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Secretariat & Boyfriend?

August 18, 2008 Dirty Horses, Secretariat, The Dirty, Washington DC 11

Secretariat & Boyfriend?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Looks like Secretariat might’ve made it out of NJ.

Is she not listening?  Move west my fine Horse.  DC is not the answer.- nik

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Last Minute Entry- Secretariat

June 30, 2008 Jersey, Secretariat, The Dirty 25

Hey Secretariat, if you read this I am having trouble tracking you down. I have you all set up for Vegas this weekend so please get in contact with me. Yes, you can bring War Admiral if you want.

If anyone in Jersey knows Secretariat personally and can give me her cell, i’d like to prevent her from hanging in the Jersey Shore this weekend. Please email it to me.

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June 26, 2008 Dirty Horses, Jersey, Secretariat, The Dirty 14

Somebody needs to tell Secretariat that she needs to move to the West Coast.  She is wasting her time in the Jersey Shore.  I am guessing it is because she loves the fame out there, but eventually she is going to turn into Jersey trash.

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Dallas (Horse to be Named?)

June 26, 2008 8 Belles, Cigar, Dallas, Dirty Horses, Sea Biscuit, Secretariat, The Dirty, Thunder Gulch 79

DIRTY ARMY, as you know, I have a stable of Dirty Horses which include:

Sea Biscuit


War Admiral

Secretariat (Dirty Derby Winner)

8 Belles


Well, I am thinking about purchasing this fine horsey from Dallas and need a quality name before I add her to the DIRTY stable. DIRTY ARMY, please send me more pictures of this horse along with names you see fit for this future champion. Think about it, embrace it.

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June 11, 2008 Dirty Horses, Jersey, Las Vegas, Secretariat, The Dirty 25

EMAIL: Nik your favorite horse was in Vegas last weekend.

Secretariat, is that you? She has lost a lot of weight since derby.- nik

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Secretariat, did she gain weight?

May 4, 2008 Jersey, Secretariat, The Dirty 16


EMAIL: Our old friend Secretariat… Looks as if this horse has been chowing down on a ton of hay.

Unfortunately we might have to put down Secretariat. The DIRTY ARMY sent in some recent pictures of her and I am not to happy with the results. Secretariat’s double chin is going to slow her down bigtime? The only thing I can think of is that she has a baby zebra horse on the way?- nik

Remember when she was a beautiful horse? (Below)


2008 Derby Champion

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May 3, 2008 Barbaro, Cigar, Dirty Horses, Jersey, Scottsdale, Sea Biscuit, Secretariat, The Dirty, War Admiral 29


(created by the DIRTY ARMY)

Which DIRTY horse would you bet on to win theDIRTY DERBY?

My choice would be Secretariat from Jersey by a furlong, for obvious reasons (below).


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March 7, 2008 Jersey, Secretariat, The Dirty 47


EMAIL: Well Mr. Richie, a little bird told me I was on your site a while back and that you labeled me Secrateriat! You think I look like a horse? Well, I guess you’re the expert on this naming stuff. Anyways, if you can’t beat um, join um. Check out my new necklace in your honor. Keep me Dirty!


That a girl, take it in stride. You gained a ton of respect in my book and the DIRTY ARMY’s, but you got to ditch WAR ADMIRAL. I can’t look at her face.- nik

(DA I made a link for her… so you can click on her name above and see previous posts… she is a good looking Horse.)

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