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Same Face Barbie

March 3, 2009 Chicago, Same Face Barbie, Same-Face, The Dirty 88



THE DIRTY ARMY: So…I just so happened to stumble across these pictures. I knew the girl looked familiar and I was right! She’s been on here a few times. These pictures made me laugh and am sure they will make you laugh too! Funny how she wears the same color of painted on lipstick as Barbie does, too! Got to love girls who think they are real models! Way to go same face Barbie…you rep.

Why are her hands so retarded looking?- nik

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Washed Up Wannabe Barbie

March 1, 2009 Chicago, Same Face Barbie, The Dirty 67


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, she’s been on here so many times she needs a dirty name quick!

Man she has gained a ton of weight… good for her because I am guessing she is Drug Free now.- nik

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Africa And Barbie

February 20, 2009 Chicago, Same Face Barbie 52

Africa and Barbie

THE DIRTY ARMY: chi-town h*es, everywhere i go i see these lithuanian hoes show off their extensions, Karolina’s got da guts to call herself BARBIE…….ASS B*TCH H*EBAG dont freak lil kids out,ull scar them fo liiiiiife!!!!!!! my donkeys on my farm are much better looking than these ass clowns. karolina iz a goblin dat sniffs tooo much c*ke in da bathroom and dont shave her armpits.
Wow suck in much brunette?- nik

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Before And After

February 19, 2009 Chicago, Same Face Barbie 35

Before and After

Before and After

THE DIRTY ARMY: These are before pictures of Karolina. All I have to say is, lay off the c*ke b*tch. You’re disgusting. Any thoughts, Nik?

I see a MAC force field, and a nasty mole on one of her thunders.- nik

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Would You?

February 18, 2009 Chicago, Same Face Barbie, Would You? 51

Would You?

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Karolina. Would You?

Answer: No, any girl who sucks it so their ribs show has serious problems.- nik

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Chicago Dj Euro-Douche

January 29, 2009 Chicago, Same Face Barbie 29

Chicago Dj Euro-Douche

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy here is Paul aka DJ Xposur and his trashy girlfriend Karolina. He sucks at deejaying and doesn’t realize that euro/hardstyle tracks are played out – unless you’re 17 and under I guess. His girlfriend is an underage (but can’t dance at all) gogo dancer downtown (what else is new), cheats on him, is a huge c*ke wh*re, has an std (which means he does too!), and uses him to live in his condo downtown. They are giving Chicago deejays a bad name and Chicago gogo dancers a horrible image. YUCKKK!!!.

For the sake of humanity, lets hope that they don’t breed.- nik

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Nasty Alien Barbie

January 29, 2009 Chicago, Same Face Barbie 20

nasty alien barbie

THE DIRTY ARMY: this c*nt thinks shes so cool because she just lost 50 lbs. she lives with her bf and cheats on him with any scum bag that gives her dr*gs. she uses her bf and talks sh*t about him and tells everyone he buyes her things. shes got a f*cked up nose and burned bleached out hair. help her someone. she only 18 and already sucking everyone off in the industry. get a life BARBIE. LMAO if ur a barbie then we are all gods..

She needs to lose 50 more.- nik

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