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Scottsdale, we love it!

May 5, 2008 Barbaro, Scottsdale, Sea Biscuit 20


EMAIL: bleached blonde hair…check.


fake louis vuitton bags…check.

yep, we’re in scottsdale.

I see Sea Biscuit and Barbaro… they must be upset about losing Derby.- nik

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May 3, 2008 Barbaro, Cigar, Dirty Horses, Jersey, Scottsdale, Sea Biscuit, Secretariat, The Dirty, War Admiral 29


(created by the DIRTY ARMY)

Which DIRTY horse would you bet on to win theDIRTY DERBY?

My choice would be Secretariat from Jersey by a furlong, for obvious reasons (below).


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April 13, 2008 Barbaro, Dirty Rides, Scottsdale, Sea Biscuit, The Dirty 5


Looks like we found SEA BISCUIT’S new ride in Scottsdale. I wonder what size horse trailer that H2 SUT can tow. She needs a big one for her sister BARBARO.

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January 29, 2008 Barbaro, Scottsdale, Sea Biscuit 10


We found Sea Biscuit and Barbaro’s new hang out.

How is this place? Will it fall on its face like the 5 other restaurants in that location? Superbowl week should keep them afloat for another 6 months…

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Sea Biscuit and Barbaro

January 18, 2008 Barbaro, Scottsdale, Sea Biscuit 6


Sea Biscuit and Barbaro need to find new friends. They are getting way to Elmers glue looking and I believe it is because of peer pressure or the fumes from the Sewer Front.

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January 4, 2008 Barbaro, Scottsdale, Sea Biscuit 16


Word on the street is that Quicksilver is sleeping with Barbaro or Sea Biscuit.
We are trying to confirm which horse it is, but we are having trouble identifying.
We were told by a source that Sea Biscuit has a birthmark the size of Russia on her ass.
So we will get back with you on this.

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Burberry Horse lover

December 27, 2007 Barbaro, Scottsdale, Sea Biscuit 48


EMAIL: Nik this girl wears burberry all the time and claims the stuff is real when all she buys is fake shit. She thinks she is gods gift to earth because her parents live in laguna beach, but she actually lives in the ghetto of cave creek and is broke!!

Well I know that her best friends Sea Biscuit and Barbaro worked hard to move out of Peoria/Glendale to make it in Scottsdale. They are not fake.- nik

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Sea Biscuit and Barbaro

December 3, 2007 Barbaro, Dirty Horses, Sea Biscuit, The Dirty 41


Show me three girls that think there ish doesn’t stink… What is with the G-Girl lips? Smile ladies that is what you are famous for! Never forget where you came from= Westside P-town.

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