Scooby | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

“The Hurt Locker” Is A Great Friend To Keep Around

March 25, 2011 Junior Varsity, Newport, Scooby, The Dirty 7

SCOOBY: Nik, just thought of one. JV already knows kinda cause we call Andy C.(previously known as Gorgeous)it.  The Hurt Locker – A male companion who’s sole responsibility is to disarm the grenade/landmine amongst a group of women. He is really the one that keeps the party going cause the “hater” doesn’t make all her girls leave.  Take that Jersey Shore! Yea buddy!

Scooby, that is not bad.- nik

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Scooby Takes Over Tampa Bay

March 18, 2011 Junior Varsity, Scooby, Tampa, The Dirty 29

JUNIOR VARSITY: Nik, this past weekend in Tampa Bay was insane, but it didn’t feel like we went down there for your last birthday party of the year, and Spring Break Kick-Off… Because the whole trip seemed like it was about Scooby, from the second the camera’s start rolling Scooby turned into DJ Scooby D… just took over everything.  I tried talking to girls at the club, he would walk up to me and say “Yo, JV I got dibs on that 1 as well”, then he gets on top of the bar and just start pouring drinks into every girls mouth.  And on top of that DJ Scooby D had to go break a table at The Venue when “No Hand’s” by Wakka Flakka came on.  Can you imagine how crazy his birthday party in Tampa is going to be this year?

Scooby Sunday was in the zone last weekend. I wonder if Tsunami has the video surveillance from The Venue of that night? The world wants to see how Scooby broke the table… it was the most amazing belly flop ever.- nik

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The Birthday Tour Continues, Newport Beach 8Eighty8

January 30, 2011 Newport, Scooby, The Dirty 60

I can’t wait to read the comments on this one… My birthday tour is picking up major momentum and it is not even my birthday month yet.

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Good Way To Start Off Your Birthday Tour

January 26, 2011 Newport, San Diego, Scooby, The Dirty 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m pumped you are coming to 8eight8 on Saturday because I have been waiting to meet you brotha.  Anyway after watching a quick minute of how you started your B-Day Tour in San Diego, I can only imagine how crazy you will get at your home town.

Hopefully the OC will not let me down this Saturday.- nik

**Upcoming Birthday events: Scottsdale, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Austin, Houston and Chicago.

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This Guy Is Not Team Scooby

December 18, 2010 Scooby, The Dirty 18

EMAIL FROM SCOOBY: Nik, dude who does this guy think he is? He can’t just say join Team Scooby and then go bike 600 miles for charity! And how does he know what a “beach ready bod” is anyway. He’s standing in the middle of the forest next to a river w/ nobody around. Try walking around the Caesars Palace casino shirtless and barefoot cause you lost your clothes at the pool. Now that is a “beach ready bod.” Ask the bride and groom that I shared an elevator with on way back to room. They’ll tell you. “Scooby success story” my ass. Give me a break… This guy is a scam.

Scooby that is a Green Screen buddy.- nik

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Which Scooby Flyer Is Better

December 16, 2010 Miami, Scooby, The Dirty 97

Hack Email: Hey the guys at Opium Group need a final decision today on which flyer you want blasted. They told me the Hello Kitty one you wanted wasn’t blending right. Anyway get back to me asap.

DIRTY ARMY, the goal is to get Scooby laid on New Years. Which one (Leopard or Louis V) do you think will suck the ladies in? I am conflicted.- nik

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Scooby Stop Being Desperate

December 10, 2010 Miami, Newport, Scooby, Scottsdale, The Dirty 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you need to tell your boys to stop bugging me about coming to Miami for new years. We are sending you a plane that seats 8. I am sure Scooby can use 2 of those seats.

J don’t talk to these guys. Scooby stop trying to milk a free trip. This is the New Regime (we don’t wrangle), I call the shots. And to all staff you are more than welcome to come to South Beach and party with me… good luck getting out there.- nik

**Sorry no room guys** @nikrichie please approve this GV to fly you to Miami for NYE…

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Scooby Loves Raider Black

December 6, 2010 San Diego, Scooby, The Dirty 57

CLICK HERE to see what Scooby did for Hanukah Go Raiders!

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