Scooby Snack | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

The Lifestyle Is Catching Up With Scooby Snack

May 14, 2014 Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 106

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what in the world has happened to Scooby Snack?? I have followed her for years, and while her lifestyle is questionable, I’ve always thought she was interesting, and very pretty…until recently. These are some photos from her birthday week in Vegas and on vacation with her on-again/off-again love, Ben. It looks like she’s aged 10 years in the last month! She kind of doesn’t even look human anymore. What do you think Nik, is it time for SS to give up the working life in Vegas and lock Ben (or maybe Sharkey the next time they get back together), or has she already aged too much? I guess that’s what happens when your whole life revolves around partying and sleeping with men for Red Bottoms and expensive vacations. It’s sad how old this girl looks to be 25. Can SS be saved or is there no hope left for this DC?

Can we retire Scooby Snack already, she is a mother now (by default). Get me some fresh blood, not 30 year-old has beens.- nik

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Scooby Snack: Then And Now

May 12, 2014 Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 102


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out how much Scooby Snack’s face has changed in 4 years.  Scooby Snack on the left is in 2010 when she was 21 and the one on the right is SS at 25 how she looks currently.  Crazy how different she looks but definitely an improvement don’t you think?  Actually, she is kinda of looking tranny like with the new look, maybe she should cool of on the face work.

I think she aged well for her line of work.- nik

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Scooby Snack Is A Home Wrecker

May 11, 2014 Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 100


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this honestly shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it’s become obvious Scooby Snacks is a f*cking home wrecker! The entire time Ben’s baby momma was pregnant, he was busy letting the nasty b*tch parade him around. Then this dick has the balls to act like he CARES about this kid. What, since you showed up when he was born, that makes you a good dad? Then we have those BVB morons. Sorry, I respect most the band, but any man that would let Kina manipulate them is not a man at all! I bring up this picture from Warped 2012 because Jinxx (far left) was married when this photo was taken. His wife recently filed for divorce. Gee, I wonder why?

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Scooby Snack Needs To Start Doing Squats

May 5, 2014 Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 60


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, seriously Kina Tavary walks and talks like she is a super hot. She has a flat pancake ass along with her tranny face.  Just don’t understand how these guy date her knowing what she does for money. DISGUSTING!!!

This has to be an old picture. That nose looks terrible.- nik

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Scooby Snack And Ben Griffin’s Pathetic Relationship

April 24, 2014 Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 134



THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! So I follow Scooby Snack’s doucher BF Ben on Instagram–if he spent as much time working out as he does on those endless lame hashtags, he may be jacked enough that it’s OK he doesn’t have a neck. Anyway, check out his “shout out” to Kina. Really Ben, a post about her farts? Nik, I know you talk smack here but I’m sure that at home you treat Shayne like a queen and would NEVER say something this disrespectful about her in a public forum, or even in private. But I guess when you’re Ben and you’re dating a girl like Kina, respect really doesn’t need to factor in, now does it? The fact that he even finds fart humor funny is just a testimony to what mongoloid he is. Then again, she’s obsessed with Hello Kitty so maybe these two are the most perfect couple in history. Ain’t love grand?

Sharkey don’t give up!! Kina still loves you!- nik

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Scooby Snack Is Running Out Of Filters

April 14, 2014 Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 164

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, been following your blog for a long time… couldn’t help but sharing!  Seems Scooby Snack is looking ROUGH! This bitch has been filtering the f*ck out of her photos… and damn, that face looks terrifying! Well, seems she’s got her EX, Ashley, by the balls. He’s kissing her ass and according to an anonymous blog run by a band roadie, it’s turning him into a royal prick! After a heating argument with fans over her racy picture, one of Ashley’s band mates tweeted about being in an unpleasant mood and everyone seemed to draw the conclusion it had to do with his asshole behavior. Truly sad how many men Kina has pulled down with her… Sad to say, she’s even affecting his treatment towards the fans. Rumor has it, for the first time in his career, Ashley blocked fans for bashing the wh*re. Truly truly pathetic…God, nothing but a parasite!

I would call her a Dream Killer, but the guys she targets really don’t have dreams.- nik

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Time To Tap Out Scooby Snack

April 9, 2014 Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 293


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it’s time for Kina to call it a day after returning from Miami. She need to seriously re-cooperate cause she is looking BEAT!  It’s sad to see such a young girl like her starting to look in her early 30′s when she is just 24.  Partying always catches up to you.

Her friends definitely look 30′s. Like around 36 on average.- nik


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Scooby Snacks’ Face Is Looking Rough

March 31, 2014 Las Vegas, Miami, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 241

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, well SS is in Miami for the molly festival and I’m sure to make some money. Well she had some work done huh? She looks waaaaay older now than the 24 she seems to be. Body is on point but her mug is fading fast. Oh and look who is with her, Kimmy from Huntington. I guess the hookers are teaming up. Birds of a feather!!!

Is the weather really that bad in Miami right now?- nik

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