's New Boyfriend

Kara's New Boyfriend

THE DIRTY ARMY: who: Kara aka Night Rider, the Richmond almost dirty celeb.  what: New Boyfriend? They call him “Farhan.” seriously?

What is she doing?  She is a Dirty Celeb now… don’t humiliate the DIRTY ARMY.  Stay true to your name and date a professional athlete of the Purple Crayon variety.  You should be able to name drop yourself in Richmond now.  Ditch the slumdog.- nik

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