Pucker | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Dirty Celeb Chaser

September 23, 2009 Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, Pucker, The Dirty 100



THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, as you can see he got me where I needed to be by my facial expression the second photo he is clearly watching my step as to when I am easiest to catch, no pun intended It looks like I killed a cheetah and put it on.  You guys stole my lover though. gur.

Pucker thank you for sharing your male conquest.  It doesn’t surprise me that HB Predator railed you out… he is known for his sexual prowess in Orange County.- nik

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Save Pucker

September 23, 2009 Pucker, Seattle 18

Save Pucker

Save Pucker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, do you ever feel guilty for the way Pucker’s life turned out? She is so all over the world, up and down. One second she is acting the role of a little girl in Florida saying she has cleaned up (living with an old guy), but doesn’t mention her little girl role is also her making little girl porn. Then she fly’s and you see her sh*t faced in a bar on her myspace somewhere with a blurred out logo. Now according to twitter she is in Seattle for how ever long saying she is beyond depressed. Her first porn offer was off of your website, where do you think she would be right now if it weren’t for that? I feel kind of bad for her, she is only twenty and seems like she has no purpose other than drinking or drugs or money.

I honestly think she is crazy.  No hope because she needs constant attention.- nik

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Pucker Is An Illegal Club Rat

September 22, 2009 Pucker, San Diego, The Dirty 70

Pucker is an illegal Club Rat

Pucker is an illegal Club Rat

THE DIRTY ARMY: So I saw you were blowing up San Diego today on your posts which made me think of Puckers new fug pics she has on her Myspace. She had the clubs name blurred out on her Myspace but it was pretty easy to to tell what the letters were, I took a screen shot of it off of the actual Web page. The better question is, do you think Pucker is trying to find you Nik?

That is kind of stalkerish of her following me from city to city.  What club is this?  I can’t tell by the Prince logo…  Good to know they serve to tore up minors.- nik

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Pucker Has A Strong Scent

September 21, 2009 Miami, Pucker, Seattle, The Dirty 22

Pucker has a strong scent

Pucker has a strong scent

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I always thought Pucker was white, I still do, but I think she has a scent she sprayed on herself. After being annoyed from all of her rants on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter about being in Seattle I thought I would share the only friends she has here come in a small white box that are easily boiled and eaten. Weird though, she fits right in took me too long to find her.

I still can’t see her… where is she?  This must be some hotel room they store the kids in before they sell them.- nik

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Pucker Made Me Puke

September 9, 2009 Miami, Pucker, Seattle, The Dirty 169

Pucker made me Puke

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I found this picture of “Pucker” advertised on a porn site along with her flashing cameras and humping palm trees. I was in the middle of jerking off finding something to finish too, I couldn’t release after seeing this. This ruined my whole day.

I can’t believe anyone would subject themselves to something like this… look at the guy laying down underneath her for close ups.  SO GROSS!  besides the fact she looks fat as hell in this picture.- nik

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Pucker/Pam Back Off

August 14, 2009 Pucker, Seattle 53

Pucker/pam back the fuck off

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so ive never done this but im just warning this pam b*tch to back the f*ck up. if you send my boyfriend another god damn picture im f*cking your life up. get over it you c*m bag, your face is busted your p*ssy is saggy and your t*tsless, your useless. dont call, text or contact him ever again. dirty b*tch you have herpes. fyi.

Why do I have a feeling pam sent this in, just so I would post her.- nik

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Time To Fire Pucker

August 11, 2009 Miami, Pucker, Scissor Gang Mafia, Seattle, The Dirty 93


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, looks like Seattle’s D list Celeb moved some where in Miami after seeing her twitter for the past three weeks saying she was there for the weekend, now its her home. Nik you are going to need to fire her now plain and simple. I found these on her myspace, is she even old enough to drink? Could that guy shove the camera up her b*tt any further? P.S. Check out the old guy he looks so happy- also, well she can join the dirty army, she is reppin the SGM.

She is done… anyone can take the easy way out.  Pucker, you need to find a rich trout and live the life.  Trust me there are a ton of ugly ones in Miami that would love to take care of a 4.7667289.- nik

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Dirty Celeb Pucker Sounds Off On Tony Turbo

August 4, 2009 Hollywood, Los Angeles, Pucker, Seattle, The Dirty 115


EMAIL From Pucker: Nik, you should try to find court papers on tony – he used to webcam with me yeah gross, anyways his penis is small for the record. He went to court in the middle of April 09 this year for something related to battery on a person. Should put some more peices to the puzzle together, seems like a f*ck up. The whole time his friends hated me he would call or text me asking me to get on cam and if I didn’t he would tell me he was going to ruin me and said he was glad I was hit by the DJ. Also said if I didnt come over when I did my porn thing he would never be my friend and kept calling me screaming, hes kind of rude. Oh well, some people are born f*cked.

What a creeper… so he was cheating on his chick too?  What a shocker!  My former assistant Jaden Solo told me he would try to get her to send naked pictures of herself all the time.- nik

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