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August 21, 2008 Las Vegas, Roller Girl, The Dirty 4

Man, I haven’t seen ROLLER GIRL in awhile.  She has put on a few.  ROLLER GIRL you are more than welcome to come to PRIVE and party with the other DIRTY CELEBS next weekend.

I am guessing since you are a Vegas Celeb you are waking up and getting online right about now.

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Roller Girl Read More

August 20, 2008 Read More DIRTY, Roller Girl 7

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Roller Girl… Before and After

May 14, 2008 Las Vegas, Roller Girl, The Dirty 24


I have gotten a ton of emails from people telling me ROLLER GIRL was hot back in the day? But honestly, I really don’t see the difference? Maybe 15 pounds… I can kind of see it in the face.

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Roller Girl

May 2, 2008 Las Vegas, Roller Girl, The Dirty 30


Email: Nik this chick is the biggest star f*cker in all of Vegas. I cant believe you have not had her on the site yet. She had this picture on her myspace titled as “Rollin, Rollin, Rollin”.

I have a feeling we might have a winner (in life)… A new DIRTY CELEB from beautiful Las Vegas. I am going to name her “Roller Girl” for obvious reasons. DIRTY ARMY is you know her dish the dirt please. Inquiring minds need to know.- nik

Click here to see some of Roller Girls conquests. Anybody know this chick besides everybody.

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