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Pam Anderson’s Days Are Over

December 10, 2008 Cougars, Hollywood, Smeagol, The Dirty 38

Pam Andersons days are over

THE DIRTY ARMY: I never really thought she was that hot but, The world went ape sh*t over her and well, Just look at her now! EEEEEK!

Smeagol is that your real father?- nik

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LEPER/MIKE HALOW Re-Union In Vegas DIRTY Weekend

August 27, 2008 Dallas, Las Vegas, Leper, Pygmy, Scottsdale, Smeagol, The Dirty 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Word on the street is that Mike Halow will be in Vegas for the Dirty party and plans to reconcile with Leper. Apparently they’ve been talking again and are willing to start all over with no crazy drama or black eyes. So im gonna have to make a bet that Leper doesnt hook up with Smeagol and will indeed end up with Mike Halow and another bet that she will end up with another black eye. So whats the wager NIK?

No, I am pretty confident Smeagol or Pygmy will hook-up with Leper before Halow does.  Leper is an idiot if she even says hi to this guy after what happened and Halow is crazy for still being in love with this chick.  Money plays.- nik

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August 23, 2008 Dallas, Las Vegas, Leper, Scottsdale, Smeagol, The Dirty 37

I really think LEPER is going to hook-up with Smeagol next weekend in Vegas.  Smeagol be ready… she has the RING!

PRIVE at Planet Hollywood, Labor Day Weekend… come party Friday and Saturday night with the DIRTY CELEBS!  Yes, Alien bites.

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Smeagol Is Coming To Vegas

August 21, 2008 Arizona / UofA, ASU, Las Vegas, Leper, Scottsdale, Smeagol, The Dirty 26

We have a winner.  Lord of the Rings DIRTY Celeb “SMEAGOL” from Scottsdale with be attending the DIRTY Labor Day Weekend at Planet Hollywood.

What are the chances SMEAGOL and LEPER hook-up?

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Big Black-Scissor Gang Mafia

July 25, 2008 Hollywood, Scissor Gang Mafia, Scottsdale, Smeagol, The Dirty 17


He was real SGM until he decided to run off and start a family which ended the show Rob and Big.

**Yes, that is Smeagol next to him.

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