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Who Is Alysson Holt’s GoPro

December 5, 2014 Scottsdale, Seattle, Shimderella, The Dirty 59


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the dirty army needs to figure out who is supporting Alysson Holt’s life. Did Shimderella really land her prince charming or is she being paid by a sleezy old GoPro? From what I heard she is banging the owner of Mattress Firm. Must be nice living in Anguilla while Nickel starves in Scottsdale.

Looks like all her plastic surgery is finally starting to settle.- nik

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Photoshop Is For Liars

September 16, 2014 Hollywood, Shimderella 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Shimderella looks so weird in her last post cause she photoshops all of her pictures…. which I don’t get.  She is a very pretty girl and needs to stop being so damn insecure.

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Shimderella Has Transformed In The Past Year

September 16, 2014 Hollywood, Shimderella, The Dirty 26


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, was on Shimderella’s IG and she has changed over the past year and some change.  Check out the progression.  I don’t know if its me, but damn is the girl looking top notch right now.

Are you sure that is Shimderella in all the images?- nik

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Shimderella Is Turning Into A Fine Lady

July 5, 2014 Hollywood, Shimderella, The Dirty 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Shimdarella is starting to grow older, yet I find her turning into such a pretty woman.  She acts like her age and isn’t some drunk slob looking like a mess everywhere.  She only hangs out with very rich and powerful married men.  They bring her around because they know she will not talk or try and ruin someones marriage, she knows how the game goes and I have to respect that.

It looks like her procedures are settling in. I’m not completely sold on the nose, but the new teeth look great.- nik

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The Adventures of Shimderella and Greg Breath

May 24, 2014 Seattle, Shimderella, The Dirty 30


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so it seems as though Alysson has lured her best friend Jessica in to the call girl game. They’ve been spending some time together in Miami and LA and have posted pics of themselves in some pretty lavish places. It’s already well known that Allyson is getting paid 40k from two old crusty Gregs a month to sleep with them. When this dynamic duo isn’t taking selfie videos blowing kisses at the camera and sitting poolside on someone else’s dime they’re gettin’ it in. Not surprising though as she does live with her mom and is 28 years old. Nik can you help this shim before she’s completely brainwashed by Shimderella???

The blonde in the middle needs +2′s or she will not survive in this world.- nik

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Did Shimderella Get Some Face Work Done

March 12, 2014 Hollywood, Shimderella, The Dirty 68


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just started following Shimderella on IG and I don’t know why, but she looks so much different from a few years ago.  I remember she came on your radio show and you recommended she gets her nose fixed, looks like she might have taken your advice.  I find her super sexy now, she has matured and doesn’t look like the bimbo blonde she used to look like.

She definitely looks more mature.- nik

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Shimderella And Nickel In Vegas

October 28, 2013 Las Vegas, Nickel, Shimderella 6

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out Shimderella and Nickel getting down in Las Vegas for Halloween weekend.  Not going to lie, I love seeing these 2 DCs together.  Both are getting older, but have maintained their looks.  Shimderella for sure, you remember her before you got her those perfect +2′s?

Shimderella’s leg is in on point in the second image.- nik

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How Come Shimderella Is Still Single

August 15, 2013 Hollywood, Shimderella, The Dirty 24

995766_10201187481341631_1114384616_n copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, had a serious question for you.  I have always been in love with Alyson, to me the girl is flawless. She has those amazing +2′s and her face is so beautiful.  What I don’t understand is how a girl so hot and sexy could be single. You figure by the age of 25 someone would have locked that down for sure.  I mean how could you not want to be scene with her?

She needs to fix her teeth first. Once she gets a new grill I’m sure some rich yoke will marry her.- nik

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