Scooby | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

San Diego Was A Blast

February 28, 2012 San Diego, Scooby, The Dirty 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I had a f*cking blast partying with you guys last Friday night.  I’m pissed they didn’t publish the pictures of Scooby making out with my BF.  They looked so cute together that night.  I was pretty wasted and remembered having a good time and Scooby is definitely the face of TheDirty, that guys knows how to party and have a good time.

You give a man a little taste of celebrity and he always loses control.- nik


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What You Guys Did This Weekend Was Not Right

February 27, 2012 Columbus, Scooby, The Dirty 82

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have a bone to pick with you.  I have heard of TheDirty and your name plenty of times in the last two years I have attended OSU. Never have I seen your site and I have no clue who you were.  So Thursday I read the OSU paper and saw a picture of you and was instantly attracted to you and wanted to sleep with you.  My friends told me you were married so I had no chance, but I don’t listen very well.  I came to Big Bar to party with you guys and soon as I got into your VIP section, I introduced my self to you and first thing you told me is how sexy I was and how you love my huge boobs. I was so confused because everyone was walking up and taking pictures with this short mexican guy and I didn’t get who he was or why no one was taking pictures with you but whatever I was having a good time.  Partying was fun with you guys and once I kissed you, I asked you if you were married and you said “LOL, me?  Never”.  Long story short, I wake up in the morning and the douchebag that was in your room was calling you Scooby… I was so f*cking confused.  But I didn’t care I just slept with a celebrity so I felt really special.  I get back to my sorority and tell my girls what happened and then we googled your name and who I thought was Nik Richie was not.  Everything made sense after that, I jumped on TheDirty and come to find out, I was hooking up with Scooby and not YOU.  WTF, you guys think its funny to play with girls heads like that?  Nothing was cool about it? The fact I was calling him Nik the whole time and he was responding… now it makes sense why douche JV and you (the short mexican guy) were pointing to Scooby and I and consistently laughing at us… because the Joke was on ME.   I just want to tell you and your whole staff… F*CK YOU.  What you did was not cool at all.

Scooby thanks you for helping him end his 8 year drought.- nik

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Can We Use Scooby As A Test Subject

February 17, 2012 Hollywood, Newport, Scooby, Scottsdale 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, after watching Scooby on Nik Richie radio painfully try to make game with Jessica B. I thought of a cool experiment. Lets send him to some Pick Up Artists schools that swear they can help guys get game. Most have video conference training. If it fails, well millions of readers know for sure it is a scam and their is little hope. But if he gets serious game… well then you promote the article an hope to millions! Since he has access few people have to models an porn stars it makes him the perfect test subject!

Its a scam. Not going to waste Scooby’s time.- nik

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We Totally Fell Off

February 6, 2012 Newport, Scooby, The Dirty 14

JUNIOR VARSITY:  Nik, we had all these big plans for the Superbowl and then you decided to move into your new house on Superbowl weekend, therefore leaving us stuck in SoCal watching the Superbowl.  This is what I got to do while watching you piss away 5K on the dumb ass bet you placed on the Patriots.  Anyway, Scooby needs to retire from the sport of Flip Cup.

Flip cup? What are you 12 years old?- nik

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Scooby Takes Over Miami

January 6, 2012 Junior Varsity, Miami, Scooby, The Dirty 5

Thank you to LIV Nightclub in Miami for showing Scooby the highest level in life. This was a Junior Varsity (JV) Bay Joint… to be continued like a Gentleman. #ShowFace

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Where Is Scooby

January 4, 2012 Miami, Scooby 0

(Click on the Image to see where Scooby is)

Scooby Waldo is the hottest new game from the family that brought you Where’s Waldo..  Enjoy.

[Image:  WorldRedEye]

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I Don’t Buy Scooby’s “Nice Mexican Mormon” Thing He Has Going On

December 4, 2011 Las Vegas, Nik's Chick, Scooby, The Dirty 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you need to keep your boy Scooby in line. He keeps ruining your interviews by cutting you off mid sentence and trying to act like the nice guy in the hopes of hooking up with a chick. Check the last interview with Jenna Shea for example. Dude was trying to cock block you for no reason in the hopes of hooking up with her. Stop pretending to be the nice Mormon guy Scooby. There’s a reason why Nik is married and you’re not. Step your game up. Nik I think you should start teaching him pointers on how to be more Alpha.

He is legit. He hasn’t had sex in 6 years (I really think 9 years) and that has nothing to do with the Mormon factor. I blame the weight gain and being Mexican. Scooby lost 25 pounds and is still going. He was 195 pounds in the picture above and I really think he will get there and get laid before 2012.- nik

If you want to lose weight the lazy way like me or turn into a hot chick= CLICK HERE

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Scooby’s 30 For 30: Day 3

November 4, 2011 Cellan, Scooby, The Dirty 0

Scooby has 30 days to lose 30 pounds with the help of Cellan. If you want to join the challenge with him CLICK HERE!! Don’t be fat, lose weight the easy way- use Cellan.

Day 3:

Meal Plan- Protein shake, 1 apple, protein shake, 1 grilled chicken breast w/ broccoli, 1 cup self made trail mix, cottage cheese and fruit, tons of water.

Workout- Weights (back/bi’s) and 2.5 miles on an elliptical.

Today’s Weight: 226.7 pounds. Scooby lost 1.8 pounds during Day 3/30 for a total loss of 8.9 pounds since his official weigh in on October 31st.

Click here to see Scooby’s progress

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