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February 21, 2008 Jersey, Secretariat, The Dirty, War Admiral 22




Things that need to happen if Secretariat wants to be a better race horse:
1. Get the hell out of Jersey.
2. Ditch War Admiral.
3. Never Smile.

I will be launching my stable later today in the Hall of Fame Dirty Regulars section under Nik’s Thoroughbreds.- nik

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Secretariat and War Admiral

February 4, 2008 Jersey, Secretariat, The Dirty, War Admiral 19


Serious Question: If Secretariat told you that you would have to sleep with War Admiral and make out with tongue at least 100 times before you could touch one of her +2′s and take her virginity would you do it?

Before you answer take a really good look at War Admiral’s face…

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January 25, 2008 Jersey, Secretariat 12


Right now this horse is by far the front runner as hottest chick in Jersey. Put your money on Secretariat.

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War Admiral and Secretariat

January 23, 2008 Jersey, Secretariat, The Dirty, War Admiral 23


War Admiral- Blue
Secretariat- Black

Yes, Secretariat needs to find a new horsey to play with.

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Secretariat and War Admiral

January 22, 2008 Jersey, Secretariat, The Dirty, War Admiral 18


That was quick… I told you WAR ADMIRAL was a looker. She eats hay like a champion.

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Secretariat 1973 Triple Crown Winner

January 22, 2008 Jersey, Secretariat, The Dirty 22


Yeah, it is tough to believe that this thoroughbred is out of Jersey, but this gummy horse stallion is a winner. I met this chick at a party in NYC (good times) once back in the day I believe her name was Heather if my memory serves me coreectly. Anyway, she had another Horsey friend she was always hanging with and was a major jealous cock block. I am giving Heather the name SECRETARIAT and her monster friend the name WAR ADMIRAL… I am hoping to build a stall in my regulars section soon with a collection of the best horses from around the world. Maybe stud them? I don’t know if I will have enough time?

If you have any pictures of these 2 Horses please send them… shouldn’t be tough since they are the definition of +2′s in Jersey (plastic surgery is new to that market). Ah, revenge it sweet. Long live SECRETARIAT!- nik

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