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STL Sameface

July 8, 2008 Same-Face, St. Louis 56

EMAIL: She is the ultimate STL Sameface.  Just when you thought these creatures were extinct,  one still lives in the STL area.  By the way, he thinks he is a model.

Looks like a gremlin in every face shot.- nik

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Richmond Gremlink is also a Same Face

July 3, 2008 Richmond, Same-Face, The Dirty 25

EMAIL: dang, Nik — it’s hard to predict which random shims you post on here will spark the most comment controversy, ain’t it? Here are some more pics of that Richmond gremlin…her friends can try and say she’s “drop dead gorgeous” or some nonsense, but the camera don’t lie! Stay dirty.

Wow, her nose is a wonderland and her body is a shade of Magenta.  What is with the Gremlin wig on top of the Snaggle tooth wig?  I see like ten horse/rat tails on that Shimmer.- nik

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St. Louis Same-Face

June 27, 2008 Same-Face, St. Louis, The Dirty, Would You? 32

EMAIL: Nik I saw that everyone was talking about this girls husband P.T. the guy that listens to nelly everyday in the funny looking suits so I figured Id let you be the judge if you think shes too hot for him or not.

I’m thinking that there’s something in the pizza in the Midwest (besides Botox) that freezes chick’s facial expressions. It is really freaky to have another Same-Face just one city away from Chicago, where the original Same-Face was born.- nik

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Same Face 2

June 18, 2008 Miami, Same-Face, The Dirty 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick lives in Boca Raton, Florida and thinks she is the hottest chick in the world..same pose every time

It looks to me like she has TOD (touch of Downs).- nik

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SAME-FACE and Friend

June 7, 2008 Chicago, Same-Face, The Dirty 12

EMAIL: Oldie but a goodie! (Same-Face on the right)

Dude, I haven’t gotten a SAME-FACE submission in ice ages! Good Stuff! She was the DIRTY CELEB that put Chicago on the map for having the SAME-FACE in every picture.

– nik

For those of you DIRTY ARMY members who are out of the Loop:





Future SAME-FACE 5 Link once the DIRTY ARMY submits more intel on this DIRTY CELEB!

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January 28, 2008 Chicago, Same-Face 19


Same-Face has some decent looking friends for Chicago, but on the west coast… not so much.
Same-Face hook me up with your friend in Red. I like her body, but that is it. I am also noticing that Same-Face has a real rack unlike all her friends with +2′s.

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January 22, 2008 Chicago, Same-Face 5

Same-Face you need to ditch your Manly friends! Not an option… they are bringing you down 1.23923 points.

SAME-FACE is bigtime in Chicago. She has been to the top of the Cock.- nik

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January 17, 2008 Chicago, Same-Face, The Dirty 13

Same-Face why don’t your friends have the same face in pictures.

Why do Chicago knobs all look like dorks. I am sorry Same-Face, no girl likes italian sausage between their legs.- nik

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