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InCase You Didn’t Know…

January 24, 2009 InCase You Didnt Know..., San Diego, Spartica, The Dirty 16


Spartica is now a San Diego DIRTY CELEB.  Unlike most girls that get stuck in Michigan she made it west.

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The Girl Who Won’t Leave Spartica Alone

January 20, 2009 MSU, San Diego, Spartica, The Dirty 64

The Girl Who Won't Leave Spartica Alone

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, it’s “Spartica”!

I normally try to ignore this crazy b*tch, but I’ve had about enough of her lately. Can’t two adults stop being friends without treating it like a break up? This girl just can’t let me go. It’s kind of creepy. Not only does she text me ridiculous sh*t at all hours of the night (after I have repeatedly asked her to ditch my number–starting 3 months ago), she feels the need to send in pictures of me (no matter how old they are) to this site whenever she is sad, lonely and hurting. Don’t get me wrong, I get this site. I understand the need to laugh at other people’s flaws to make yourself feel better (We do it all the time on here). But how low of a person to you have to be to send in pictures of someone’s wedding day? Especially when you were there, invited as a friend. Plus making up a false story to try and hurt me worse? That’s pretty sad if you ask me.

We aren’t friends anymore, Liz, so GET OVER IT. Ditch my number. Stop trying to hurt other people because your life is in shambles. It won’t help anything. You are just digging a deeper hole for yourself.

PS: Nik, I moved to San Diego…. I no longer live in the town next to Michigan State.

Nice, you will love San Diego… Spartica this is not the chick who submitted the wedding pics.  It was actually a dude.- nik

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Spartica- Trouble In Paradise

December 17, 2008 Michigan State, MSU, Spartica, The Dirty 70


THE DIRTY ARMY: We all know you can’t change a wh*re into a housewife, Especially Spartica!! She was already cheating on him when he was away training, with some band member…too bad.

I was going to ignore this, but it was witnessed/submitted by three different people.  Spartica why?  I really thought you were going to make it.- nik

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Rackstar Bustin Out At A Wedding

October 22, 2008 Michigan State, MSU, Rackstar, Spartica, The Dirty 132

THE DIRTY ARMY: This takes the (wedding) cake. This is what Rackstar wore to a wedding. I mean, obviously 50% of weddings end in divorce, but shouldn’t she have more than 50% of her t*ts in her dress for the ceremony?

Oh my god, I think this is Spartica’s wedding.  I can tell by the hook in her nose.  Congrats Spartica!  Some guy is stuck with you for the next 5 years before you get released back into the wild as a Cougar.- nik

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Spartica and Spikey

September 11, 2008 Michigan State, MSU, Spartica, The Dirty 18

SPARTICA’s face isn’t as Cougarish in these pictures.  Maybe she is getting botox now.  Spartica ditch the dude and move west please.

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Rackstar is Blowing Up

August 2, 2008 MSU, Rackstar, Spartica, The Dirty 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Spartica’s doing her normal weird sh*t…but is it just me or is that Rackstar’s aereola?  Dang those things must be the size of my head!

I was wondering when they would slip out?  Is it just me or is Rackstar about to blow up and never come back?- nik

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Happy Birthday Rackstar

July 29, 2008 Michigan State, MSU, Rackstar, Spartica, The Dirty 58

Rackstar and her friends

THE DIRTY ARMY: Rackstar and Spartica girl turned 30 this weekend! Time to grow up?

No way. I can see it in the face of Spartica (34), but not Rackstar. I thought she was 3 years old (in the Rack).- nik

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July 2, 2008 MSU, Spartica, The Dirty 24

EMAIL: Kayte “The Coug” A.K.A. Spartica is at it again! Supposedly she’s a groupie now, and is dating this rock douchetard who has longer hair than SHE does! Check out the pic with her hair pulled up…extreme cougar style, you can see the gray hairs AND chimpanzee ears! Buck teeth are also visible too! Someone needs to tell her boyfriend to brush his teeth, and I have insider info that he’s hooked up on the road…poor Spartica! This girl needs to lay low for once in her life and act her age!

Spartica (on the left) is looking rough. Actually, she is starting to look like a man. She needs to chill out on the partying and move west to Scottsdale where everyone stays home and reads books.- nik

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