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Sylvia Is Such A Waste

December 9, 2011 Miami, RO-Hawk, The Dirty 17

Sylvia.... what a waste.

Sylvia.... what a waste.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this piece of work is socially awkward and generally uncomfortable to be around, until she gets her EXTACY at which point she becomes the playful flirty fun girl. Sounds ok so far right? Well…….she also likes to pretend she is in to you when ultimately she just wants to f*ck your man, so she will ACTUALLY sleep with you to get to your man, even though she ISN’T even into girls!! She pretends to be soooo f*cked up that she ” Can’t remember anything, What happened last night? her FAMOUS words.  There is more than one case of this behavior. She has done this to another couple we are all familiar with. She forced herself on to the girl (another in of her tactics) with her sights set on the boyfriend, but the girl put a stop to it after they shared an especially bad and sloppy kiss. She said it took her a minute but she realized what was happening, having heard of this girls bullsh*t before and put an end to it before it got any further.  If your gonna be a dirty girl than at least own up to it !!!!!!!!– Although if I was as bad of a kisser, as lame and as boring in bed as this dumb b*tch is, I would pretend I didn’t remember anything either. She’s an absolute crazy person on top of just being a wh*re. She was hanging out with a Miami promoter for a little while, and he had rented a mansion for WMC and when he told her she had to go so he could do some business, she went home took a shower, turned right around and went back to the mansion-UNIVITED- and when noone answered the door and she couldn’t reach anyone by phone, she decided to climb the back fence and actually broke it, which he was responsible for.

On a side note Ro-Hawk isn’t aging good at all. He is starting to look like a pirate. As for the chick… she remembers EVERYTHING, trust me.- nik

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Dirty Celeb Of The Day

October 11, 2010 Miami, RO-Hawk, The Dirty 6

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Ro-Hawk’s BFF Is A Tool

September 12, 2010 Miami, RO-Hawk, The Dirty 38


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ro-Hawk’s boy needs to be put on blast.  Dude is running around town always talking about how he is boys with Ro Hawk and how they are getting their own reality show because they have such interesting lives and get so many girls.  LOL Ro Hawk we have seen with many girls but this his sidekick is always riding solo.

These guys are on the clock… nobody wants to see guys in their 40′s on TV.- nik

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RO-Hawk Has More Game Than People Think

July 15, 2010 Miami, RO-Hawk, The Dirty 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, been DA strong for almost 2 years and I am very familiar with all of TheDirty celebs, I had to move here to the Miami area about 6 months ago.  So now when I am out and about I always see Goose, Gayviator, and Ro Hawk and I never realized how much of a pimp Ro Hawk is.  I also see him with a different girl all over him and he loves it… Sh*t who wouldnt right?

I actually got a text last night from Gayviator’s friend saying that he traded his girlfriend for a ticket to the ESPYS.  Whatever that means?- nik

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Ro-Hawk Sighting At A Rave

July 5, 2010 Miami, RO-Hawk, The Dirty 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was in Miami this weekend and I went to see international DJ Armand Van Buren, and it was packed with douche bags, sl*ts with drd, escorts, Druggies, and drug dealers, and of course the one and only dirty celeb RO-HAWK. Nik I had to sneak a pic of him so I could send it in. Nik this guy is like a super roided out weirdo, he was dancing by himself the whole time and sweating like he was in the sauna at the gym. Nik whats wrong with the guy.

Look, him and his butt buddy almost have matching tattoos and camo shorts.- nik

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Ro-Hawk’s Ex Finds A Douche With More Tribal Tattoos

June 1, 2010 AIM, Las Vegas, Miami, RO-Hawk, The Dirty 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, after a hard break up poor Ro-hawk was MIA in Mia. After the break up his Ex Nicole moved with her good friend AIM to Vegas, and AIM introduced her to this roided out douche and this weekend they had a shotgun wedding. Maybe its because he had way more Tribal Tattoos but Nik what do you think Ro-Hawk will do when he finds out? I bet he is so heart broken.

Honestly, what does that tattoo even mean and why is it cool?  You are not even Somoan broham.- nik

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Ro-Hawk Has Entered The Dark Side

May 19, 2010 Miami, RO-Hawk, The Dirty 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, seems like you did your job well and got RO-Hawk banned from the Miami party scene. So now the dirty celeb has gone underground Goth. Nik is this a smart move for the Roided out celeb?

He has to make his money somewhere?  I just hope the underworld doesn’t ban him because the next step in loserville is Gay Porn.- nik

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RO-Hawk With A Dirty Sanchez

January 29, 2010 Miami, RO-Hawk, The Dirty 20

Ro-Hawk with a dirty sanchez

Ro-Hawk with a dirty sanchez

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, is it me or does Ro-Hawk look better with his dirty sanchez?

It looks terrible… he looks like he should be cleaning my floors or something.- nik

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