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Halloween Recap: Would You With The Girl She Has Become

November 1, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, Picasso, The Dirty, Winnipeg, Would You? 58

picasso......Would you now nik?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Picasso has come along way, from her days as a guy bucket to the somewhat attractive babe she has become now. I would. She’s well maintained and has been with the same guy for like more than six months, so that means she’s clean. So….Would you? She is you’re creation after all.

Answer: No, she is not where I want her to be yet. Picasso still needs to lose about 10 pounds.

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Move Over Picasso

October 30, 2011 Picasso, The Dirty, Winnipeg 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, do you honestly think Picasso is better looking, this is Winnipegs Finest Tannis Miller, If anything she deserves to be in Canadian Maxim before that girl Picasso.

This chick still needs to lose the baby weight.- nik

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Picasso Is In Maxim

October 26, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, Picasso, The Dirty, Winnipeg 57

Picasso is in Maxim!

Picasso is in Maxim!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Esjays aka Picasso is apparently going to be in Maxim, according to her facebook update. Nik do you think she deserves this? Is she really hot enough for it? AND do YOU take credit for bringing her upto the standard shes gotten too?? What do you think of the Blonde Esjay?

Without me she is nothing.- nik

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Your Thoughts About This Winnipeg Drama Involving Picasso

October 20, 2011 Picasso, The Dirty, Winnipeg 59

dirty drama...

dirty drama...

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik!, first off just wanna say your the best! Canada loves you… I’ve come across the Miss Manitoba post few weeks back, and there was a convo sparked about Esjay being hotter than Miss Crystal manitoba. Now it has turned into a big thing on how people are saying Esjay is hotter than Crystal. Crystal seems to be bothered by this as her fb status’ change every other day about how she hates “fake ppl” assuming shes pointing to Esjay.. I simply dont know what anyone sees in either of these girls. Ones a dirty used up condom, the other has f*cked every black Football player in the CFL. so who would take the win Nik? Id love for you to post this, as a lot of us would love to hear what you say, also I’m sure they would like to put in their 2 cents.

This makes me proud to be an American. Obviously Picasso is the hotter one (by default because she is famous).- nik

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It’s Game Time For Picasso

October 19, 2011 Calgary, Edmonton, Fairborn, Halifax, Kelowna, Langley, Picasso, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg 15

You can thank me later Picasso!- nik

If you want to lose weight the lazy way like me or turn into a hot chick= CLICK HERE

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Picasso Is Coming Home For Halloween

October 19, 2011 Picasso, Winnipeg 55

Esjay is back in the dirty peg!

Esjay is back in the dirty peg!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, yup the queen of Winnipeg herself is back in DirtyPeg for Halloween.  She posted this on FB “I need a WHITE corset, that does not show the side of hips! before halloween!!! anyone know where to get one in Winnipeg? (I’m coming home for that wknd)–esjay! xo” .  Hopping for the dirty army to get some greasy pictures of this rat on halloween dont disappoint!!

Where is she coming home from? I thought she was fulltime DirtyPeg.- nik

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If You Had To Choose

October 18, 2011 Picasso, Temecula, The Dirty, Winnipeg 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know your opinion on nose jobs and +2′s, but there is an incredibly huge margin for error in major cosmetic surgeries. We’ve all seen the terrible jobs surgeons are capable of.  My point is, would you rather have a girl with a decent & natural nose or rack, or a botched job that f*cked up her body & now she is stuck with it? You push these surgeries so much on this website, I am just curious in your opinion on the risks & phenomena of surgery. Thanks.

Always get a Nose Job before +2′s. Final answer! Guys get boners with +2′s, but unfortunately we have to look at your face 85% of the time pre-intercourse.- nik

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Picasso Is Not That Bad After All

September 9, 2011 Picasso, The Dirty, Winnipeg 66

Guess she's not to bad, eh nik??

Guess she's not to bad, eh nik??

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think Picasso looks a lot better, and she seemed cool.  Guess we should give her a break.  And for some reason I’m finding myself more attracted to her than ever.

**Can we please bring her to Vegas once she is 21.- JV

JV stop creeping on her… she is not that hot.- nik

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