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Why Do People Fake Beat Girls Like Laura Vinicombe

May 26, 2011 Hollywood, Michigan, Same-Face, The Dirty 70

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is known as Laura Vinicombe, she has many fakes on the internet you name a site her pictures are going to be on it ! There is a bebo that everyone believes is REALLY HER ! but I highly doubt it.  Maybe I just like the real look. BUT I dont know why anyone would fake her? Shes pretty I guess?  I mean I cant really say shes that nasty but come on there is better people out there.  So why is this girl faked so much? Do you think she’s as amazing as people think she is?

She is faked because of her BREASTS… wake up and get with the program.- nik

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Clown Face

March 10, 2011 Same-Face, Vancouver 122

Clown Face

Clown Face

Clown Face

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Jamie Sha*pe, This girl has been passed around so many times she went from Newton to Guildford to Central to Fleetwood and who ells know’s now she’s in Downtown Vancouver she has a fake ID that say’s she 21 when shes still a nasty high school girl. She may fool guys to thinking shes really 18 or 19 but she’s not. She steals and backstabs people. One time people stoped paying attention to her so she started to cut her wrist with a butter knife and got the wrong attention. What and idiot … She claims she’s a virgin but she had so many second sloppys. Just put her on blast Nik. you wont regret it :) and i hope she learns her lesson to keep her big mouth closed or just shove a winner and to leave people alone and get a job and stop stealing.

She has  the face of a pig eating a lemon.- nik

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One Crazy Nasty Chick

March 8, 2011 Kansas City, Same-Face 29

one crazy nasty bitch

one crazy nasty bitch

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Courtney Renee Yount from Lee Summit MO. Warning to all this is one f*ckin ugly girl, and on top of that she is f*ckin nutz. She does drugs and is just white trash!  She cant hold a job and is a grade a loser who wont go anywhere in life. I guess she goes to hair school and wants to do hair, but dont you think she should know at least how to do her own. I wouldnt want this ugly b*tch doing my hair. She also cheats on guys surprise because if I were her and actually had a guy interested in me I would not f*ck that up but I guess a h*e just cant keep her legs closed! I wouldnt be surprise if the b*tch had the herpe, I heard she already had the clap.  Also have u seen those nasty a** yellow teeth b*tch needs to learn to brush her f*ckin teeth. Honey a piece of advice go buy some white strips..o wait you dont have a job so you cant haha. Also the b*tch is crazy and needs to be put in the nut house, actually I think she might already have been.  She must also thinks she a model or something, she must have not got the memo that you have to be attractive to do that. So nik whats your take on this nasty piece of trash?

If her mouth looks like that, I don’t even want to know what the rest of her looks like.- nik

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Mean Mug Pug

March 3, 2011 Dallas, Same-Face 85

mean mug pug

mean mug pug

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this pug lookin sloot is tiffany marr. She resides in Midlothian, TX with her ugly boyfriend.  She basically thinks she’s the sh*t and talks like she’s the baddest b*tch around, when in reality she mooches off of every guy she gets with, cheats on them, has no future goals or real life experience whatsoever.  Just looking at her pictures makes me want to smack her. She makes the same face in every picture and apparently thinks it’s cool to rock a stomach pooch. She looks like a tranny, which wouldn’t surprise me.  All this chick does every day is stalk ex boyfriends and hang out at WalMart. She has no friends at all, and guys if you come across this sloot she’s probably good for a one night f*ck but that’s it, don’t let her get ahold of your money. Unless you want to buy her a gym membership.

She looks like big bird if he were a drug addict.- nik

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February 17, 2011 Sacramento, Same-Face 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Isnt it funny how when a girl puts on makeup she becomes something she completely is NOT. This is a great example of that. Not only is this lyer a man stealer but shes addicted to drugs and is a F*CKING PSYCHO b*tch. She has everyone fooled, making everyone believe shes something that she isnt but the truth is shes nothing but a FAKE crackhead psycho trick. Nik, put this girl on blast and let the dirty be warned that shes all a big fat scheme.!!!!! thanks.

I think that’s a dude in the second picture.- nik

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Wichita’s 30 Year Old Virgin

February 17, 2011 Same-Face, Wichita 108

wichita's 30 year old virgin

wichita's 30 year old virgin

wichita's 30 year old virgin

THE DIRTY ARMY: ladies and gentleman of the dirty army, this motherf*cker right here is seth f*cking zoolander of wichita kansas. among the creepiest the 316 has to offer. absolutely tragic. he likes to ride his gay ass bike near century 2 and works at doc howards. now i know what you’re saying…how can somebody that works at a trendy ass meat market of a club like doc howard’s be a virgin….well this guy is. he is a lame burnt out kandy kid clutching onto the retarded remnants of the pepsi head rave scene for as long as ive known him. dude is constantly surrounded by moderately attractive drugged out rave bitches and has still managed to get no play at all. most awkward dude known to mankind who will say things like “whats your sign?” and the ever popular “have you ever heard happy hardcore vol. 2? it changed my life!” lame ass monotone wichita creeper who likes to shit all over local chicks behind his mommy and daddy’s computer screen….and to boot, the kid rocks the same dumbass wannabe male model “blue steel” face in every picture ive ever seen him in. and that bottom pic of him with the creepy facepaint bitch with him in the tank top,yeah, thats a fake tattoo. i saw him rocking that look for like a week walking around delano. forgy. so, nik, please put this lame ass douchebag on blast so the rest of the world knows hes a molester in the making.

I’m definitely getting a predator bisexual vibe from this chubster.- nik

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Bragging On Twitter About Being On

October 21, 2010 Dallas, Same-Face, The Dirty 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik so I literally LOL’d when I was reading the dirty yesturday and saw someone else had posted about Cassidy Benson and her undeniable horrible stage 5 disease of Same-Face-Syndrome!! welll…..she is STILLLL doing it as of recent pics from this weekend!! Is this b*tch really purposly trying to look dumb as a box of rocks in all of her pictures?? I think so….so bad she is not only trying to LOOK that dumb….she actually IS!!! I mean she really looks like she is a human target for guys to practice shooting their gregs into! haha….seriously Nik put her on blast and tell her to close her mouth & no one wants to see her HUGE donkey teeth!!! apparently she listens to you b/c after she was on last time she lost a bunch of weight by popping adderall like skittles….oh and then bragging about it all over twitter….uh DUMB!

Pumped for Dallas tomorrow, I am glad to see all the chicks have aged and are still doing the same exact things. Looks like there is a new horse in town.- nik

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Point Loma Sloot

October 18, 2010 Same-Face, San Diego 13

Point Loma SLOOT

Point Loma SLOOT

Point Loma SLOOT

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik the Dirty doesn’t have a “Point Loma Nazarene University” category, but it should! This nasty dumb slut’s name is Chelsea Wozniak. She does the same 4 faces in EVERY picture and she thinks she is the hottest thing to walk Loma’s campus. When you have a conversation with her you feel like you’re losing brain cells. She has a rat face and a nose that is similiar to a Black Diamond at Telluride. I don’t think Point Loma’s secret inner slut-circle should be concealed anymore. She and her army of nasty skanks are gonna be revealed!

I wanna know how many guys recognize the room in bottom pic…guy in the middle knows what I’m talking about, and he’s gay.- nik

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