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BubblePopQueen Next RR

April 29, 2009 Marquette, RichieRexic 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the sl*t BubblePopQueen Again. Don’t you think she is starting to look like RR? She is probally headed down the same road. Get kocked up, have a bastard kid, and get f’ed up on aderal and c*ke and live for the dirty.

I think they are secretly making an RR Army underground, next time the site goes down it’s thier fault.- nik

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RR+A2 On Their Plane

April 25, 2009 Alien 2, RichieRexic, St. Louis, The Dirty 578

RR+A2 > P

THE DIRTY ARMY: What up with the zebra trend? Alien 2′s zebra shirt and zebra purse beat pucker’s one&only zebra bra.

Serious question- the plane is going down and you have to mile high one of these dudes to survive… I know I would just go down LaBamba style, but what would you do?- nik

**Happy Birthday to Merlin

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Pucker’s Operation Destroy RR

April 21, 2009 Pucker, RichieRexic, Seattle, St. Louis, The Dirty 441

Pucker Operation Destroy RR

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Richie Rexic,

Can you please just shut the F up? I am honestly so bored with these posts, if you have something rude to say, can it be true and or interesting? Flying on an airplane to kick my ass? Really? You can self post comments as much as you want, its a cute thing you have taken into your hourly/daily routine. All of your fans are your split personalities and its boring, can you let the dirty have actual comments not you thinking of new funny names to post under.

And as for you, I would destroy you. Come near me, if I am so violent towards myself, can you imagine the sh*t I would do to an actual person? Your little blog entries of me are a joke, they don’t even exist. But If I was crazy, you would be the first person I would take care of. I heard plane tickets are cheap, Think I will buy one and not pose in front of props and fly and deal with you myself. B*tch I don’t play.

Team Pucker – I decided.

RR you just got rocked!- nik

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Pucker: RR’s On Her Way

April 20, 2009 RichieRexic, St. Louis, The Dirty 552

Pucker: RR's on her way

Pucker: RR's on her way

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Pucker, heard RR’s on her way to Seattle right now to “have a face to face with you” …. please make sure to get this on video. Thanks & bye.

I went on radio this weekend in Seattle and all they wanted to talk about was this DIRTY CELEB war.  Money always wins… my advice Pucker, steal her cell phone and her powers will be useless.- nik

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Message From RR to Pucker

April 15, 2009 Pucker, RichieRexic, Seattle, St. Louis, The Dirty 890


THE DIRTY ARMY: Pam, Pucker the Sucker, whatever slunt name you go by, STOP trying to be me! You will NEVER be as hot as me. No one likes you, so seriously, stop messaging nickel & me on aim and then signing off right away. Stop texting us. And stop asking people if Im a witch going to put a spell on you. Are you that stupid?! Yeah ok heres my message to you then Slunt: Leave nickel & me alone, or I will officially cast a Slunt Spell on you. K?! Toodles! —– RichieRexic – ®®

Pucker are you going to take that?  You need to reach out to Leper to help you cut a b*tch.- nik

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Upon Further Review

April 15, 2009 RichieRexic, St. Louis, The Dirty 131

upon further review

upon further review

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I can’t believe you didn’t notice this but about a week ago you posted two pictures simultaneously of what appeared to be two seperate dirt submitions but was actually one in the same…seems quite peculiar that RR is cropping out her fat ugly friends.

Looks like she touched up her face as well.  The girl on the far right is her sister… she is cool (Tristan Lover) but doesn’t look anything like RichieRexic.- nik

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Marshall RR

April 14, 2009 Marshall University, RichieRexic 6


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ashlee. She goes to school with me at Marshall. She think she is hot enough to be a model.

Great, this is all we need another RR copy cat.- nik

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RichieRexic Has Friends

April 8, 2009 RichieRexic, St. Louis, The Dirty 823

Richie Rexics friends would you

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik here is the REXIC partying it up and getting drunk with her friends.

They must be new “friends” who want free drinks.- nik

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