Scooby Snack | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Shouldn’t Ben Be With His Baby On Christmas

December 27, 2013 Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 217

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this disgusts me to the max! Shouldn’t you be with your new born baby on Christmas morning instead of your hooker?  Ben and Scooby Snack are horrible excuses for humans.  I think Ben needs a DC name as well. How about Roidhawk?  Your hair looks stupid Ben! So does your c-dumpster girlfriend who is just going to eventually dump you.. Again!

Wow, so Scooby Snack is an almost step-mom now?- nik

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New Vegas vs. Age’d Vegas – You Know What They Say About Wine

December 24, 2013 Chewbacca, Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 186


In Las Vegas the battle for Dirty Celeb survival is brutal. These b*tches hate each other… so the question is: Who do you see yourself inside of in their current state (of mind)?

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Scooby Snack And Ben Are Back Together

December 5, 2013 Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 117

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I guess Scooby Snack and Ben are back together.  Just like every single relationship she has, it is on and off.  After they broke up, now they are together all the time?  Guess that wasn’t a long break up, I wonder how long till Ben gets sent to jail over her?  Those two can’t be alone for long!!! I do see them getting married and having one disaster of a life.

I wonder if Sharkey’s marriage burns her heart? She loved that man.- nik

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Ben Dumped Scooby Snack

November 13, 2013 Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 165


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Kina and Ben broke up… And Sharkey sends Kina flowers? Hmm wonder how long Kina and Sharkey have been talking? Probably talking while she was with Ben! Ben probably got tired of her whore ways.. Good job Ben! Those are flowers sent by Sharkey after the break up! Lol.. Looks like they will be getting back together? What do you think?  How long before Kina spends all of Sharkey’s new money and dumps him again?

Those are friendship flowers not love flowers. What a terrible arrangement. Sharkey next time send penetration flowers.- nik

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Robin Leach Is One Of Scooby Snack’s Clients

November 9, 2013 Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 125

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, everyone saw Kina and Robin Leach out the other night at the Shania Twain concert as his date she couldn’t be more obvious, thought she had a boyfriend?  Can’t believe Robin Leach wouldn’t mind being out in the public with known prostitute. Goes to show you how fat and old her clients are.

This is such a bad look for Robin Leach.- nik

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Scooby Snack Is Such A Hater

November 5, 2013 Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 364


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I share some mutual friends with James and we have all been happy to see him doing well after the mess with jail and Kina (Scooby Snack). His post popped up the other day about buying Loubs for his girl and guess who was quick to comment on that? None other then Kina. If she is so over him and happy with her new man as she claims, why bother looking at Sharkey’s life and what he is doing? Maybe she is realizing her broke joke of a soon to be baby daddy boyfriend is not what she thought.  Do you think she will run back to James now that he has some money?

Yeah, Scooby Snack leave Sharkey alone. He doesn’t love you any more… he has money to blow on new b*tches.- nik

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Kina Is Still Doing Her Thing In Vegas

October 25, 2013 Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s Scooby Snack with her latest piece… A dude by the name of Ben Griffin, her latest victim that she will suck her teeth into then leave high and dry (and with Hep C). Personally, I think this dude is actually mad weird looking. She wrote on one of her Instagram posts that he looks like John Cena… Is that a joke or what? Maybe John Cena after getting hit by an 18 wheeler. I wonder if he knows his girlfriend is a escort with Hep C. Meanwhile in sad Sharkey land, James is fresh out of jail, constantly posting on Instagram memes about how evil girls are and focusing on “building his empire” (ya, good luck pal). I actually feel bad for this guy. Kina has tortured him the past 4 years, screwing with his head and ruining his life (although he’s pathetic and constantly allows her to do so by taking her back each time). She does this every time, leaves him for her latest trout or typical vegas loser, only to go back to him when things aren’t working out for her. Just two months ago, she had him arrested for battery, and took out a restraining order on him. Now she’s tramping it up around Vegas in typical Kina fashion with this freaky looking guy Ben. I actually think Sharkey is much better looking than this huge-faced weirdo, though that’s not saying much. So… Do you think Sharkey has actually learned his lesson this time? I guess we’ll find out when she dumps the poor man’s John Cena and goes back to James in a few months. Pathetic… All of them.

Sharkey stay strong brother!- nik

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You And The DA Were Wrong

October 14, 2013 Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 262

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, well everyone had “proof” Scooby Snack was pushing 30. Last night she was bragging for being a Vegas resident for whatever reason and you can clearly see her DOB. I saw her a few weeks ago at Hyde and I agree she looks older but shes not.  Oh and did she really show her address? Brave escort…. or maybe that was a slick way to post her incall address.

You can say whatever you want on those ID cards. The weight is not even accurate.- nik

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