RichieRexic | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

RichieRexic Speaks

May 31, 2009 RichieRexic, St. Louis, The Dirty 315


THE DIRTY ARMY: You are SO f*cking annoying I can not even tolerate. Look fatty, you have 2 choices from the advice I’m giving you. Either A) Follow by example and take your middle finger (as such pictured) and put it down your throat – because your chunky thighs are out of control – or B) F*ck off. Toodles!! ***** RR & Nickel *****

PS – You are not the hottest dirty celeb. You are not the hottest anything. My f*cking middle finger is hotter than you.

I am guessing she is talking about Pucker from Seattle?- nik

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RichieRexic is Green With Envy

May 28, 2009 RichieRexic, St. Louis, The Dirty 782


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I heard you’re coming out for MLB all star weekend. Is there any chance that you and “Jesus” RichieRexic can form a truce? I’m sick of hearing her bash your girl Sarah constantly, it’s getting so old. Everyone in STL can’t handle it anymore. You better hire a few bodyguards for Niks Chick, cause I think RR is plotting her demise as we speak.

I can’t wait to get back to St. Louis… they have cool cell phones there.  I have no roast-beef with RR anymore, I am over it.- nik

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RichieRexic Not Invited to Vegas?

May 19, 2009 RichieRexic, St. Louis, The Dirty 1805


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik… I’m pretty good friends with RichieRexic (Please don’t reveal my identity!) and she will NOT stop talking about how you didn’t invite her to Vegas for Memorial Day, and that she is clearly the most popular dirty celeb. I personally think she’s just a little too pale to be out in the sun all weekend anyway.  Why did she not get the invite?!

She is not hot enough… you need to be greater than a Nickel on a ten point scale to get the invite.- nik

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RR Is A Real Racist

May 15, 2009 RichieRexic, St. Louis, The Dirty 1212

RR is a Real Racist

RR is a Real Racist

THE DIRTY ARMY: After reading Tristan’s Dads thread I really am convinced RR is racist. Talking about making a modern unionized slavery to employ black people?? Really?? I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she’s somehow related to Hitler too.

She actually is… she is a descendant of the Nazi’s.  No joke.- nik

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Spurs Fan And RichieRexic Have Weird Chemistry

May 7, 2009 RichieRexic, San Antonio, St. Louis, The Dirty 419


Email From Spurs Fan: Hey Hollywood, 

I thought I would show you and the dirty army (should rename it Peace Corp) what I meant when I referred to Richie Rexic as a Two-Face with the shades and some make-up. Party Boy, perhaps you can let Santa know what to give all the vile ladies for Christmas when you finally go back to the North Pole and do something constructive for society again. Anyway, I know Two-Face and the Flunky Bunch are feeling cocky after I got clowned, so I’ll let her and the other losers keep their “glory” going (it won’t be long lived, I still have some other pics).- SPURS FAN

I can’t tell if RichieRexic is taking a picture of her back or her front?  Either way who wears sunglasses in sex texts?- nik

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Fake Amanda Roadmen Stalking RR Now

May 2, 2009 AR Mystery, Hollywood, New England, RichieRexic, St. Louis, The Dirty 569

Fake Amanda Roadmen Stalking RR now

THE DIRTY ARMY: FROM RICHIEREXIC: “Amanda Roadmen” can you please stop filling up my myspace inbox with messages of how real you are and how hot you are! I DONT CARE! And stop using your other fake myspace accounts to message me after I block you! You are a nutcase! And you are probably the reason I have a facebook account in Wales! Yes, we know Arielle R. is the real girl (yes, R stands for REAL) so do you mind shuting the F up already!!!

P.S. Heres a pic of me you probably dont have yet that you can add to my fake facebook account. Thankss!! Toodles!! — RR.

And that is why RR is the “MySpace Queen”… I knew she would solve the crime.  Even though I am still a believer.  Amanda Roadmen is signed to Epic Records and is the heiress to the Fairmont Hotels.- nik

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This Has Gotten Ridiculous!

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RichieRexic Member Of The X-Men

May 1, 2009 RichieRexic, St. Louis, The Dirty 10

RichieiRexic member of the X-men

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a scene from the new Wolverine movie, is RichieRexic the mutant Emma Frost?

No, but she is a mutant.- nik

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Leper Vs. RR

April 30, 2009 Dallas, Leper, RichieRexic, St. Louis, The Dirty 341


Leper calls out RichieRexic on her 2-faceness…

You have to check out the comments… WAR is eminent!

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