Same-Face | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Houston Same Face

September 11, 2008 Houston, Same-Face 27

DIRTY ARMY, just so you know not that this Big Mac counts, but if a chick has Same-Face decease that usually means they are terrible in bed.  They just lay there frozen.

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Same Kissy Face, STOP IT!

September 6, 2008 Las Vegas, Same-Face 3

I take it you did not get braces as a child?

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Same Face Shim Crew

August 27, 2008 Chicago, Same-Face, The Dirty 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, dirty intel here with another installment from my spy team. Just wanted to let you know that there is a new gang in the chicagoland area and they are calling themselves the MP’s a-k-a the Magnum Posse! They represent themselves in every photo they take by pushing there lips out like they’re models are something and so do their fake ass members too. Sadly enough they’ve taken their gang sign from  the movie Zoolander which is how they get their name and gang sign from, THE MAGNUM!!!! In these photos taken by my intel this is who i believe to be the leader of the Joliet faction and HIS name is Melissa. This could become a serious war between the SGM’s and the MP’s if they get any bigger! Well thats all for now army so beware and put this weak ass gang and their leader out on blast if you see them around.

How scary is her neck!  It looks like one of my orange football tees I use to kick 45 yard field goals in my sleep.- nik

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Same Face Scottsdale Douche Bag

July 21, 2008 Same-Face, Scottsdale, The Dirty 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is THE biggest douchebag in the city of Scottsdale in the last 10 years and I don’t know if I have ever seen him on this site? Are you kidding me! He used to own a magazine and is a promoter. This guy is like Lotenberg and Durkee combined!

Who is he? What is with the same face?- nik

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Cougar Football

July 14, 2008 Portland, Read More DIRTY, Same-Face 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is a typical weekend in the life of jay bird with him and his fellow butt pirates… This kid thinks he is big man on campus and calls all the party goers jokes. Never has had a drink before or lit up. slogan is sober for life and is a cougar football tool!!!!

Jay Bird just have one sip.  It will change your life and you will not have to rub it out as much.- nik

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Cougar D Bag

July 14, 2008 Same-Face 5

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ASU Same Face in the SGM?

July 11, 2008 ASU, Same-Face, Scissor Gang Mafia 4

EMAIL: This girl is a student at ASU and she literally has 174 pictures on her facebook account of the same constipated face.

I have never seen a chick who absolutely looked terrible in both blonde and dark hair.- nik

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More of Same Face St. Louis

July 10, 2008 Same-Face, St. Louis 26

Dude major creeper face…WTF?

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