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February 15, 2010 Dallas, Leper, RoidBoy, The Dirty 73

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here is gay *ss!  And yes he likes fingers in places we don’t speak of.  Im sorry your bitter you got ditched for a kid. Go hug your boyfriends and stick more needles in your butt while you cry over me, your so lame.  By the way, if you kick in my door or assault me again everyone will know its you.  Get over it seriously! Maybe you and Robert should join a “im obsessed and weird for kelli” support group! Get a life douche!  Click Here To See RoidBoy’s 2 incher.

I am guessing Leper submitted this and 2 inches hard was being super generous.  Now I actually feel bad for Roidboy.  How can you go through life knowing you have an Asian Greg?- nik

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Leper On Craigslist

December 2, 2009 Dallas, Leper, RoidBoy, The Dirty 41


We have confirmed that this listing is a fake… Buyer Beware.

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Roidboy And New Hottie

September 29, 2009 Dallas, RoidBoy, The Dirty 113


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Roidboy has been seen numerous times with a new chic that is extremely hot, where in the hell did this girl come from? Definitley a step up from his previous girls. Way to go Roid Freak, Nik do you think he can handle a normal woman with a career and actual goal in life?

No, he needs them stupid as hell so they will believe all the bull sh*t he feeds them.  I really think he used Leper to be famous in Dallas so that he could pull more tail.  It worked.- nik

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September 11, 2009 Dallas, RoidBoy, The Dirty 72



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I was at Village Pool on Labor Day and was a table away from Roidboy and a group of friends he was with. He went up and raged on some girl and guy screaming and cussing over a supposid lie that was told to Leper. Him and his friend ended up fighting 2 guys and Roidboy kicked the poor guy in the face like f*ckin Bruce Lee. He needs some anger management or Dr. Phil!! Is their ever a dull moment with these two?

His abs look like a lobster tail… they are screwed up.  All those needles in the butt for nothing.- nik

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Watch Your Eyes Mike

September 10, 2009 Dallas, RoidBoy 56

Watch your eyes Mike

Watch your eyes Mike

Watch your eyes Mike

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out this new girl Mike (lepers ex #324) is with. How about that nose on her? Looks like blade on her face. Watch out Mike, you don’t want to get cut.

RoidBoy really knows how to pick them?  Leper is way hotter than that Shark fin.- nik

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RoidBoy Modeling

September 2, 2009 Dallas, RoidBoy, The Dirty 112


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, due to the success Mike is having on he is currently pursuing a modeling career… We have only Leper and you to blame for this non-sense.

Hey at least he is smart?  This just proves he only has a heart for himself and not Leper… milk her to the top RoidBoy.- nik

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August 31, 2009 Dallas, Leper, RoidBoy, The Dirty 161



THE DIRTY ARMY: Mikey I have lost all respect for you! Why do you think you can change this druggie alcoholic?? You can have any girl you want but instead you let some addict use you. Man you are nothing that I thought. Our friendship is seriously done. Hope this user was worth it. Dont call me when you lose everything cuz this whack job. She works for the devil!

Looks like Roidboy’s girl drama continues… Leper you guys should get married.  Lock him down because he is the key to your sobriety.- nik

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